Emotional Engagement during an Appraisal

sales lady
Some alternative words to try out:

‘Hi, I’m Maya Saric …

“Thanks for showing me around today. I appreciate your time and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to list your property for sale. I appreciate what a big decision choosing an agent is so may I first take a moment to explain my approach to selling real estate?”

“Over XX years the same basic truth dominates my thinking and that is this. I am honored, and there really is no other word I can use, I am honored when people trust me to sell their property. That’s because for so many people this is one of the biggest things they make in life. Selling the family home is a massive, emotional decision, and the person chosen to actually do this has an enormous duty of care. Despite the fact we have sold hundreds of homes in this area over the last XX years I never lose sight of that fundamental truth: a duty of care.”

In short my job is to care as much about this whole sale program and all its details as my clients do.”

Other examples of emotional connection statements:

QUESTION FROM VENDOR: “What sort of price can I sell it for?”

“We’ll give you a written appraisal taking into consideration recent comparable sales etc etc etc (i.e. explain your usual appraisal process).

“I believe it’s my duty of care to ensure two things here:
1. I don’t let real buyers walk away until there is not a shred of doubt left that they are well below our required price.
2. And secondly I make absolutely sure that we get all the buyer’s money on the table.

“I promise you that I will put all my skill and energy into selingl your home at the highest available price. Frankly an extra $20K on the price may not make much difference in the minds of some agents, but I understand that an extra $20K maybe of massive significance to my clients.”

“After 18 years of selling here this is what gives me the most pleasure, knowing I have got the best prices for my vendors!’

IN RESPONSE TO QUESTION: How is the market? Are properties selling fast?

“House sales at the moment are (give your professional knowledge of the market as it is now, in relation to houses like this one).

“I also feel it’s really important to acknowledge that when properties take longer than expected to sell vendors can be placed under huge stress, open homes, negative news in the media, the wondering “when is that buyer going to buy our house”, etc. I really empathize with how upsetting it can be. It’s important that you know that you can talk to me about these feelings at any time. After XX years I know what people go through selling their home. I want to ASSURE YOU I am here to talk to you about your home every day if that’s of service to you. PLEASE don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to talk to me.”

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