Emotional Engagement during an Appraisal

house for saleIN RESPONSE TO QUESTION: “What do you think the house is worth?”

“Anyone can work out a price range by going to the internet and doing some basic research. However, I have collected lots of details today. These details will affect the price. If you do an internet search on 4 bedroom houses with a pool (i.e. characteristics of this house) in this suburb you will see XX for sale. They will range in price by hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the differences in the detail. I’ve collected all the details for your home and I really

want to think about and research this properly. I don’t want to miss out a single detail that delivers you a better price.”


Before you leave the property pause, make eye contact one last time and say:

“Thank you again for this time today. I appreciate it and it’s been really helpful.
I REALLY WANT the opportunity to sell your home.
I’ll be in touch (whenever you said).
Thanks again”.

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