SIP – Recruiting Sales Staff

Sales Inventory Profile or SIP for short, is a sales IQ system that determines which individuals have the inherent capacity to sell. SIP was designed based on research of high performance sales staff to assist the individual assess their own potential for a career in sales as well as the employers needing to hire sales staff.

Steve: Hey there! Steve Brossman here from business Online TV and I am really looking forward to this chat. Today we have Maya Saric with us. How are you today?

Maya: Good. Thank you, Steve.

Steve: Now the reason I’m looking forward to this because we’re talking about a really exciting topic. Something that’s dear to my heart and absolutely makes the world go around and that’s sales.

Maya: Yes and the ability to find staff who can actually do it.

Steve: That is so important. Now, a little bit about your background because you’ve actually come up with a fantastic product which we’ll get into in a minute. But you’ve had a little bit of a journey to get there. Can you tell me about that?