Hire the right Sales reps and training them will also be easier

We don’t expect to be able to do accounts in order to employ an Accountant. So…why do we expect to be great Sales Reps before we allow ourselves to employ great reps?

 Can we really expect a new sales person to prospect when no-one here does?

Yes absolutely!

If you choose people because they can do it (SIP can spot them for you)

You hire them with the clear plan that they will do it.

They take the job knowing they will need to do it


When they start you teach them how to do it!

They will do it!

If you have hired well, it is a simple process to get great results. Yet, without SIP, finding the right people will be hard.

 — Maya Saric

Book your January Sales Makeover – Build sustainable growth in 2013

If you’re wanting to Grow your Sales team in 2013, we’re offering our selling, coaching and recruiting expertise for a FREE planning session in January.

Making big changes in your life, personally or in business, is one of the hardest things we all face. It’s that time of year and everyone is trying to change for the new year. But achieving sustainable growth alone is near impossible. So don’t let 2013 be yet another year of good intentions.

If what you want to change has anything to do with selling, we can help!

We are experts in building sales results, by improving personal skills, crafting  sales strategies and recruiting new members to the team who can sell.

Yep we know how to attract and spot real sales aptitude and  then turn that into sales results.

We would like to offer our sales expertise for a  free planning meeting to help you change your sales results, personally or for the whole company in 2013.

Ring now on 0407 005 290 or email maya@salesinventoryprofile.com to book your meeting at our Sydney office or by phone.

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Hit the right notes. Recruit the Right Salespeople.


The quality of people’s resumes amazes me every day of the week in terms of details, consistency, layout and logical flow. I read thousand’s of selling CV’s a year now and even years ago the trend is always that, the better the BDM skills, the worse their résumé. Given some CV’s are total works of fiction I don’t know why BDMs don’t at least make the detail up more often.

In regards to grammar and spelling, I postulate this is because the fast paced style of a BDM is incompatible with spelling and structured detail. When you deal everyday with technical writers this must be very glaring for you. I say this also in my own defense. I‘m sure you have found stacks of typos in my communication. I used to have a business partner (Mez is what he calls himself) who was more of an Account Manager-style Salesperson than me and he was mortified with some of the mistakes in my emails. I certainly didn’t notice any in Mez’s.

As for KPIs, clear territory definitions and achievements are usually missing – and that baffles me too. Certainly in clear BDM roles, people don’t survive for years at a time like Mez has done without bringing in the numbers. I wonder if not bringing in the numbers is the real explanation for why Alex (a good old Hunter style Salesperson and I suppose a Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to careers) has moved so often.

Also, good Hunters are also by nature, risk-takers and so, they are willing to move more often. Though our Alex seems to have some underlying problem as he keeps moving in and out of recruitment. Yet here is something for recruiters and HR Managers to keep in mind – it is this constant moving about that indicates someone who is happy to take risks (or actually adores it), happy to push past their comfort zones; a trait that may possibly indicate an exquisite Hunter-style Salesperson.

Warm regards,

Maya Saric

Managing Director – Corporate Coach Aust P/L

SIP helping you build sales results quickly and cost effectively by identifying people who can sell.

More information on SIP: Why SIP has no age limits


The Story of Sales Tribe

Stories are born every day in simple ways and some grow to be legends. Here is our story.

Sales Tribe gathered for the first time on November 26th 2012– a fresh Monday start, where a gathering of our small team (a mix of 5 women and 1 man) of sales, marketing and one industrial design professionals resulted in something quite magnificent, no need to be modest here – our final, collective brand which you all now know as Sales Tribe.

So there we were in Maya’s living room, the official ‘board room’ for Corporate Coach Australia and above the sales office for Sales Inventory Profile, gazing into the bamboo trees that shot to the ceiling.

Maya called the meeting because of our growing frustration that neither of our official names really sums up who we are. Our company is called Corporate Coach, reflecting our starting point as Australia’s first professional coaching service back in 1994. Now in 2012 we have grown and do so much more than Coach. Our second identity Sales Inventory Profile (SIP) is one of our products – a sales IQ technology. Problem is, that doesn’t reflect the total service that product is a part of – hiring people that can actually sell – does it?

It’s time for a new brand that captures all of our services equally. We are all pretty clear on who we are and what we do for a living- helping our clients build High Performance Sales teams…but that’s way too wordy, urgh.

So there we were, on this Monday morning, brainstorming what we should call ourselves?

Something that encapsulates who we are and what we do – or something simple and completely random (we were inspired by Virgin and Apple for example)? Most of us loved the random, every day mundane type of names that are easy to spell and create curiosity and impact.  Maya threw out “Frog” just as an example, which had enough impact that it made it to the final round of evaluations – was it that Maya was in charge of the marker pen?.

We debated over whether we should position ourselves as “smart” or “team-oriented” through our brand. Should we call ourselves something that screams intelligence and performance like “Smart”, “Avance” or trend more towards building teams, and towards collaboration? Or perhaps something young, fun, feisty, female? Someone, I think it was Eliza, threw out Bamboo – strong, durable, fast-growth and something that presents our history, this was inspired by the bamboo trees at Maya’s. Nonetheless, Bamboo became another favourite.

So there we were that Monday. 15 minutes walked by, 30 minutes ran by, 90 minutes flew by as more and more names were added to our burgeoning list. People were on their phones, searching up words in the thesaurus, adding to our inspired ideas. Time came when we were rounding down to the Finals.

It came down to “Tribe” or “Smart”. It was a 3 to 2 for Tribe. Tribe it was.

Then came problem #2: upon searching online we quickly realised that we weren’t the only ones to love this exotic, primal title. Tribe.com was taken, and after searching other domains we settled on Sales Tribe – blending both a hint as to what we do (selling the World’s First Sales IQ Technology!) and what we build for our clients: Tribes.

After our 2 hours of our creative branding meeting, the “geek” (Maya’s word not mine!) in Maya did some background research on tribes. That night, our inboxes received a small email from Maya about why Sales Tribe really is an awesome and suitable name for us.

So what is Tribe – and why does it fit us like sun-and-shine?

Here’s what Maya found and why she adores our new identity:

tribe  (tra?b)


a social division of a people,  defined in terms of common descent, territory, culture, etc


5. stockbreeding  a strain of animals descended from a common female ancestor through the female line

“This last one really appealed to me as I am a Taurean and that is symbolised by a boy cow (yes I know what they are called and that also has lots of negative selling connotations, ie BS) but the idea of growth and lineage based on the female genetic line and the other meaning of tribe being one third of the Roman empire seemed a great name for a huge organisation (soon to be empire) lead by a woman, a mother and a Taurean.”

That is the story of how Sales Tribe first gathered in an office in Sydney. No birds or bees – just great ideas from great minds. November 26th, a Sagittarius. Just a small side fact; Beethovan, Churchill, Maud the Queen of Norway and Tina Turner (and Eliza Doueihi) are/were Sagittarians too. That’s definitely saying something about Sales Tribe’s future; look out for us!


Curing Mondayitis: The first steps to becoming a Sales Star in real estate!

This is it, the last straw; it is the season for change. Your current career is not challenging you, nor motivating you. And someone hit you on the head for saying this but you are sick of getting paid to kill a 9 to 5 Every. Single. Day. Of. Every. Single. Week

So your morning routine probably starts off with something like this: “*Disgruntled moan* Another boring day at work!” When Friday comes you sing along to that terrible “Friday song” by that terrible teen. Come Sunday anxiety rises and your body feels a little heavier.  So why are you still there? Well because it’s normal to go: “Don’t we all hate Mondays? Aren’t we all bored endlessly by work?” You just don’t have a choice, right?

…Not right. You do have a choice. A choice to (finally) step out, turn things around, revolutionise your world.

We know you have seen them, pulling up in a fast car, professional and sleekly dressed, closely shaved (for the men) or for the ladies, wearing those pair of heels you have had on lay buy all year? These People-that-radiate-confidence walk out holding their “For Sale” sign, and you think “They are working on a Saturday….what torture!”

But do they look like they’re being tortured? They’re smiling, beaming with confidence, shoulders back and heads held high. They don’t look like underpaid, grumpy employees forced to work – no, they’re victorious and loving it. They love what they do because they know they are first-rate.

Ok…fine, not all real estate agents look like this, but those that do are “THE STARS”. Franchises are fighting over them, people are buying from them, and YOU wish to be them. But the fact is that these stars are only 10% of the population. That’s right, only 10% who started a career in real estate actually have the ability to sell!

They are rare individuals in the commercial world, and they are cannot settle within a boring job where they are not exploiting their full abilities. Does this sound like you?

We know it is not easy, sales in real estate can be hard and risky; with a high failure rate in recruitment it can be a bit disheartening. On the other hand it can be one of the most rewarding and well-paid jobs you will ever have…if you get it Right.

So what if we told you if you could be within the 10% of people in the population who CAN in fact sell, in real estate terms, “a Star”, and you might not even know it yet!

Why waste you’re time wishing and wondering what if? When you could be among the few out there who do it RIGHT.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pursue a career in real estate but you are unsure because you don’t have the experience or it’s so different to your current field that you think no one will take you seriously?

We can help you!

Before committing to a career in Real Estate let us answer these questions for you, before you waste a single day job hunting or working in the wrong job!

  1. Can I sell (even if I never have)? How can I know this NOW, both for my own confidence and for the confidence of the employer?
  2. What specific training do I need to really get my career going?
  3. Which office is the best for me to start my sales training and invest my career in?

So you’re thinking you want in?

Now there is a way of clearly knowing your sales ability and fit for Real Estate selling (or alternative products) before you even walk into the offices of a Real Estate agency for an interview or waste thousands of your own dollars getting your Certificate of Registration and basic sales training.

We have an independent, industry accepted, standard test for Sales IQ that you can take to ensure that you are suitable to take this journey. This assessment is called the Sales Inventory Profile, or SIP.

Many real estate businesses across Australia are using SIP to hire new agents.

Take control of your career and plan your own sales training program.

What you get when you complete a SIP

  • The Comprehensive Report is a 14 page document that will clearly answer that first question “could I become a Real Estate agent?” You can show this report to prospective employers in place of a Résumé (CV) or include the SIP Certificate of Sales Potential with your résumé or CV.
  • We have also given you the first of a five-part training program called “Emotions in Selling” to help you begin your sales training.
  • We will also provide you with a guide on how to assess which agency you want to work for and how to present yourself to the Principal to ensure that you get the job.

To find out if you can be a star in Real Estate start the assessment now!

Go to www.salesinventoryprofile.com

Scroll to the bottom right hand side of the home page and click inside the 3rd grey box.

Press the blue ‘Start Now’ button and you will go to a registration page.

Once you have started the questions it is best to do them all at once, the average time to finish is 30 minutes but some folk do take longer. You can stop, log out and come back anytime if you need to from the top of our home page by entering the username and password you choose for yourself when you completed the registration page.

Only when you finish all the questions will be transferred to complete the payment and then you will need to log-in again on your home page to:

  1. See your report and download as many copies as you need at any time in the future
  2. Use your login to apply for jobs that require a SIP
  3. Below the report on your SIP log-in screen will be a link to the first Emotions in Selling education module
  4. You will receive your ‘How To Get Started In A Career In Real Estate Guide’ in a separate email from us. When the Guide is updated you will automatically receive the latest versions for free.

What is the real upper limit for personal income in Real Estate?

Many recruitment adverts for real estate agents say things like ‘uncap your income’ or ‘unleash your income’ or ‘rocket boost your income’. But is that really feasible?

Actually yes. There are plenty of real estate agents in suburbs across every city and the smallest country towns whose personal income is $500,000 or more per annum before tax. That is possible for the truly well suited and you will know from your SIP score if you are in this group.

That is the top 10% of all the people who ever started in real estate that are that well suited and after 5 or more years in practice they are earning that level of income. There is a further 10% of all starters who may take longer to reach their potential and will then be earning around $300,000 per annum, also a very good income compared to a doctor or a lawyer who also invested 5 years in learning their profession.

But if you are in the other 80%, give yourself a break. There are plenty of other great products to sell where the sales capable range is much broader and you can still earn $100,000 plus in the same time period. Join a different industry, with a product that is better suited to you and be much happier.

Check out some jobs from our Jobs section and press the APPLY NOW Button to start your assessment. I truly hope you find this journey of taking control of your career as exhilarating as we do!

All the best for your Success.

Maya Saric, Sales Psychologist | Connect with me on Facebook    

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