What’s the number one issue facing sales organisation, managers and owners?


Hiring staff who cannot prospect and will fail at closing, no matter how well you train them.

It often starts here: A candidate’s résumé tells you: “five years selling software”, “highly motivated and a self-starter”, “a degree in Computer Science”, “retail selling experience”!

 Question: What’s wrong with this information?     Answer: Everything

  •  It’s not independent
  • Maybe it’s been polished by a recruitment company
  • It’s what they think you need to know
  • It’s what they did in the past
  • It’s not about what they can do in the future
  • NONE of it means they can and will sell in your industry for your office
  • It’s boring and it’s wasting your time!

And, it’s why 70% of NEW STARTS in Real Estate will FAIL within 12 months and a total of 90% within 2 years!

This will cost you, the business owner over $100,000 dollars in the first year for each unsuitable candidate chosen in salary and indirect expenses.

It could be costing you millions in lost sales opportunities in hiring or hanging on too long to the hard-working but wrong ones! Imagine how many sales you lose in the second year as they slowly starve you and themselves before they admit they cannot do it?

Even worse, reading résumés can mean throwing away the sales stars of tomorrow because their résumés are poor, or don’t have the right clues, or maybe (and here’s the big one) there’s nothing in their past worth putting in a résumé because they are still young or returning to the workforce after having stopped for a period for parenting or complete their education, travelling, etc. We all know great real estate salespeople whose past gave NO clue to their future sales potential!

Excellent résumés aren’t always a good indicator of sales abilities!

Question: What’s the alternative? Answer: Start using SIP today!

The SIP system combines innovation, the internet and psychometrics. The results identify only those candidates who have the inherent attributes to enable them to sell real estate.

The SIP team will:

  • Analyze your existing team to show you how SIP works, review how your current team is structured, who your team needs as the next recruit and give you a personal sales competency benchmark for your office to use in the hiring process. We have provided this analysis for over a 200 businesses around Australia.
  • Write the advertising copy for you, so the best inherently attributed sales stars of the future in your area apply for your job. In addition, the SIP process highlights those with genuine motivation. Using SIP you now have people who can sell and do want your job.
  • Provide you with an online Candidate Management System so you need never read another résumé AND only organize to meet candidates who can sell and live locally.

Use SIP first before you read yet another résumé or hire another salesperson.

What our customers are saying about SIP: “We agreed to Maya applying her SIP test to all our Sales and Property Management,  Managerial and some admin staff. The results produced, when compared with our own staff assessments, were surprisingly accurate.”

– Jim Shortall, Sydney

Want to have a chat? Contact Maya Saric, Managing Director maya@salesinventoryprofile.com 

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