Emotional Engagement during an Appraisal

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Matching emotional intensity need not involve any particular emotion or expression on your part; it is more about the depth of your connection and everything about saying out loud why you can do a great job for them and exactly how the process will work. Build trust by being clear about how you can reduce the risks and maximise the outcomes.

A possible script:

Work on the words to make them your own, but ensure all the comments are said explicitly and with conviction. Mix the conviction statements that follow with questions in the order you usually do it. Leave nothing implied. When you are delivering important profound statements, like these, slow your speech down just a little bit, maintain steady eye contact uncross your arms or legs and if you are seated sit up or lean forward very slightly.

“Hello, I’m Maya Saric, area specialist from Blue Bay Real Estate.”

“Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to provide a market appraisal for your property. I REALLY APPRECIATE the time to meet with you and take this time to understand your property intimately.”

“Let me just briefly introduce myself before we go through your home.” {Explain exactly who you are, even if they have talked to you a million times before, just change the words slightly}.

“I’ve been a real estate agent in the SUBURB NAME area since XXXX, that’s over XX years now. I have a HUGE PERSONAL INVESTMENT in this area as I love it and wouldn’t swap it for anywhere else”.

And / Or

“Please allow me to make this personal commitment to you. I will be working on your home sale, thinking about your home, telling everybody in my network about your home, I will be at every single Open Home, they will not be delegated to someone else, I will ring every single visitor to follow up, no one will work as hard as I do, I am the last one out of the office every night because I believe seriously hard work does in fact, work. This is my commitment to you.”

And / Or

“Some people imagine that selling real estate is easy. Open a well presented house on a Saturday and wait for a buyer to see its obvious value for themselves. Let me tell you it’s not easy and there is way more to it than that. It takes a long time to develop the skills to sell homes well. So many agents last only 2-5 years. They have some success but not enough to make it their long term profession. It’s a demanding process that I don’t take lightly. I’m CONFIDENT that I can do a better job FOR YOU then anyone else in this area.”

“I don’t say that lightly as there are some really good people around here, so let me just explain that in a bit of detail, if I may. We are about to walk through your home and part of the reason for that is for me to assess its market value. Give you my professional opinion. But a FAR MORE IMPORTANT reason is for me to understand your home, so I can be best prepared to sell it for its maximum value in the current market, if you decide to go ahead.”

“Each residential market is different. I don’t BELIEVE that having succeeded in one area, even another part of the Inner West, will automatically mean you can succeed here. Having worked here for 24 years I have the required skill to sell a property AND I KNOW THE BUYERS in all their complexity and the subtle shifts in this market like no-one else does.”

“Without being flippant, I can FEEL THE MARKET shifts on a weekly if not daily basis.”

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