Sales success is as simple as picking up the phone, isn’t it?

Selling seems so easy. It’s just about chatting to people, isn’t it? Then why are you so many salespeople so unhappy? Because picking up the phone a hundred times a day isn’t at all easy.


Yes, the statistics about how many phone calls it takes to generate sales are correct, but they are a siren’s call. An idea of something beautiful that lures you to your death. Yes, making the phone calls creates sales but in reality, very few people can do it consistently. I know this from testing nearly 30,000 candidates who are wanting to become agents and nearly 5,000 who already are within my client base. Only 5-10% can do this naturally and another 10% at most, who can do it with better training, coaching, little tricks (like this great sticker) and nauseating determination.

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The magic power of the phone

So, if you are already in sales and committed to staying but you’re struggling with the amount of proactive contact that is needed, there are things you can do to help yourself. But don’t beat yourself up by thinking this is a ‘simple’ thing that you should already be able to do.

Know your sales style

Before you embark on more training or coaching you can find out how much natural talent for selling you really have. You know it’s not the sort of selling style that enjoys spending half the day on the phone. Find out if it’s the sort that includes the nauseating determination to push yourself to the level you can find by completing a Sales Inventory Profile test. You may instead want to find out if you should be in real estate sales.

Could I have a career in the real estate industry?

If you have tried all of these things, be kind to yourself and learn to use marketing tools instead or change products to ones that do not have little or no phone work.

Should I start a trainee Real Estate salesperson at the reception?


I get asked this question a lot as it seems the best way to ‘ease’ young or inexperienced people into the world of real estate.  But why waste their energy if you know from their SIP results that they are capable of prospecting from the first week and becoming profitable members of the sales team within months?
This is a great idea ONLY if it is a busy reception where they have plenty of interaction with the public so they can start evolving their communications and rapport skills. The high-speed variable nature of a busy reception will energies them making them great representatives of your business.
However, in any downtime or if the reception is always quiet, they should NOT be doing real admin/PM work as they will:
1. be bad at it, no matter how often you show them and upset the PM staff
2. get discouraged that they shouldn’t be in RE when what they shouldn’t be is doing detailed admin work and so you will waste their early enthusiasm which often gets people through the barren start-up stage of sales.
3. leave you as they will feel useless, but with a strong EXP score, they will have the courage to leave and find something better. They have poor memories of your business and may harm your reputation as they will become a good salesperson somewhere.
With digital payments and mobile phones, most offices do have very quiet reception desks. In that case, you could have them share reception with someone who is a real admin person and do sales work in the other half of their time, like;
1. Being a leasing officer, ie showing rental property and general making phone calls to set up things for the PM’s. Again, don’t expect them to be good at processing the applications.
2. Prospecting for either sales or management
3. Out doorknocking and expanding the database for the business. If they did two half days a week that could be hundreds of new contacts over a few months and get them into great prospecting habits for when they are ready to be in sales.
If you have hired using SIP, no matter their age or background, they will take to selling, including cold calling, with minimal angst and be productive members of your sales team within months.