Welcome to recruitment for sales staff Sales Inventory Profile or SIP style. Following are some of the jobs we have run for our clients across Australia and New Zealand.

You will notice our adverts are totally different to the average job vacancy. At SIP recruitment we have a fundamentally better way to recruit sales staff and the first step is to attract better candidates by having better adverts. All of these adverts have been professionally written for our clients.

What’s different about a SIP advert?

  1. We write emotionally engaing adverts that paint a fuller picture of why the candidate will want to work here.
  2. We present a career opportunity to attract candidates who are planning a career not just after yet another job.
  3. Our client’s corporate identity is fully visible so the candidate knows who they are applying to and no-one is wasting time. Candidates are not applying to fictitious roles. Companies are receiving applications from candidates interested specifically in their role.

How to order a SIP advert for your sales role?

SIP has recruited literarily hundreds of staff since our launch in 2008. To find out how we can help your business send us an email at

How to apply for a SIP job

If you are interested in a new role in sales you are welcome to apply too these jobs. For each role, the instructions on how to do that are included at the end of each advert. Your application and details will only appear to that one company and not be visible to any other client.

What if you wish to apply for another SIP job?

When you first apply you will register at the SIP website and create a username and password for yourself. Please save this, so you can come back to apply for other jobs later. You will see that each job has a unique job code called a PRK.

If you wish to apply to a new job with be a different PRK, there is no need to register again, just log in at the top right hand side of the SIP website with your own username and password and enter the new PRK on the ‘My Account’ page which will appear once you are successfully logged in.