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Is there a better career opportunity than this! Not just another sales job, a way to build a successful career and your own business unit in Sydney Real Estate.


Who is the biggest residential Real Estate agency in North Sydney?

We are!

All the big brand names have commercial offices in North Sydney but none have a local presence in residential. Yet North Sydney is well over half residential as a suburb and the trend to merged commercial/residential structures is escalating, with new developments being started as we speak and more in the approval process. Plus, there are the small suburbs on the Lower North Shore area west of the expressway that has relied on ‘foreign’ agents from Mosman or Chatswood.

However as the other centres heats up these foreigners are becoming absorbed with their own markets so we have the real Lower North Shore areas all to ourselves.

So we are the “real” locals in the North Sydney market and as a young office with clear management processes we are working as a team to systematically take control of this space.

If you can you see yourself in this picture with North Sydney and the Lower North Shore market all to yourself then READ ON!


We are new to this market, opening our doors as Residential Real Estate Agents in 2009.However we are also ‘old’ as our CEO, Terrance Tallentire, has run property based businesses since the mid 80’s with a rent roll that dates back to 1987. This means we deal with lots of property friends in the great North Sydney area every day.

Terrance spent many years managing a large property services company peaking with a staff of 300 plus before spending a few years enjoying the spoils of his labour and contemplating the next phase of his business life. The decision to move more fully into Real Estate and open an residential office was an obvious extension of his business contacts and prior experience but where to open?

Not having been a residential agent in the past he was free to consider the entire Sydney market purely from a business perspective and then choose the area with the best long term growth potential with the lowest risk. Which is why he chose North Sydney!

Read on to find out why and how you can benefit from that decision!


Opposite the lights to Berry Street and next door to the RTA we are in a prime position for local identification; that is for the locals to see the brand that will soon dominate the sign boards of the residential North Sydney areas.

Located on the Pacific Highway we have a clear street level presence and great foot traffic passing us on their way to the RTA. Also plenty of drivers waiting at the lights to identify the brand and foot traffic to help with property marketing.

Unlike many older agencies that have long outgrown their tiny shop fronts we have a large commercial space that has been professionally designed and is to say the least; spacious! It’s a place you can proudly bring multi-million dollar prospects as well having a back of house with all the comforts and resources to support your productivity.


This is as they say in the classics a ‘ground floor’ opportunity because there is no dominant player in the lower North Sydney area. This means there is stacks of room to grow your own identity with the full support of a proper management structure and professional resources.

Because Terrance has run large business this one is financially stable and has clear growth plans well into the future. This is not an office started by a gun agent who thought he could manage as well as he sells.

Terrance has a proven track record in management and he is building a team of highly successful members not just a few ‘shooting stars’. Together that team will create a real market force in this part of Sydney.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at KeyNorth and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us.


We need to know you have the inherent capacity to SELL, as well as the right attitude to join our team. We also need to know understand your sales style so we can be an effective match for each other.

How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? The answer is to take our online selling assessment SIP as part of the registration process. So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, please follow the instructions below.


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. To start press the apply button below.

To help you register your interest and complete a SIP we recommend you print this advert before starting the application.
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