The Value of Recruiting with SIP for the Real Estate industry

Do you know how the costs of hiring the wrong people for your company? It’s not a pretty sight going far beyond the money spent on recruiting and training. Think of your own time wasted and the energy levels of your business as more of the wrong people join the team.

Here’s how SIP will ensure you avoid those costs and hire effective sales staff…

The first mistake hiring managers make is to assume that all sales people fit all sales roles. They may do a great job of selling themselves at the interview but how good will they be at selling your service?

SIP scoring system helps identify people with each of the different selling styles  for the following positions:


  • Listing Agent (this one is the hardest for you to spot in advance because of the high need for prospecting which is a very rare capacity, so this role carries the greatest risk of miss hiring)
  • Buyers Agent or Partner Agent
  • Commercial Agent

Property Managers

  • Property Managers
  • Property Officers
  • Leasing Officers

Sales support

  • Receptionist (this really is a listing agent style but with need for the prospecting capacity)
  • PA’s to listing agents or Property Managers
  • Other – i.e. anyone who helps at Open’s or otherwise relates regularly to either buyers or vendors, or supports the sales process, like manages marketing programs

Once you have clarity on who you really need for your role, the SIP Candidate Management System (CMS) will save you time on recruitment and analysing candidates. Here’s what we do:

a) All candidates are visible permanently in one place and not scattered over many weeks in your in-box. This ensures that they are:

  • Quick to find
  • Accessible by all managers not just the one who has their email on the advert
  • No double handling (i.e. forwarding to each other)
  • Never deleted
  • Keep track of all communication by everyone with each candidate,
  • Includes resume and cover letter in one file per person.

b) Bulk communication facilities.

With a few clicks you can communicate with the entire candidate population by sending either standard emails that notify them of the progress of their application or write your own emails to suit your situation.

All emails sent to each candidate are in their ‘Notes’ and visible as a status against their name so you need never wonder where you are up to with each one.

We understand that your Brand is highly important. So SIP allows you to get the above all easily and quickly done, whilst still maintaining your professional image:

a) Applying through our website (a structured form followed by a serious test) clearly shows your job is a serious one with a professional sales organisation which is much more satisfying for a candidate embarking on an important new career, rather than sending an email to an unknown organisation through SEEK.

b) Candidates receive two auto-emails from the SIP website to identify the progress of their application; when they complete the registration form and when they complete all the questions.

c) The bulk action emails, especially the ‘sorry’ one, gives them closure on what happened or is still happening to their application.

Get your name out there with our Advertising Service! Writing professional copy for advertising is a skill that has a huge direct effect on the outcome of the recruitment process. Lifeless, short adverts focused on what is important to you don’t attract high quality individuals no matter how strong your brand is. There are hundreds of adverts being launched everyday by your competitors and you need to stand out amongst them to speak directly and effectively to the people you need for your business.

We write hundreds of specialist adverts a year so we definitely know what we’re doing and what’s involved. Here’s what you get:

a) Emotionally engaging adverts that sell you and your position to attract more AND better candidates who are keen on you, and not just ‘having a go’.

b) Fresh adverts for each new role type tailored to appeal to people who are suited for that sort of work.

c) Work load management so you won’t need to do a thing after the advert is written as well: we load the advert to SEEK, track advert effectiveness, make changes if necessary and respond to stray candidates who apply directly to ensure all candidates are processed equally.

Want to know more about SIP? Have a watch of our short SIP Report Comparison or read our User Guide if you’ve already got one.

Watch some videos on SIP:   Want to get started? More information here:

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