Should I start a trainee Real Estate salesperson at the reception?


I get asked this question a lot as it seems the best way to ‘ease’ young or inexperienced people into the world of real estate.  But why waste their energy if you know from their SIP results that they are capable of prospecting from the first week and becoming profitable members of the sales team within months?
This is a great idea ONLY if it is a busy reception where they have plenty of interaction with the public so they can start evolving their communications and rapport skills. The high-speed variable nature of a busy reception will energies them making them great representatives of your business.
However, in any downtime or if the reception is always quiet, they should NOT be doing real admin/PM work as they will:
1. be bad at it, no matter how often you show them and upset the PM staff
2. get discouraged that they shouldn’t be in RE when what they shouldn’t be is doing detailed admin work and so you will waste their early enthusiasm which often gets people through the barren start-up stage of sales.
3. leave you as they will feel useless, but with a strong EXP score, they will have the courage to leave and find something better. They have poor memories of your business and may harm your reputation as they will become a good salesperson somewhere.
With digital payments and mobile phones, most offices do have very quiet reception desks. In that case, you could have them share reception with someone who is a real admin person and do sales work in the other half of their time, like;
1. Being a leasing officer, ie showing rental property and general making phone calls to set up things for the PM’s. Again, don’t expect them to be good at processing the applications.
2. Prospecting for either sales or management
3. Out doorknocking and expanding the database for the business. If they did two half days a week that could be hundreds of new contacts over a few months and get them into great prospecting habits for when they are ready to be in sales.
If you have hired using SIP, no matter their age or background, they will take to selling, including cold calling, with minimal angst and be productive members of your sales team within months.

All about SIP Recruitment: Why we write your adverts for you?

All about SIP recruitment program is that we write the adverts for you.  We use your logo, your identity, and we write elaborate detailed adverts that are designed to attract a broader and deeper candidate pool.

So if you are a well recognized international brand, you may be swarmed with candidates.  But to find those rare and few sales people who are suited to your job, we need as big a candidate pool as possible.  The SIP software means that you only need to relate and to talk to the ones that are an exact match.  So the staff who takes care of the majority of the people who are not going to be suited to your selling position, so it’s very time efficient.  We attract the candidates.  You only interview the small population who are suited to your job.

More videos about SIP:  Why you should recruit with SIP

All about SIP Recruitment: Best Sales Recruitment tool in the world!


Sales Inventory Profile. I like to call it SIP, is the world’s best recruitment program because at its core is a selling IQ program.

We’ve recruited hundreds of sales people around the country; 70% of those are still in their jobs, 70%! That’s a huge retention rate for sales people. Many industries are averaging 10%. It’s a recruitment system. It has an IQ-based program at its heart that identifies the 75 attributes required to be successful at selling. From these attributes, we are able to detail exactly what’s in a sales person your candidate will become, whether they can cope which is really important to some new business jobs but not all. Whether they are generally a new business or account manager; and whether they have, if they are an account manager, the attention to detail and long term perspective.

We help you with the advertising so that you attract the biggest pool of candidates possible because the number that is really qualified is very small. The program does the short listing. Every candidate who applies to your role has to complete the SIP process, and then you only interview from the shortlist of people who are capable of doing your job.

More on how SIP started: A Lesson in History

All about SIP recruitment: A Brief History of SIP

Sales Inventory Profile. Its acronym is SIP and it has been in the market since 2008. The research was conducted in the mid 1990s.

When I was offering sales training, I was going around the world saying, “Let me help your sales team.” “Let me make them do better.” The biggest objection to my sales training was nothing to do with the training or the quality of the content, or its workshop material. The greatest objection I’ve got through the training was the candidates. My customers will tell me over and over again. No matter who we train them with. No matter what program we put them through. They’re not getting better. One of my clients said that he would spend all of his budget on finding out who could sell before he trains them, and that has been my mission since 1994. It is to work out who can sell before you recruit them and then before you train them.

So you got people in a company that might be good at selling, don’t move them across and say you got _____, find out before you move them. If you move people who are currently not in selling to a sales job and they failed, you’ve lost them forever. Nobody wants to go back to their old life, their old job. We’re able to test your current staff and find out if any of them has this heated dominant sales potential and we are definitely able to recruit only amongst that pool of candidates who are able to sell.

More about SIP and the value of recruiting with SIP for your business

Hit the right notes. Recruit the Right Salespeople.


The quality of people’s resumes amazes me every day of the week in terms of details, consistency, layout and logical flow. I read thousand’s of selling CV’s a year now and even years ago the trend is always that, the better the BDM skills, the worse their résumé. Given some CV’s are total works of fiction I don’t know why BDMs don’t at least make the detail up more often.

In regards to grammar and spelling, I postulate this is because the fast paced style of a BDM is incompatible with spelling and structured detail. When you deal everyday with technical writers this must be very glaring for you. I say this also in my own defense. I‘m sure you have found stacks of typos in my communication. I used to have a business partner (Mez is what he calls himself) who was more of an Account Manager-style Salesperson than me and he was mortified with some of the mistakes in my emails. I certainly didn’t notice any in Mez’s.

As for KPIs, clear territory definitions and achievements are usually missing – and that baffles me too. Certainly in clear BDM roles, people don’t survive for years at a time like Mez has done without bringing in the numbers. I wonder if not bringing in the numbers is the real explanation for why Alex (a good old Hunter style Salesperson and I suppose a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to careers) has moved so often.

Also, good Hunters are also by nature, risk-takers and so, they are willing to move more often. Though our Alex seems to have some underlying problem as he keeps moving in and out of recruitment. Yet here is something for recruiters and HR Managers to keep in mind – it is this constant moving about that indicates someone who is happy to take risks (or actually adores it), happy to push past their comfort zones; a trait that may possibly indicate an exquisite Hunter-style Salesperson.

Warm regards,

Maya Saric

Managing Director – Corporate Coach Aust P/L

SIP helping you build sales results quickly and cost effectively by identifying people who can sell.

More information on SIP: Why SIP has no age limits


Curing Mondayitis: The first steps to becoming a Sales Star in real estate!

This is it, the last straw; it is the season for change. Your current career is not challenging you, nor motivating you. And someone hit you on the head for saying this but you are sick of getting paid to kill a 9 to 5 Every. Single. Day. Of. Every. Single. Week

So your morning routine probably starts off with something like this: “*Disgruntled moan* Another boring day at work!” When Friday comes you sing along to that terrible “Friday song” by that terrible teen. Come Sunday anxiety rises and your body feels a little heavier.  So why are you still there? Well because it’s normal to go: “Don’t we all hate Mondays? Aren’t we all bored endlessly by work?” You just don’t have a choice, right?

…Not right. You do have a choice. A choice to (finally) step out, turn things around, revolutionise your world.

We know you have seen them, pulling up in a fast car, professional and sleekly dressed, closely shaved (for the men) or for the ladies, wearing those pair of heels you have had on lay buy all year? These People-that-radiate-confidence walk out holding their “For Sale” sign, and you think “They are working on a Saturday….what torture!”

But do they look like they’re being tortured? They’re smiling, beaming with confidence, shoulders back and heads held high. They don’t look like underpaid, grumpy employees forced to work – no, they’re victorious and loving it. They love what they do because they know they are first-rate.

Ok…fine, not all real estate agents look like this, but those that do are “THE STARS”. Franchises are fighting over them, people are buying from them, and YOU wish to be them. But the fact is that these stars are only 10% of the population. That’s right, only 10% who started a career in real estate actually have the ability to sell!

They are rare individuals in the commercial world, and they are cannot settle within a boring job where they are not exploiting their full abilities. Does this sound like you?

We know it is not easy, sales in real estate can be hard and risky; with a high failure rate in recruitment it can be a bit disheartening. On the other hand it can be one of the most rewarding and well-paid jobs you will ever have…if you get it Right.

So what if we told you if you could be within the 10% of people in the population who CAN in fact sell, in real estate terms, “a Star”, and you might not even know it yet!

Why waste you’re time wishing and wondering what if? When you could be among the few out there who do it RIGHT.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pursue a career in real estate but you are unsure because you don’t have the experience or it’s so different to your current field that you think no one will take you seriously?

We can help you!

Before committing to a career in Real Estate let us answer these questions for you, before you waste a single day job hunting or working in the wrong job!

  1. Can I sell (even if I never have)? How can I know this NOW, both for my own confidence and for the confidence of the employer?
  2. What specific training do I need to really get my career going?
  3. Which office is the best for me to start my sales training and invest my career in?

So you’re thinking you want in?

Now there is a way of clearly knowing your sales ability and fit for Real Estate selling (or alternative products) before you even walk into the offices of a Real Estate agency for an interview or waste thousands of your own dollars getting your Certificate of Registration and basic sales training.

We have an independent, industry accepted, standard test for Sales IQ that you can take to ensure that you are suitable to take this journey. This assessment is called the Sales Inventory Profile, or SIP.

Many real estate businesses across Australia are using SIP to hire new agents.

Take control of your career and plan your own sales training program.

What you get when you complete a SIP

  • The Comprehensive Report is a 14 page document that will clearly answer that first question “could I become a Real Estate agent?” You can show this report to prospective employers in place of a Résumé (CV) or include the SIP Certificate of Sales Potential with your résumé or CV.
  • We have also given you the first of a five-part training program called “Emotions in Selling” to help you begin your sales training.
  • We will also provide you with a guide on how to assess which agency you want to work for and how to present yourself to the Principal to ensure that you get the job.

To find out if you can be a star in Real Estate start the assessment now!

Go to

Scroll to the bottom right hand side of the home page and click inside the 3rd grey box.

Press the blue ‘Start Now’ button and you will go to a registration page.

Once you have started the questions it is best to do them all at once, the average time to finish is 30 minutes but some folk do take longer. You can stop, log out and come back anytime if you need to from the top of our home page by entering the username and password you choose for yourself when you completed the registration page.

Only when you finish all the questions will be transferred to complete the payment and then you will need to log-in again on your home page to:

  1. See your report and download as many copies as you need at any time in the future
  2. Use your login to apply for jobs that require a SIP
  3. Below the report on your SIP log-in screen will be a link to the first Emotions in Selling education module
  4. You will receive your ‘How To Get Started In A Career In Real Estate Guide’ in a separate email from us. When the Guide is updated you will automatically receive the latest versions for free.

What is the real upper limit for personal income in Real Estate?

Many recruitment adverts for real estate agents say things like ‘uncap your income’ or ‘unleash your income’ or ‘rocket boost your income’. But is that really feasible?

Actually yes. There are plenty of real estate agents in suburbs across every city and the smallest country towns whose personal income is $500,000 or more per annum before tax. That is possible for the truly well suited and you will know from your SIP score if you are in this group.

That is the top 10% of all the people who ever started in real estate that are that well suited and after 5 or more years in practice they are earning that level of income. There is a further 10% of all starters who may take longer to reach their potential and will then be earning around $300,000 per annum, also a very good income compared to a doctor or a lawyer who also invested 5 years in learning their profession.

But if you are in the other 80%, give yourself a break. There are plenty of other great products to sell where the sales capable range is much broader and you can still earn $100,000 plus in the same time period. Join a different industry, with a product that is better suited to you and be much happier.

Check out some jobs from our Jobs section and press the APPLY NOW Button to start your assessment. I truly hope you find this journey of taking control of your career as exhilarating as we do!

All the best for your Success.

Maya Saric, Sales Psychologist | Connect with me on Facebook    

More info about SIP here

Check out our Sales Jobs listings for your next big opportunity

The Value of Recruiting with SIP for the Real Estate industry

Do you know how the costs of hiring the wrong people for your company? It’s not a pretty sight going far beyond the money spent on recruiting and training. Think of your own time wasted and the energy levels of your business as more of the wrong people join the team.

Here’s how SIP will ensure you avoid those costs and hire effective sales staff…

The first mistake hiring managers make is to assume that all sales people fit all sales roles. They may do a great job of selling themselves at the interview but how good will they be at selling your service?

SIP scoring system helps identify people with each of the different selling styles  for the following positions:


  • Listing Agent (this one is the hardest for you to spot in advance because of the high need for prospecting which is a very rare capacity, so this role carries the greatest risk of miss hiring)
  • Buyers Agent or Partner Agent
  • Commercial Agent

Property Managers

  • Property Managers
  • Property Officers
  • Leasing Officers

Sales support

  • Receptionist (this really is a listing agent style but with need for the prospecting capacity)
  • PA’s to listing agents or Property Managers
  • Other – i.e. anyone who helps at Open’s or otherwise relates regularly to either buyers or vendors, or supports the sales process, like manages marketing programs

Once you have clarity on who you really need for your role, the SIP Candidate Management System (CMS) will save you time on recruitment and analysing candidates. Here’s what we do:

a) All candidates are visible permanently in one place and not scattered over many weeks in your in-box. This ensures that they are:

  • Quick to find
  • Accessible by all managers not just the one who has their email on the advert
  • No double handling (i.e. forwarding to each other)
  • Never deleted
  • Keep track of all communication by everyone with each candidate,
  • Includes resume and cover letter in one file per person.

b) Bulk communication facilities.

With a few clicks you can communicate with the entire candidate population by sending either standard emails that notify them of the progress of their application or write your own emails to suit your situation.

All emails sent to each candidate are in their ‘Notes’ and visible as a status against their name so you need never wonder where you are up to with each one.

We understand that your Brand is highly important. So SIP allows you to get the above all easily and quickly done, whilst still maintaining your professional image:

a) Applying through our website (a structured form followed by a serious test) clearly shows your job is a serious one with a professional sales organisation which is much more satisfying for a candidate embarking on an important new career, rather than sending an email to an unknown organisation through SEEK.

b) Candidates receive two auto-emails from the SIP website to identify the progress of their application; when they complete the registration form and when they complete all the questions.

c) The bulk action emails, especially the ‘sorry’ one, gives them closure on what happened or is still happening to their application.

Get your name out there with our Advertising Service! Writing professional copy for advertising is a skill that has a huge direct effect on the outcome of the recruitment process. Lifeless, short adverts focused on what is important to you don’t attract high quality individuals no matter how strong your brand is. There are hundreds of adverts being launched everyday by your competitors and you need to stand out amongst them to speak directly and effectively to the people you need for your business.

We write hundreds of specialist adverts a year so we definitely know what we’re doing and what’s involved. Here’s what you get:

a) Emotionally engaging adverts that sell you and your position to attract more AND better candidates who are keen on you, and not just ‘having a go’.

b) Fresh adverts for each new role type tailored to appeal to people who are suited for that sort of work.

c) Work load management so you won’t need to do a thing after the advert is written as well: we load the advert to SEEK, track advert effectiveness, make changes if necessary and respond to stray candidates who apply directly to ensure all candidates are processed equally.

Want to know more about SIP? Have a watch of our short SIP Report Comparison or read our User Guide if you’ve already got one.

Watch some videos on SIP:   Want to get started? More information here:

Q&A: What is the role of ‘High Expectations’ score in selling?


Having Expectations (EXP) at or over 73%  is the biggest component to being a mega ‘hunter’, i.e. someone who can sell new business in a big way regularly.

These are people that can drive themselves consistently through all the tasks and obstacles that is the daily grind of selling. The absolute biggest obstacles that slaughters most new business Sales people are inertia and boredom during cold calling. This hence explains why the old ‘self-starter’ is so popular. Many sales people are great at hitting their targets when they have clear and pressing deadlines, or work in a call centre with autodial – but leave them alone or give them undefined time limits and they slow down and get lethargic.

Many people can stomach the tough stuff intermittently but being able to do it day in day out as instinctively and unflinchingly as brushing ones teeth is what gets some to the very top. Only a small percentage of the people we have ever tested  with the Sales Inventory Profile are that high. In fact, cold calling are what Sales people find scariest.

To be able to stomach cold calling we recommend to all our clients that they hire candidates with EXP over 68% as a minimum and develop good sales management techniques run great sales meetings and have clear weekly KPI’s to help their ‘almost’ mega hunters still get mega results. But if your sales staff need to work alone from home or a remote office without daily sales management they will need EXP to be well over 70%, and ideally over 73%

Unfortunately, good sales management techniques are also rare in most organisations. So, if you work alone (either for yourself or from a distant office), or are the boss and still selling, then you’re dead without them.

Watch our SIP Comparison Report or access our User Guide if you’ve got any more queries!

Q&A: Is there a better day to start a job advert?

thinking business woman standingAnswer:

Things I know about sales candidate activity on SEEK: Sunday to Thursday are better than Friday and Saturday.

There are less adverts released on both Saturday and Sunday. As more adverts are released your own advert gets pushed down. This is really important to the success of your advert as candidates don’t need to go past page one to find good jobs to apply for in most markets. For this reason we always pay the extra $20 to be at the very top for a full week even in categories where we don’t get pushed off page one for a week or more naturally.

So if the objective is to maximise candidate enquiry the longer you can stay at the top on a good candidate activity day the better…so combined that makes Sunday better (equally good day as Wednesday and Thursday for candidate traffic but lesser new jobs pushing us down). That is why we recommend we wait till Sunday if possible. I organise my adverts during the week and load them to SEEK but press ‘play’ on Sunday when I get up. It takes me 2 min.

All of that is my knowledge of how candidates behave in sales roles. I am assuming a similar pattern for admin roles as currently in Sydney there are 186 ‘ sales’ roles versus 150 for ‘Administration’.

Next Q&A: What does the “High Expectations” score in SIP say about Sales Skills?

No age limit for SIP

Question: Is it okay for a 15 year old to complete a SIP?

Answer: There are no age components in the Sales Inventory Profile or SIP.

SIP will give you as accurate a result regardless of how much experience in the business world you have, including none. The test has been developed to a middle level of English comprehensive so a native English speaking 12 year old will be able to fully understand the questions.

I asked my family and friends with teenage children to do the test some years ago when we were validating it before the launch in 2008 and so I know it works for teenagers. The legal age for working is, I believe, 14 and ¾ years, so again a 15 is ok. I don’t think there is anything on the SIP site that specifies age limitations. We do ask for their birthday as a way to validate their identify but it is not used in any way for the calculations. I don’t tell my clients to think about the age as such when considering people for job applications, rather the life circumstance of the individual and how that impacts their ability to perform your job.

I encourage our clients to offer the program to all local high schools and TAFEs (or any other full time school institutions in your area) whether they are themselves hiring or not as a community service for free. The process includes the families to come to your office to pick up the reports in person so we can verify their identity and we are not releasing reports to the wrong person or allowing them to be read by others.

I suggest you staple a ‘with complements’ style page with your branding over my report as this document will most likely end up in being saved in the house for years as the kids finish school and start applying for jobs.

Want to know more about SIP? Watch our short video or learn more about SIP’s Value and Advantage, a video on SIP Reporting or have a look at our pricing list here.





In the pale yellow row above all the candidates is a series of headings e.g.:

App Status    SP    Sc    Name    Exp. (years)    Industry     Report/Date

SP: this is their SIP Sales Potential Category 1 to 4, ie what sort of sales role are they suited to. We think this is the first issue to consider when short- listing candidates; what sort of sales person are/will they be?

Your SIP representative will also work with you to further define the category preference for your role to a specific score range. Contact


Consider in more detail the candidates who fall within your preferred Category and scoring range.

Have a look at their Report, and /or Details from the blue bar next to their name.

Report is their Comprehensive SIP Report, download or read online.

Details will tell you basic information like; name, where they live, contact details, experience, DOB etc.



  • Good candidates: mark as BOLD and send Interview Request email
  • After you interview a candidate mark them as Interviewed and write your thoughts in the Notes section
  • Unsuccessful candidates: send them a Send Sorry email
  • Candidates you are not sure about: leave as Standard and send Pending email


You need to get them off the list so you don’t waste your time. Here’s what to do to deal with people you don’t want to interview:

  1. Send them a SORRY email to notify them they are not on your short-list.
  • Click on the box next to the candidate (far left just before the empty App Status column) or to select them all click on the box to the left of App Status in the pale yellow row. Now all the candidates should be selected with a tick next to them.
  • Then select the Select Bulk Actions drop down box at the top of the page and select Send Sorry Email, then next to it select Do Action. Change subject headline to identify your business e.g. Sales Career at XYZ.
  • Then click Send. You have now advised all the Archived Candidates they have been unsuccessful.
  1. Mark them as ARCHIVED to remove them for your current view.
  • Click on the box next to the Candidate (far left just before the empty App Status column) or select all the candidates by clicking the Select All button on the immediate left of App Status in the pale yellow row above all the candidates.
  • Then select Select Bulk Actions drop down box at the top of the page and select Mark as Archived, then next to it select Do Action. After a few seconds all these unwanted candidates will have been removed from your Active Candidate list.
  • If you need to view them again for any reason select the blue Show Archived and in a few seconds the page will refresh, if you scroll down you will find a box called Archived Candidates.



Send them a REQUEST FOR INTERVIEW email, so that they ring you to organise a suitable time to meet them in person

  • Click on the box next to the candidate (far left just before the empty App Status column) or select multiple candidates.
  • Then select Select Bulk Actions drop down box at the top of the page and select Mark as Favourite, then next to it select Do Action. In a few seconds all these candidate(s) will be Bolded to stand out so you can find them quickly.


  • Just leave them until you are. They are not Bolded (strong candidate) and they are not yet in the Archived Candidates (candidates you don’t want).
  • Get back to candidates at least within 7 days of them applying. If you are not sure within that period they are most likely not suitable, better to wait even if it means advertising again then waste time of candidates who already don’t look good.


Send them a PENDING message.

Either click the box left of their name or if you want to communicate with the entire Active Candidates list click the Select All button on the immediate left of App Status in the pale yellow row above all the candidates.

Once selected click on Select Bulk Action from the drop down box. Select Send Pending Email Select Do Action

The message headline for the email defaults to your account name and you can over type this if you prefer, then select Send

Now all the candidates know they are still under consideration. This is important as many employers DON’T communicate with candidates very well, this creates bad will and they will apply for other jobs even if they preferred to wait to hear about yours!


Should you need to move anyone from Archived to Active Candidates simply:

  • Select Bulk Actions from the drop down box at the top of the page and select Mark as Standard, and then next to it select Do Action.


What to do: Writing Notes on our site in the tab labelled ‘notes’ on the name row for each candidate.

Every email sent from our site is automatically copied in here, I suggest you copy any replies you get into here and delete them from your email system.

All summaries by a SIP staff member will be written in here and you will receive an email letting you when it’s ready.

I suggest you also put into here:

  • Any emails you get from candidates directly to your email system into here and delete them from your email system.
  • Notes on when they are due for an interview, were they punctual etc.
  • Notes on your thoughts on them following the interview.
  • Other information or communications (eg by phone) you have about this candidate, like feedback from referee’s


Everything to do with this candidate is in one place FOREVER, this can be important for legal reasons as well as making things simpler on the way through the recruitment process.

Everyone on the recruitment project can see where you are up to (other relevant managers, the SIP support staff, your HR manager, your biz partner etc) and we won’t have to chase you if any of us need to pitch in and help like if you are away etc.


There are two ways to keep track of this.

  • Look in the Notes in the Blue Bar. Here are all the messages you have sent.
  • Under App Status there are codes that tell you what the last action was with this candidate. The codes are:
  • ISSUE: They need to do the test again. Most likely because they didn’t finish it.
  • CUS: You sent them a custom message of your own, perhaps asking for more information
  • PEND: Let them know they are still in the running.
  • REJ: They have been unsuccessful and are no longer being considered for your role
  • INT: Interview
  • CV: Resume
  • REQ: Request


By selecting Search either inside your PRK (group of candidates) or at the top of the page you can customise your search criteria e.g. show me anyone who took the test between certain dates, like two weeks ago, or people that speak Chinese in Hurstville etc.

Once you have entered your criteria click Search then Close at the bottom of the Pink Search page. Any candidates meeting your search will be displayed.


When you wish to return all candidates after you complete the Search, click on the Blue Show All at the top of the page.


The system has provided candidates the option to upload both a résumé and cover letter. If they have done this then the tabs on the row with their names will show the words résumé and cover letter in red type.

If the candidate has uploaded a RÉSUMÉ this can be downloaded by selecting RÉSUMÉ in the blue tabs.

Do not be discouraged if they do not have a resume. Some of the best candidates for your role way not have a resume written for good reason and you don’t want to wait for them to do this and apply for other jobs where they will be taken seriously.

Also some of the worst sales people have magnificent resumes full of interesting details (sometimes true even) well formatted and spelled checked.

Relying on resumes is not necessary to short-list your candidate and action their application, that is bring them in for an interview.

Can Sales Managers change sales results in their staff?

I absolutely disagree that managing people differently will yield significantly different performances. They either have it or they don’t and most people who take on sales roles are earnestly trying their best, so bullying them or bribing them with awards, or tricking them with team activities into more sales results does not work.

If there is a sales person who has it in them, but they are still under-performing, then there are a few very different causes and these need to be addressed differently to allow the person to sell more.

1. Lack of skill – Category 1 i.e. the pure Hunters will eventually work it out without training but while they work it out they will make mistakes which cost them sales and your office it’s reputation. The other selling style staff will always need to be taught how best to sell a particular product before they are able to start selling alone. While selling capacity comes naturally to SIP selected people the process needs to be taught for that capacity to translate into skills and therefore sales.

Sales Management Solution:

a. Training in the specific selling techniques that suit your industry and product

b. Time to practice. This varies between industries. As an example in real estate the average learning time to translate knowledge into effective skills is two years

2. Lack of motivation – even with the very best attributed and trained sales people  they need to WANT THE MONEY. Selling takes energy and if you don’t need the money, even if you could make more, you won’t bother to exert themselves to the level required for sustained success. If they don’t want the money they need their own highly demanding reason to succeed and we (as managers and coaches) cannot give them a reason (i.e. externally set goals). It must be something they really want for themselves.

Sales Management Solution:

a. Help them identify real highly personal reasons to excel

3. Lack of available energy – people’s attention is distracted or energy can be consumed by other issues in their life (divorce, illness and even hobbies) that simply don’t leave them enough juice in the tank to fuel their selling activities. Selling cannot be done well by anyone as an afterthought or secondary focus. This is why  so called ‘selling rock stars’ lose their mojo. I’ve heard so many stories of sales people who ‘used’ to be good. If they really were any good but are mediocre or poor now then there must be something in their lives now that is consuming their energy.

Sales Management Solution:

a. Wait for the external issue to be resolved (or very significantly reduced)

b. Help them manage the external issue better. This is a very low yield solution even with a professional Coach or Psychologist.

c. Consider managing them out of the business. Your energy as a manager can be better spent

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What is a Sales Excellence Business?

My passion in business is all about creating sales excellence for organizations and sales professionals. I do this by helping my clients expand the sales functions within their businesses. My coaching philosophy has always been based on the three part formula: Select. Teach. Expand.


Firstly, I help businesses recruit sales staff who really do have the capacity to sell.

‘Oh no! Not recruitment!’

I can already hear your agony because getting this right in the past has been fraught with danger. But not so for my clients. We have a time and cost effective way of attracting the best candidates your market has to offer and then short-listing them for interview based directly on their selling capacity. So you are only interviewing and choosing from appropriate candidates for your role who can do the job. Importantly the attraction and short-listing of candidates all happens in the cloud, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

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The second way we help businesses achieve sales excellence is to help their sales staff realize their personal sales capacity by teaching selling. Starting with understanding the psychology of buying we continue by coaching them through their own professional road blocks by instilling self organization, territory analysis and sales planning.

You can read about my sales training here.

I have been providing sale coaching as a job since 1992 (when I was a sales trainer) to help sales people through the learning curve of selling to work at a level of their personal best. When I registered my business, Corporate Coach Australia, in 1994 it was the only business in Australia to be consciously providing coaching services of any kind to the business sector.


Finally we teach sales staff to manage their energy and emotions. I know teaching sales process has gone out of fashion and everyone is focused on the internal game. But consider this: if you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing and you are totally disorganized and behind schedule then you should feel lousy. No amount of positive attitude will help if you have missed doing the first two parts properly. Most sales people don’t understand how buyers make choices or how to build trust during selling.

To combat this, I take people through knowing what to do (training) through creating systems that support their activity to consistently working at their peak level through on-going coaching and occasional nagging.

The Future

If you need sales staff who really can sell or are wanting to improve your or your teams sales performance, let’s talk. Call me, Maya Saric, on 0407 005 290

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Why do candidates with better selling profiles on SIP have so many jobs?

SIPIf you are hiring New Business Sales staff it is likely to be a good sign. It indicates an inner strength or resilience on the part of the candidate. We cannot predict why these people chose each of their previous jobs, but we can deduce that there has been something missing or wrong with the fit each time to result in the continual movement.

So how can that be a good sign?

Faced with rejection or the disappointment of losing their job, these people have had the resilience to keep going. They do not ‘make do’ with a bad fit and try to fit in where they do not naturally fit in. I hear you say they didn’t need to make do, they were fired! Yes, but even so, the result is the same.  They were unable to make themselves fit somewhere they did not well enough to stay employed.

In sales, there are plenty of people who don’t fit well enough but we have decided to keep them as it is better than not having any sales staff or face the endless revolving door of recruitment.

If you are reading a candidate’s résumé and the type of jobs they have already held is always changing it indicates that they don’t know what sort of job they are best suited to.

With SIP we know how well suited to our role they will be, even if they don’t. The fact that they are willing to try different job types indicates an ability to deal with the unknown.

People who have succeeded at selling, especially new business selling, have come from a wide range of previous job types. All the research conducted by SIP on over 25,000 individuals shows no correlation with education, age, industry (that is product type) and their SIP score, or sales IQ, for new business sales. Yet there is a direct correlation between success in the new business roles and the SIP scores of those tested who are already employed in these roles.

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