How to create a company page on Facebook

Whether you want to use Facebook (FB) to actively market your business or not, it’s good to have an official page for your company that you can link to from your own profile, especially in our Social Media Age.

I get really discouraged when I am on a Facebook profile of a sales person and click on their work details, only to be directed to an empty page. Such a waste of your advertising space.

How to create a page

At the bottom of your own profile page is a link called ‘Create a Page’.

  • Give the page your full business name
  • Upload a logo
  • Enter all the different contact details: email, phone, website link etc
  • Add a few sentences about what sort of business it is. Copy and paste from your website if you have one to keep the identity consistent.

All that could take you ten minutes. You can add more stuff to it later if you want to become more detailed, have promotions etc.

How to link your business page to your profile

Open your page and copy the address link, mine is


  • Go back to your own profile page as an individual
  • Press the link ‘About’ which is below your profile photo
  • Press edit for the Work and Education
  • Press edit again to the right of your employer name and copy the address link you took from your business page into the name slot. If you have done this before it may not let you change it so you could delete that job and add a new employer.

If you have already made your work page and then are adding a new employer for your individual profile you just type in your new page name and you can link to it automatically without the cut and paste stage.

It’s quite easy, and definitely worth the effort.