What about us? Growing your talent from within

staff trainingAn interesting statistic that shows recruiting good staff is getting harder “Spending per employee on recruiting went up 6% this year…which is more than 3X the money spent on the training of internal candidates.”

So why don’t companies spend more money training existing loyal and product savvy staff to take on these new roles?

Not because they don’t have enough talent already, but because there is no established or efficient way of managing internal mobility options. Managers do not have effective ways of identifying existing skills and desire to move outside of the staff in their own departments.

We certainly don’t want all our staff ready with updated resumes anticipating or actively searching for new positions within or our business and certainly not outside. We don’t want to give our staff an urge to move. Yet many larger companies are losing their existing talent through boredom being in the same role too long or not seeing a clear career path to give them a long term perspective inside the business. But imagine if as part of staff’s initial employment process or later during a career planning program we are able to create a register of our existing talent.

For sales based organizations SIP can provide a company wide ‘Sales and Service Capacity Audit’ of existing staff providing a register of staff interested in considering other roles with clear indications of their sales capacity as well as their current product and industry knowledge. Combined with using SIP in its recruitment format this would allow managers literately at the press of a button to list amongst the current staff those with potential sales ability and existing product knowledge.

To find out how to maximize your company’s existing talent pool contact Maya Saric

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Conquer your fear of prospecting, a Christmas present

Hi Everyone

To all my fabulous clients and friends who have journeyed with me since SIP was relaunched in 2008

Another year of selling comes to a close and before our focus turns to some well earned rest and time with families

I’d like to offer you a Christmas gift to make a difference to your sales results in 2012.

How to conquer your fear of prospecting.  See the link is at end of this post.

This video is just a taste of what is happening when we recoil from prospecting and how to train ourselves to conquer that. As business people we are all selling ourselves and prospecting is the single biggest issue limiting our sales results, followed closely by closing. If you, or one of your staff would really like to conquer this or any other fears you have associated with selling once and for all I run personalised Coaching programs which cost $4,500 +GST and costs in the privacy of serviced offices so you don’t have to expose any of your vulnerable bits to family or staff.

Let’s book you now for January or Feb before the New Year gets away from you.

I can also run small team 1 day version to conquer the common fears that a sales team experiences for the same rate plus facility costs.

Have a fabulous Christmas and a very prosperous New Year

If you’d rather download the video Right click on the link below and choose “Save link as…” (or similar) to save the video file to your computer.
Download – Emotions in Selling : Part 5 by Maya Saric here

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Emotions in Selling – Part 1

I have produced a range of training videos entitled “Emotions in Selling”.

You will soon be able to purchase these videos through my online shop, however to get you started on the way to understanding excellence in selling I am giving the first one away free! That’s it, for nothing, gratis, on the house as it were.

So without further ado, here it is.

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If you’d rather download the video Right click on the link below and choose “Save link as…” (or similar) to save the video file to you computer.
Download – Emotions in Selling : Part 1 by Maya Saric here

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” – Tuli Kupferberg

Love this quote! It’s the most elegant way of saying if you
change yourself the world changes with you. Unfortunately change is the hardest of all things and rarely occurs elegantly. Indeed most of us have it hoisted upon us  through some catastrophe.

To proactively create changes takes great clarity about the workings of
your internal belief system as well as acting in new and unfamiliar ways. It’s
rare that any of us have the energy or courage to walk a new path alone.

If there is anything you want to change in your working life, let’s
talk. I’m a qualified psychologist with over 30 years experience in Sales and
Business Management who has been coaching people to create new realities for
themselves in business since 1993.

Email me for a personalized coaching plan maya@salesinventoryprofile.com or call now on 0407 005 290

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Why a Receptionist for a Sales Organisation Needs to be a Gun Sales Person

superhero receptionistWe have tested over 400 receptionists through all the businesses we have worked with and the profiles of the ones the business owners tell us are very good, are identical to the sales people.

Yes, equal to the BETTER sales people, especially in specialist sales organisations like Real Estate offices. You’re surprised that this role is so important to your business achieving new sales? I’m not.

One of the characteristics with new business or ‘hunter’ style sales people is they are not focused on details as they are often working too quickly. The upside of that is they are willing to handle a million balls at once, which is the first reason you need a hunter at reception. That is, they don’t handle a lot of detail as a normal part of their work, but in a busy office they need to be good with volume and not get flustered.

The second reason is the reception deals with the most important people, your public, often in times of crisis and confusion and if they cannot calm, or stall, an unhappy caller before they are dealt with more fully, the caller will turn their distress at your business and most often never call back. You get one chance at the really important issues to make a difference and the front desk is the first person the public will deal with so they can make a huge difference in supporting your prospects and  clients before they are heard by the ultimate representative.

The third reason is that reception is the best way to give someone too young to sell or unable to work full-time a chance to learn the whole business while you wait for them to be ready to sell. Given how hard it is to find quality sales staff at any level why waste this role on someone who does not aspire to a career path inside your business.

If you are interested in a simpler more accurate way of finding sales staff who can sell, whether for reception, a listing agent or a BDM for new managements contact me at maya@salesinventoryprofile.com or call now on 0407 005 290

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