Trainee Associate Property Manager @ PRD Oatley

  • Join a stable, well-organised biz where you can have a career to be proud of
  • Be part of a great team in a beautiful office in the heart of Oatley village
  • Start or extend your PM career with extensive training & corporate resources.

Your dream job If you like order & systems, have some admin experience, are ready for a serious career and want loads of training & support.


Join Oatley’s leading real estate team as a trainee Associate Property Manager

If you are serious about your career and are looking for a role that will give you variety, is administrative but with plenty of contact with the public, this could be your dream job.

It’s been a unique 18 months for us all and Sydney real estate has been stable and growing, living up to its moniker; safe as houses. Australian real estate has been an incredible technology-rich industry for over a decade and the lockdowns have seen us take a huge technology leap literarily overnight in May 2020.

We are growing the Property Management team and are looking for serious local professionals from the St George area to bring their organisational prowess to the real estate industry.

We also welcome applications from experienced PM’s wanting to join an office closer to home or administrative staff wanting to step up to Property Management.

This is a five-day role, working a full day Saturday and a day off during the week.

Where Are You Now?

  • Already in real estate but in a small office or a long way from home?
  • Tired of the uncertainty of retail or hospitality but still enjoying the customer contact?
  • Looking for a long-term career that is mentally challenging, uses your creativity and is at the forefront of business technology?
  • Wanting to feel like you are contributing to your community, like your efforts to help will be remembered for more than a few minutes?


Stability and Innovation

You know us. PRD is Oatley’s longest-running and most reputable office. We have been on the clock tower corner since the early ’80s with only one ownership change when the retiring owner sold to his longest-serving employee, James Walters with his wife Lisa. You could not have continued to grow and prosper that long without a commitment to service, which in our industry, also means innovation.

Real Estate is at the forefront of technology usage and innovation. We continue to evolve and perfect our systems to meet consumers expectations as well as to reduce systems complexity for staff. It’s a fine balance of improvement and stability to ensure we provide exceptional service in a sustainable and rewarding workplace.

Supportive friendly Team.

Our Property Management business is headed by Lisa Walters who this role reports. We have created a genuine team structure by supporting every new member as if they are family. Providing training, resources and the time to allow each one to develop at their own speed and to their fullest potential. Like other families, we can jostle internally but we always pull together when it counts.

As well as the entire office working as a team we also manage our properties in partnerships of three Senior Property Managers supported currently by two Associate Property Managers. This means initially there will be someone by your side every day to help and guide you. Longer-term it gives us more flexibility to attend training or take holidays and continue to provide the best service without work piling up in your absence.

Full training

We will support you in all aspects of your development as a real estate professional including immediately studying for a Real Estate Certificate of Registration if you have not already completed this.

The Registration course is the minimum requirement for working in real estate we can also support you through a TAFE apprenticeship program to attain a full real estate license.

Your daily training will come from partnering with one of our Senior Property Manager who will introduce you to every aspect of your job. You will also work alongside the other Associates until you feel confident to take full responsibility.

To learn our systems and software we have access to specialist online training material as well as regularly bringing in trainers or sending you to Sydney based courses.

Work locally within your community.

Swap the nightmare daily commute for a view of Oatley’s beautiful Clock Tower reserve and participate actively in your community helping landlords manage their investments and tenants find their next home.

Real Estate skills are global.

Property Management is an Account Management style of selling, a valued skill in many industries. Success comes from being comfortable working with well-defined processes and systems in a timely and planned manner while still having plenty of client contact and the satisfaction of helping people.

Unlike the sales agents, there are no prospecting or sales targets just a focus on providing quality service.

PRD Network

Only Australian real estate franchise owned and supported by one of the world’s largest commercial publicly owned real estate companies; Colliers International. It supports PRD through capital investment, business networks, career opportunities, intellectual resources and knowledge systems. Extensive global experience and shared corporate resources allow us to be continuously evolving our information technology and time to innovate our systems and processes leaving you free to focus on your clients.


  • We need to know you are inherently suited to working within a sales organisation. How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? Our use of technology leadership includes an online sales assessment. Not only will it answer this fundamental question for us, but it means if we offer you a position you can confidently plan a long-term career with us.
  • Clean current driver’s license P or Full.

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