Refusal vs Rejection in Selling

When a prospect says no, whether to giving you the time for a conversation or to the purchase, they are refusing to take up your offer. They are not rejecting you.

This is a really important distinction to being a successful salesperson. They decided that the amount of time and money they need to give up is not worth the value they will get from your product or service.

So instead of questioning your value as a person, you need to first ask what is it about my product/service that does not give them enough value to want it? Secondly, ask why the client does not value your product enough to exchange their time to discuss it? The answer to why they don’t value it enough may be their understanding and that is something you can play a role in. But if they understand your offer correctly and still don’t want it, then it is the offer they are refusing rather than rejecting you.

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