Could you have a career in the real estate industry?

Ever dreamed of a job in the country’s highest-paying industry? A professional career within your own community that can give you a six-figure income after 2-3 years and where it is possible to break through the million dollars personal income barrier.

Starting from the basic adult wage in 5 years build to $250,000 and in 10 years the world is your oyster. Spectacular success is possible for those who are well suited. Indeed you cannot achieve the same in any other industry that quickly no matter what your suitability, qualifications or dedication.

There are some compelling reason’s to join the industry.

And there some equally compelling reasons not to. Like what happens to most people that enter the industry? 90% fail and are gone within 2 years. Luckily 50% of those that start in residential sales are gone within 3 months. Lucky that they haven’t wasted more of their lives living at the basic level before working out it’s not for them. Lucky that they haven’t totally lost faith in themselves and started to believe they are failures.


The truth is that only a small percentage of the workforce have the core capacity to sell anything well, and within that even not all will succeed in Real Estate.




Step 1

By completing a Sales Inventory Profile

Find out which job within Real Estate will suit you so you build a career around work that you will be successful at doing.

There are a few very different paths in the industry and they each require a different style of person.

Sales Inventory Profile will show you where your natural abilities are the best match. Then you have to develop skills. There is no point in learning about the whole industry if you are best suited to one area.

The major ones are;

  • Residential listing and sales (this is the best paid but hardest to do)
  • Buyers agent
  • Residential Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Project sales or Display home sales

Step 2

Once you know your fit, the best way to get a job is to approach the bigger agencies within ten kilometres of where you live and ask for an interview. Most owners will say yes just out of courtesy to members of their local community. Agents further than ten kilometres won’t be interested in hiring as they know from experience that travelling distances every night is too hard and you will exhaust yourself and leave them. You probably don’t know that while residential agents can set their own hours they often work past 8 pm.

Step 3

If you are under 25 or have been out of the workplace for a while it can be best to work on reception for a while, even a few years to build skills and area knowledge. Think of it as time invested in full-time retraining, except you are not at TAFE or university. Don’t let yourself be rushed into taking on more than you can do well.

Feel free to Email me directly if you want to discuss any of this.

Maya Saric

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