From sales trainee to sales star with premier Newtown office – Urbane

  • Join a sophisticated brand, beautiful office, leading in technology innovation
  • Learn from 1 of Newtown’s best agents with loads of training & a REAL SALARY
  • Thrive in an agency run by a biz professional in Aust’s most robust RE market

Not just another sales job. We offer you a clear plan to start or skyrocket, a serious sales career and succeed in Sydney’s premier Inner-City market,

Our team are all long-term participants in Sydney’s Inner-city area and we are looking for more ‘Newtownites’ to deliver our unique level of service. Whether you are looking for a career change or a career start, and you are Newtownite (if you are, you know what this means) who wants to help local families with their biggest financial decisions, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

The challenge

You’ve probably heard that the highest paid sales staff are working within Real Estate, so no wonder the role attracts the very best people. However, listing Real Estate is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting sales roles in Real Estate is less than 10% within 2 years.

But not at Urbane.

If your wanting a successful career in Real Estate sales let us explain in detail why joining the sales team at Urbane will be the best career move you will ever make.


Like Newtown, the team at Urbane are full of character and depth with a long impressive history, complex, sophisticated, a little quirky and always evolving.

George Nikos – a business owner committed to innovation and the inner-city market

There isn’t anything in Real Estate that George has not done yet. From the earliest days, he has been pushing himself and the possibilities for homeowners. From his first job in real estate straight from high school to opening the Ray White office in Marrickville in his mid-twenties to writing the world’s first web-based CRM (now being used internationally by Century 21) to buying a C21 office in Newtown in 2003 to rebranding to Urbane in 2008 to now being the only agency to use on-line bidding at auctions, George is always looking to increase engagement with his market to achieve better outcomes for homeowners.

Charles Bailey – Newtown’s leading agent and your sales mentor

Charles has lived, raised children and worked in Newtown for most of his adult life. He is, by every definition, a Newtownite; an active member of the community volunteering with local schools, sponsoring local events and hosting charity trivia nights.

After successfully running a tavern within a local Newtown pub Charles started his real estate sales career in 1997 working for two franchise groups on King St before joining Urbane in 2013. He moved to Urbane specifically to benefit from the unique Urbane branding and George’s passion for technology innovation.

Between George and Charles, there isn’t a square centimetre of the Inner-City we haven’t had extensive experience with and numerous examples to offer homeowners to demonstrate the effectiveness of our service.

Uniquely local branding

While there is a cost of rebranding, being a boutique brand offers great freedoms. Frustrated by the confinement of a staid old marketing format of big franchises and sick of being mixed in with other less successful offices the decision was made to create a uniquely local brand.

As an independent agency, we also have no boundary limitations. As our homeowners move we can continue to serve them. Our reputation generates word of mouth business across Sydney which means you can follow any lead. You can work with all of your existing contacts like Charles did with his original tavern patrons.

Technology innovation

George continues to focus on digital innovation to reach a bigger audience of buyer’s intent on providing our vendors with better outcomes. Our website continues to evolve in look and feel and some unique features;

  1. Interactive floor plans
  2. Interactive styling of kitchens
  3. Live remote bidding at auction with smartphone apps. – we are the only agency in Australia currently offering this.

Gone are the days of letterbox dropping bits of paper to the immediate neighbours and expecting results. We focus on advertising our homes for sale in a way that increases emotional engagement with the property resulting in quicker sales at better prices. A UTS study of all sales within an 18-month period, analysing what adds the most value, showed that Charles Bailey achieved the highest prices, by house type, of all inner-city agents.

Our buyers are staying on property views 10 times longer by imagining their furniture in the spaces, recreate rooms to their preference and styling the kitchen.

We are licensed to CSIRO to provide a Liveability Review of the 17 factors that impact the comfort and efficiency of a home. This is a great way to give value to all local homeowners in a practical way and strengthen relationships long before they are ready to sell.


We never underestimate the complexity and sophistication of helping our vendors and buyers make the biggest commercial decisions of their life. The enormity of our sales needs extensive and finely tuned sales skills quite different from other sales jobs. We don’t expect, you to have these and we don’t leave you to work it out for yourself as many other businesses will.

The first part of this is the careful selection of staff to join our team using a sales specific selection process called Sales Inventory Profile (SIP). We offer only the appropriate people a role with us defined firstly by your inherent potential to sell, which we can see even if you have never worked in sales before. We are not looking for people to ‘have a go’ we will only offer you a job if we are confident you can succeed and then we will work with you to ensure you do.

When you start we will organise a formal sales training program designed specifically for people new to real estate sales. Over 4 half-day sessions,  teaching you a framework for selling, prospecting, reviewing properties, closing a listing and conducting an open home.

You will be working in a team headed by our most senior agent Charles Bailey. Charles will guide you in a systematic way through all the parts of our business and residential listing and selling process at a speed that suits your current experience and learning style.

Our support continues well past the trainee phase with participation in industry events, regular sales meetings attended by a professional Real Estate sales Coach providing ongoing training to help us stay current with new tools in the market as well as the time to share our sales experience to keep us all current.


Sydney’s Inner-City market and to be exact the; Broadway, Darlington, Erskineville, Newtown, Enmore, Stanmore, Camperdown circle is Australia’s most robust and steadily growing market.

Our market includes two of Australia’s most prestigious universities, Australia’s largest teaching hospital, we are only two stops by train or 15 minutes on a bus from the CBD and our beautiful harbour. Then for the convenience of daily living, we have two full-size shopping centres and a patchwork of parks, pools and outdoor areas. Then, of course, the café’s restaurants and pubs.

While all suburbs have their time in the sun ours has a sustainable demand that is seldom affected by the pressures of the wider market, interest changes fluctuations let alone global crisis’. This market strength gives our vendors the confidence to act when they need to and giving you a reliable market to build a long-term career in.


We understand it takes time to develop your skills and build a real estate selling career. That’s why we offer a real salary with an activity-based bonus system, so you are rewarded for your effort while you learn. We don’t want you starving to death before you have a chance to reach your selling potential.

We want you to learn your craft and develop your local knowledge so that by the end of your trainee program you too will be a recognised local authority. When you are ready to be a full sales partner in the team you will change to a progressive commission system that reflects your growing success.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at Urbane and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us!

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