Trainee BDM Corporate Engagement @ Leads Express

  • Start as a trainee in our professional, hugely successful B2B sales team

  • Full training provided, great team environment, flexible schedule biz hours only
  • Variety and challenge representing the world’s most prestigious brands

Ready to fly? You’ve had a taste of selling to consumers or have a boring corporate job this is your opportunity to learn B2B selling to executives.

Melbourne, VIC 3000, from $30 per hour for trainee plus super to $50 for an experienced appointment setter.

Lead Express is part of a digital marketing group of companies. We are growing our Executive Engagement team and are looking to train two new members in the art of executive engagement. For full application details see the last section.

This is not a cold calling telemarketing role for products or companies no-one has ever heard of or interrupting people in their homes.

We deal only with senior executives during office hours on behalf of internationally recognised brands to start commercial conversations.

No guesswork it’s all warm calling.

We have been doing this successfully for 10+ years and know how to craft successful digital marketing campaigns that pave the way for direct phone contact. Your call does not come out of the blue and we train you to start business conversations that further the sales process for our clients.

Become the brand

We prepare our staff for each campaign with a level of product knowledge to effectively represent the client’s brand and give you time to adapt the message to your own speaking style.  When you are calling executive level contacts you need to be doing more than reading a script. You need to understand the business issues our client’s products address so you start effective conversations.

We have long term contracts with most of our clients so you will become as comfortable representing IBM, to name just one, as if you worked directly with them.

Why would you join our team?

This is a chance to work as a professional sales person within the corporate market.

It’s a high client engagement low-stress part of the corporate sales cycle. Every day is different for us with continuous client contact, that provides a sense of achievement every day without the long hour or being stuck in one product type.

Each month brings you new customers to learn what business solutions their products offer and how to position them.  But to succeed with us you don’t need to become a technical expert, be buried under tender response documentation or deal with the frustration of the glacial process of account planning.

How can we say this is the low-stress part of corporate selling? 

Our application processes include the world’s leading sales selection software that ensures we will not offer you a role, or even an interview if you are not suited to this style of work.

For people who are suited to new business phone sales, we know how to train you properly to communicate with decision makers naturally.   We strengthen that skill with on-going coaching so when you call an executive at Westpac you have the confidence to be talking to a peer.

Finally, at the end of each shift, you leave the work at work. There is nothing to agonise about or prepare for the next day.

Flexible hours and working space

We are based in Scoresby Melbourne and this is where your initial training occurs and where half of our team works. The other half work wherever their laptop and internet connection takes them.

We have staff who work from a combination of venues, their home, our office and in the community some by choice others by necessity. Once the training is completed the choice is entirely yours.

We have a team member who needed to continue working while on an overseas holiday and found it so simply that she rolled one holiday into the next remaining overseas for over a year without losing a single weeks pay.

Is there a better way to build a sales career than this? We don’t think so!


Ready to apply?

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment.

To start, press the Apply button below,

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Next, please click on the Upload Résumé button to give us your Résumé and Cover Letter, even if you had already sent them through SEEK.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch.

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