4 Tips On How to Raise Venture Capital By Topher Morrison

Most business owners falsely assume that investment potential is based on having an innovative product or service. However, we have all seen the craziest business opportunities get funding on Shark Tank solely because of the leader in the business.


#1. Create massive external clarity.

Everyone who comes in contact with your business must get with absolute clarity what your business does and who they do it for.


#2 Massive external credibility. 

This simplest way to do this is to become published in a trade journal, newspaper, or a popular blog. Many entrepreneurs find the ultimate credibility is to become a published author.


#3 Corporate design.

If you’re looking for equity investors to inject your business with tonnes of working capital, then you must design your business to be attractive to investors from day 1. Operations manual so someone can step in and conduct the business to some extent without explanations from the owner. At least four distinctive products or product lines. Have four to twelve staff in addition to the owners, in this ratio 2:1:1 Sales: Marketing/Promotions: Technical Support/Delivery.


#4 Become visible in your community. 

If the investor approaches you, you’ll have a 90% chance of getting the exact deal you want. You must increase your visibility so that investors know where you are. Participate broadly in both the business and local community to increase your peer network. This generates the word of mouth reputation that can lead to effective introductions.


The new big business won’t be big at all. It will be the collaboration of several small businesses or people banning together to reach a level of influence that it will generate the big company’s profits.

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