7 thoughts on “Difference between Business Development Manager (BDM) & Account Managers

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  2. Hello Maya,
    I read this article and found it very useful and shared it with a client. I then noticed that someone on LinkedIn posted an article that pretty much copies your article as his own, almost word for word: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/difference-between-business-development-managers-bdm-alan/
    I’ve posted a comment on his posting to the effect, but wanted you to be aware, since I’m sure you’d put a lot of thought into your work.

  3. Hi Maya,

    I really appreciate your article. I am a “Farmer” with many years of experience and very comfortable with my skillset but at various companies have been thrust into “Hunter” roles, I can hunt and win new business but have never been comfortable with the constant prospecting. What are your thoughts on smaller companies who employ a sole “Sales” person and mix the roles ? A few months ago I was employed as an Account Manager in a small division of a large global company but due to increased budget pressure my role is now 100% BDM and I hate it, I also work alongside a dedicated BDM. Existing Accounts are managed by a desk bound CSO and have been in decline. Previously turnover of Sales staff (AM’s & BDM’s) has been disgracefully high (17 within 3 years with a total Sales staff of 5).

    • Hi Paul

      I hear your frustration and that’s why I wrote the article. I am called into companies to help them hire and often see that their existing client and thus revenue base is shrinking because everyone is focused on new business and then the AM’s underperform and either leave or are fired. That results in exactly the sort of turnover you have observed. Then it all spirals further and further down. The few companies who take my advice to analyse their existing staff and restructure with everyone in their correct roles are amazed at the revenue and profit jump that follows. Then we use our software to hire that one new BDM to fill the role by the AM’s no longer in the wrong roles who have refocused on clients. I’d love to help your team if your management are interested.

  4. Hello Maya

    Excenllent and original article that recently someone verbatim plagiarized on LinkedIn

    But never forget that as Oscar Wilde said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness” cheers to you

    • Thanks Ray

      I few people have pointed out that my article was plagerised. I’m interested to know how you knew that? Had you read mine first?


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