ThinkSocial is a “now” social media company who Make a Scene and Make it Happen


Sell a product that is creating tomorrow’s Business Environment Today!   

  • We make it happen for clients with a proven social media business model
  • Produce remarkable results for client’s with wholesome ethical products
  • Join a fun and dynamic team in Pyrmont who are conquering Social Media

Join our fun, happening crew in the Sydney CBD and be creative and successful!

Perhaps you need greater opportunities then your current role offers or maybe you have media marketing experience but are frustrated by the out of date structure you are working in. This is a chance to join the fastest growing area in media marketing and sales and build a successful career.

If you have a passion for social media, genuinely enjoy meeting people and have the confidence to exceed their expectations then consider this offer. Join our fun, happy and awesomely talented team in the groovy, Pyrmont edge of the Sydney CBD and never work again – you’ll be having too much fun!

The Risk

If you are already in the media space industry or even if you are in another sales area you will be aware that social media is the new “happening” place and no doubt you’ve seen the best known success stories strutting their stuff around town, or at least tweeting about it – cool.  Entering this arena you are competing with the large established social media companies; not all of whom play nice with their creative people, account managers and sales people.

Too often sales people, whether beginners or experienced representatives are shown a desk, computer and phone and left to push an out of date product – and push it hard! The results are usually miserable.

The Reward

ThinkSocial is a values driven organisation; we want Fun, Growth and Freedom for our clients and the best way of delivering that is ensuring that our staff achieve these values too. We put people first: our people, our clients and our many online followers. Happiness isn’t an accident in our business; we believe that if people aren’t happy they can’t produce their best work, and we are only interested in offering the best to our clients.

Of course that also means that we only take on work which makes us happy and of which we can be proud – ThinkSocial will only market ethical and wholesome products

As a sales representative with ThinkSocial, you are part of a tight, well organised team. We have the philosophy of working together so that that we can fulfil the promises you make to your clients.

Our approach to multi media is entirely different. Read on and find out how we can ensure your success from the very first day you join our team!


A Proven Social Media Product

This is a system we have developed and tested for our own products.  We are not using marketing theory; rather we are offering our clients a provable system that has generated business for many products including our own.  So ThinkSocial is a member company of a larger group that is in the direct sales business which means that all of our methodology is fully tested.  So you can confidently sell a product that is fully tested internally so that it works in a field where everyone is still guessing.

Cutting Edge Products at the Cutting Edge of Marketing

We weren’t kidding about “Make a Scene” – it’s the name of our premium product. It connects our clients to their clients by drawing the strengths of the leading five social media channels together into one integrated system which adapts and responds as connections and communications build. Our clients love it, their clients love it, our support teams love it; winners are grinners!

You will be working with small and medium enterprises led by entrepreneurs and directors or with senior managers of progressive, innovative businesses.  You can demonstrate tangible results to them of the influence successful social media can have to their bottom line.

This marketplace is still evolving so the opportunity to become a world leader is still open.  We have developed systems which we know produce bottom line results so this is not about the generalised benefits of branding; it’s more about giving your clients Real Outcomes.

No Limits

This is a business without limits; at least the only limit is your imagination. We have a platform, products and people capable of servicing clients anywhere in the world. We take on any challenge, so long as it’s fun and makes us happy!


We have a funky modern office in what we think is one of the cooler parts of Sydney. It’s a relatively quiet nook near the heart of the CBD. All around are other cutting edge businesses and lots of interesting people doing lots of exciting stuff. Just buying a coffee around here can lead to a great conversation, a terrific connection, new ideas and lots of positive energy.

ThinkSocial is a young, high energy team. It’s not a workplace – it’s a scene! We have a regular Friday BBQ get together on our roof at Pyrmont as part of our personal commitment to fun as a team.


We have a sophisticated and rigorous selection procedure starting with our own on-line selling capacity assessment called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’.

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

Please APPLY below!

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire.

Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Resume button to upload both your résumé and your Cover-letter. Can we suggest in your Cover-letter you tell us your plans and aspirations for your future and a little bit about what draws you to real estate and our role.

We will be in touch.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!


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