Used car sales professional @ Pickering’s Townsville


  • Start or rocket your sales career with great personalised training & support
  • Join a team of friendly, energetic professionals all focused on joint success
  • Aust 4th largest private auto company = many career options & more resources

Real career opportunity! Not just another sales job. Huge product range & multiple sites to build a successful sales specialist or management career.

Stop Spinning! Give your career some traction control!

We are growing and looking to increase our Used Car team in at Auto Group Used Cars at 29-33 Bowen Rd, Townsville. This is a great opportunity to move your career into an industry that has an international footprint with a local company that is big enough to give you loads of career options to grow your skills and your bank account.

Where are you now?

  • Stuck in the retail rut? You might be doing some great sales but why stretch if it only means being promoted to a store manager – MUCH more responsibility but unfortunately only a little more money and often even less support from above.
  • Bored, needing more intellectual challenge? Are you starting to wish you had done engineering instead of that Arts degree? Or a trade? Something with some technical substance that people take seriously.
  • You are over selling white goods or hum-drum consumer products and seeing your good efforts smashed by desperation sales,

If any of these is you and you’re still loving the consumer interaction, then read on to find out how joining Pickering’s starting with Economy Used Cars could be the most important career move you will ever make.


Why join the automotive industry?

A product set with a genuinely international footprint. Want to go on a working holiday anywhere in the English-speaking world without interrupting your cash flow? Selling any high-value product is a skill that can take your career anywhere around the world. But the international automotive industry takes it one step further with re-badged products that you can you sell equally successfully without any local knowledge.

One of those rare industries that give you incredible earnings potential directly proportional to your skill and effort.


Why used cars?

More variety with every conversation. With literally hundreds of different cars, types, brands, makes etc, in stock over the year you never know who will come in, what they will need and which cars you will be discussing. That makes the working day way more varied and challenging.

Develops better selling skills. You’re not just a walking brochure repeating the same product pitch day in day out. Engaging the customer in a detailed conversation about their driving needs, budget and personal preferences so that you can accurately identify a variety of cars that will work for them. Then present the cars in a way that gives people the confidence to make a choice they will be happy with for years to come.

Developing your skills faster also means extending your bank account quickly and giving you more career options for many years. Better selling skills, results in faster progression to team leader, to sales manager and beyond. With this sort of skills focus it is not surprising that most Dealer Principals started in used cars.


Pickering’s Auto Group gives you the greatest career and product runway in Northern Queensland. Representing eight New Vehicle manufacturers plus two Used Car operations. With representation throughout regional Queensland and the Northern Territory, it is no accident that the Pickering’s Group is ranked in the top 20 private companies in Queensland, in the top 500 private companies and top 4 private automotive groups in Australia.

Apart from the obvious efficiencies in purchasing power, this gives us, perhaps the greatest asset is our ability to nurture talented staff. Starting with extensive sales and product training and then ongoing mentoring from both Sales Managers in each yard as well as a General Sales Manager all with extensive experience in multiple brands.

Pickering’s Auto Group is that rare thing in the 21st Century automotive trade: a private company. Being a dominant member of the Townsville motor industry since the 1990’s means having the comfort, security and confidence of a top of the range SUV while, being a private company, we can turn on a dime like a City-micro spotting the fast track through the traffic. So we have the resources to seize emerging opportunities to ensure our corporate growth yet focused enough within to ensure the good work of all team members is recognised.



High quality personalised and market-specific training

We have a structured training plan and schedule as we are genuinely focused on the professional development of all staff. There are no tired old sales tricks in our approach. We have a strong ‘Customer First’ culture that focuses on delivering to the customers’ needs first and foremost. We have always dealt with our clients with respect and integrity and they have rewarded us with their return business.

When you join us we have a staged process to progressively introduce you to the required products as well as all of our internal sales and administration tools.

Complete Service 

We have three service centres able to support any brand, parts and finance. This means that you never have to risk a customer walking away because of finance or their trade in. Our excellent service centre means that we offer a genuine comprehensive after-sales service that has built strong customer relationships with many repeat purchases.

Corporate structure family feeling

Economy Used Cars is a happy, mixed and diverse sales force of 5 people on this site who are highly successful individually and as a group. The team is led by a sales manager with over 20 years’ experience who can help you out of any predicament during the early days. There is real cooperation in this team to ensure that all members are as successful as possible.

Is there a better way to build a sales career than this? We don’t think so! 


  • Selling experience in any industry but preferably retail
  • a clean driver’s license


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. Press ‘Apply for this Job’ below to start.

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. AFTER questionnaire please click on the Upload Résumé button to give us your résumé and cover letter in .pdf format so the client can view them on any device.

Thank you for applying. 

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