Sales Myths Episode 1: Willing to sell is able to sell

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So, the first of the myths that I would like to address is that willing to sell is able to sell. Anybody who is willing to sell must be able to sell because selling is easy.

Selling is easy to the very small percentage who can do it. And they make it look easy. So, when you meet them, you think, “wow. What a nice person they were. That was easy.” They hardly made an effort. But you’ve met lots of people who are willing to sell you stuff and you felt like they’re shoving it down my throat. That’s because selling isn’t easy for those people and it isn’t effective. So, the fact that they’re willing to sell you something and the best example of that is the focus these days on international call centers.

The poor people in other countries who work for less money and for whom a sales job is a fabulous career opportunity so there’s lot of those that are willing but you know from your experiences when you get them on the phone, that isn’t selling and that’s not working and it’s not effectively creating revenue for the Australian businesses that are using it.

So, imagine if you could find sales-able people to run your sales departments. You would need fewer of them. Sales-able people are 10% or 15% of the population at best. 5 % if you need them to proactively call out but if you’re got a lead generation system and they’re coming in like a retail process, they’re responding and they’re popping into the office or showroom, then you need a smaller percentage of them that will be capable.

Sales Inventory Profile is able to identify the 5% who can cold call and the other additional 10% who can close in a single conversation, and that’s what you want if you’re in retail. That’s what you want if you’re running a call center. You want people who can conduct a single conversation and so make a sale.

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