It’s fun to play games together

We played a fabulous family game on one Saturday afternoon  recently. We’re a game playing family. Amongst our recent favourites is Uno (a classic) Tri-Domino’s (travels well) and Dragonology (world’s most complex game
for the under 100’s).

Saturday was a mum favourite; ‘Clean the Fridge’. Luckily Luke, Mr almost 11 who is good at cleaning, is capable of turning everything
into a competition!

Game on!

The rules:

Clear kitchen bench top and dining room table

Remove everything from refrigerator door to bench top

Remove contents of each shelf to different corner of the dining room  table

Remove shelves to sink for mum to wash

Dry shelves

Luke to return shelves to original position (Luke’s also good at fine details and loves the puzzle of making things fit). See photo….mum asks; can I help? Luke answers; NO I’m not giving up.

Total game time: 30 minutes! Wahoo!

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