Happy to be home, honoured to be their mother

After 12 hours on the road driving back from our summer holiday I am in heaven; first there was no bloodshed in the car among 4 very tired and bored veggies (3 kids and me), we have unpacked the car and all the luggage and I am at my own desk working at my own PC which i managed to leave behind for the trip and I am feeling really blessed about my kids and sharing all this with them.

As we turned left off the express way at Hornsby there was such relief to be in Sydney that if we hadn’t been travelling at 60 km per hour the kids would have been kissing the ground. When we were on the approach to North Sydney and saw the top of the Harbour Bridge and the shells of the Opera House peaking through the buildings of North Sydney there was open squealing from everyone.

The final sign of relief was as we passed Sydney University and joined the queue of traffic at the edge of Newtown… we were home (only the heavy traffic within Byron can compete with Newtown) and then Luke said….’no more McDonalds for dinner, we can have real food from Clems’. Clems is the local chicken shop in the middle of Newtown and nowhere on the planet can compete with Clems or being home for that matter.

I hope everyone has had some chance to relax and unwind for summer.

Maya Saric