Grow your sales results in 2012/13 with an innovation out to change the way we recruit sales staff

It’s mid-way through 2012, but never too late for big sales by the time Santa comes ’round. Or even by the time the fireworks go off for 2013!

If you or your organization are ready to grow your sales results lets talk!

Corporate Coach Australia, after a few years as a successful boutique provider of sales recruitment and sales enhancement technology to Real Estate and IT companies, has some huge plans for the next few months, and I’m inviting you to support our growth by using our world leading technology to enhance your own sales effectiveness and make this your biggest sales year ever.

If you read our testimonials you will see that the SIP technology has achieved some dramatic success since it’s launch in October 2008. Now we’re planning on changing the face of sales staff recruitment and training.

If you are interested in saving some money and growing your sales ability or the capacity of your team please send me an email to for a full price list or if you are reading this on Facebook press the Like button and I will contact you.

If you haven’t heard of Corporate Coach or SIP then here’s some background for you. My name is Maya Saric and in the mid 90’s I undertook extensive research into what attributes individuals need to possess to succeed at selling. I was frustrated as both a sales trainer and a sales manager because I was watching very intelligent and genuine people failing. From that research a sales IQ assessment was developed called SIP which stands for Sales Inventory Profile.

In 2008 the stand alone sales IQ assessment was incorporated into a cloud computing sales recruitment website at

After three full years of selling sales recruitment and having helped our clients hire over 250 people in direct sales and sales support roles I would like your help to grow SIP from a successful small business that supports a few hundred businesses in Australia and New Zealand to a force in recruitment that will change the way we recruit sales staff and bring an end to wasting money and shattering dreams.

Now I’m frustrated again at all that wasted human potential and all the businesses wasting thousands of dollars on hiring staff who will never be able to sell. Worse still are the millions of dollars in unearned revenue and the new staff who start with great hope and energy and dreams of a new career in selling only to end up shattered by the drain of doing a job that just isn’t them. I’m super frustrated now because there is a real alternative that allows businesses to hire the right person at a quarter of the cost of traditional résumé driven recruitment with minimum time to create the shortlist and is about TEN TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE. I had to put that in capitals as I really do feel like ‘shouting it from the roof tops’. There is a way for the individual to find out if they are suited to selling before taking the plunge and if you are; to understand your own sales strengths so you can really focus your training on making a real difference to your sales results.

To spread the word I need your help.

In May 2012 we are moving offices and hiring a full sales team to directly engage more businesses. I want to make the software even more functional so we can support multi-manager recruitment programs. This will allow us to target much larger companies who have several overlapping levels of management involved in recruitment.

How to Buy

Review the price list below (please excuse the formatting) and select the products you wish and note how much that totals.

You can either email me this amount and we will send you a tax invoice with bank transfer details
You can pay using the link to Paypal from our website

  • Got to
  •  Go to the products tab from the Home Page
  •  Press ‘Pay an Invoice’ on the top left of the page
  •  If you are not an existing client put your business name in ‘Username’
  •  For the Invoice number enter ‘February 2012 promotion’ and the amount you wish to pre-purchase.
  •  Press submit and you will be transferred to Paypal to pay by credit card
  •  You will receive a TAX receipt by email within 3 working days and instructions on how to book training or start a recruitment program.

Our 2012 investment in SIP

At the moment SIP is a ‘single manager’ system which works best for small businesses. We built the system so that only one person at a time can have access to the candidate information within their SIP account. In other words if the sales manager, for example, is logged in and the HR manager logs in too the sales manager is automatically logged off.

We then want to redesign the layout and give the website a facelift and provide some simpler client interfaces for both managers and candidates.

We also have plans to ‘white label’ SIP when the website is ready for multi-manager recruitment for large companies to use as their inhouse talent management database.

Finally over the past three years we have assessed nearly 20,000 individuals. Included in that figure are nearly 4,000 people currently employed in client and prospect companies. I would like to use this additional data to further define sales management and service profiles which are different to the sales or sales support roles we have defined so far. Using this raw data in a statistically valid way is a huge undertaking and will require specialist statistical support work. When I first researched sales staff I had access to the statistical expertise of the Psychology Department at Sydney University.

Sales Training Options we provide

Corporate Coach Australia also provides sales training which is totally different to the parrot fashion ‘say this’ style that has come to dominate sales training programs. I am not against scripting, in fact I love it, but only when the sales person understands what they are trying to achieve with the script so that they are able to vary their presentation from the scripts at the correct moment.

I am a qualified Psychologist and have been in selling since leaving University in 1985 and Coaching sales staff since 1993. I have used this combination of knowledge of the human thought processes and experience in commercial selling to develop a course that teaches how to interact with the decision process at a very profound but easy to achieve level. I teach how people make decisions and how to build trust in order for your prospects and clients to make decisions in our favour. You don’t build trust with clever one-liners but by communicating in a way that effectively answers all the clients’ insecurities.

This material has been available in workshop format and1-on-1 coaching and you will see these in the price list.

In 2011 I recorded a cross industry version of my ‘Emotions in Selling’ workshop with the intention of it being a home study system. Some of you received the prospecting portion of this training as a Christmas gift in December of 2011. The full recording will be available as download content with the direct transcript in February 2012. We have a deadline to produce a companion book with exercises by June 2012 to help you learn and implement the ideas in the recording.

This commitment to guide my clients through changing their techniques and achieve better sales results, rather than just giving them a few good ideas is the corner stone of my Corporate Coaching philosophy. Anyone who purchases the DVD pack during the February special will also receive two complimentary coaching sessions to the value of $400.00. I can conduct these by Skype or at our Newtown office in Sydney.

I encourage EVERYONE WORKING WITHIN A SALES ORGANISATION, even if you are not actually in selling to buy these DVD’s so that you can understand the psychology behind how people make decisions.

If you want to discuss your sales recruitment or training needs please contact me this week so we you can take advantage of our February special.

SIP sales recruitment, training and coaching programs pricing

Recruit Sales Staff with SIP. It works!

The number one question in recruiting sales staff is “Who can sell?”

SIP is the best sales staff pre-selection tool in the world and it answers this important question by means of a proven independent psychometric online assessment. The SIP Assessment can determine if a person has the necessary attributes to sell.  What is best of all it does this with no human intervention before your first direct contact with them.






Sales Training Programs by Maya Saric

Group Workshop

EMOTIONS IN SELLING:  Trust based selling to help clients make strong decisions Duration 2 hours $750 + GST


EMOTIONS IN SELLING; Introduction to trust based selling to help clients make strong decisions. $249 + GST includes transcript. Workbook due 1 June 2012

Group Workshop

EMOTIONS IN SELLING FOR  RE: Appraisals to Listing by overcoming the fear barrier 3 hours Duration $950 + GST

Group Workshop

EMOTIONS IN SELLING FOR  RE: Prospecting for Real Estate Duration 3 hours $950 + GST

Group Workshop

EMOTIONS IN SELLING FOR  RE: Full day combined program Duration One day ,$ 1800 + GST

Sales Excellence Coaching Programs by Maya Saric

Individual Coaching Program

NEW LISTING AGENT START UP Duration 9 hours over 3 months $2,500 + GST

FIRES OF HELL: Understanding your personal action triggers. Duration 8 hours over One Month $1,800 + GST
SALES EXCELLENCE: Creating sustainable action, Follow up to the Fires of Hell Program. Duration 9 hours $1600 + GST
What is included:

Sales Management Programs by Maya Saric

SIP SALES CAPACITY AUDIT Understanding Your Current Sales Team 2 hours $950 + GST

WORKSHOP: SALES PLANNING Duration One day $1,800 + GST

• Settlement due in full 7 days before program starts, including recruitment.
• * All facilities, refreshments and transport costs are additional and the client’s responsibility to organize.
• Pricing valid until 1/03/2012.

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