Sales training for everyone who touches the customers

Everyone who works for a sales and service organization will eventually have some contact with clients or prospects. So everyone needs the confidence to present your business professionally in a way that will assist the sales process of the official sales team.

I have created a schedule of dates and people for training an entire real estate office and I will be off to Darwin soon to work with one of the fabulous First National offices. I have divided the training over the 4 days so no one is in more than 3 hours of training in a single day.

I also suggest we invite to the residential training sessions anyone who wishes to consider a career move to selling. After the sales audit is complete we may choose a few to invite as well.

As an example of some of this content and an introduction to my sales style you are welcome to download the first component of the sales DVD series from my blog site. The DVD’s are about selling in general and are not specific to the real estate industry. All in house training such as we are planning for you is fully tailored to your industry with industry specific example, techniques and tools.

I believe as sales staff we are not selling something ‘to’ people, rather that we are assisting people as they make a decision. In real estate we are helping them with an incredibly important decision so the process is even more difficult to do well. If as sales people we understand how people make decisions we are able to help them in a way that will make the most sense to each person we met rather than just repeatedly give out information about our offering leaving them to make sense of it themselves. Most sales training is only focused on how we word our information. Some courses even go so far as the teach ‘magic’ words or phrases that they claim will improve your sales performance. As an example you may have heard trainers advice we refer to the price as the ‘investment’.

I have a degree in Psychology and been providing sales training since 1994 and have merged both my practical selling knowledge with my knowledge of how  the human brain functions and how we make decisions. We talk in great detail about the role of emotions, especially fear, in the decision process and how to build trust before a decision is possible.

The first session, which I suggest everyone attends focuses on how the brain works and what our role in that is when we are selling. The other sessions use that decision model in situation specific context in residential real estate selling, property management and commercial sales.

To create a training schedule tailored to your business anywhere in the English speaking world please email me at

Places I have trained include across every state of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada and the US.

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