What about us? Growing your talent from within

staff trainingAn interesting statistic that shows recruiting good staff is getting harder “Spending per employee on recruiting went up 6% this year…which is more than 3X the money spent on the training of internal candidates.”

So why don’t companies spend more money training existing loyal and product savvy staff to take on these new roles?

Not because they don’t have enough talent already, but because there is no established or efficient way of managing internal mobility options. Managers do not have effective ways of identifying existing skills and desire to move outside of the staff in their own departments.

We certainly don’t want all our staff ready with updated resumes anticipating or actively searching for new positions within or our business and certainly not outside. We don’t want to give our staff an urge to move. Yet many larger companies are losing their existing talent through boredom being in the same role too long or not seeing a clear career path to give them a long term perspective inside the business. But imagine if as part of staff’s initial employment process or later during a career planning program we are able to create a register of our existing talent.

For sales based organizations SIP can provide a company wide ‘Sales and Service Capacity Audit’ of existing staff providing a register of staff interested in considering other roles with clear indications of their sales capacity as well as their current product and industry knowledge. Combined with using SIP in its recruitment format this would allow managers literately at the press of a button to list amongst the current staff those with potential sales ability and existing product knowledge.

To find out how to maximize your company’s existing talent pool contact Maya Saric

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