SIP – Recruiting Sales Staff

Sales Inventory Profile or SIP for short is a fully online sales IQ short-listing service that determines which individuals have the inherent capacity to sell before you interview them. SIP was designed following research of long-term high-performance sales staff.

Clients across Australia and New Zealand have achieved 90% accuracy hiring sales staff who have become successful and with our on-boarding and training programs have retained 70% of these recruits or two-plus years.

Steve: Hey there! Steve Brossman here from business Online TV and I am really looking forward to this chat. Today we have Maya Saric with us. How are you today?

Maya: Good. Thank you, Steve.

Steve: Now the reason I’m looking forward to this because we’re talking about a really exciting topic. Something that’s dear to my heart and absolutely makes the world go around and that’s sales.

Maya: Yes and the ability to find staff who can actually do it.

Steve: That is so important. Now, a little bit about your background because you’ve actually come up with a fantastic product which we’ll get into in a minute. But you’ve had a little bit of a journey to get there. Can you tell me about that?