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  • Build a lasting career in Real Estate sales – uncap your income.
  • Structured mentoring program partnered with the business Principal.
  • Chatswood office in retail hub – diverse, vibrant and growing.

Great opportunity to start or develop a real selling career within a great team. Join First National in diverse & vibrant Chatswood.

Tired of selling widgets or not happy in your current real estate agency? Need a new challenge? Build or re-energise your career in a sales sector that touches everyone – real estate.

We’ve all heard about the glass ceiling; have you heard about the mirror ceiling? You know, you look up and all you can see is what you are doing now, more and more of the same, no way to move forward; same problems, same solutions and worst of all same outcomes.

Where are the challenge, reward and recognition in that? While it is impressive to forge a presence in sales within a specialised area of industry or services ultimately you are only important to a very small number of people in that sector. All those jobs need to be done and all of those products and services need to be sold; absolutely good work, but there are definite limits to growth. If you are reading this then you are already at that limit.

Now is the time to jump on a different ladder and climb around that mirror ceiling and go above it in an industry with no financial limits. An industry where when you put in the time to evolve your selling skills there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Consider a professional career in real estate. Forget the amateur players and join an established sound real estate business clearly client focused– it is really possible to have it all.

The Challenge

You’ve probably heard that real estate has the highest paid sales staff, so no wonder the role attracts the very best people. However, listing real estate is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting in sales roles is less than 10% within two years.

Why is this?

Think about it, you’re new to real estate selling and you’re trying to convince home owners that selling their most valuable asset, the biggest financial transaction of their life, should be handed over to a rookie. These home owners already know who the selling “super stars” are in the local community, their faces are all over the For Sale signs and the home owner wants them to sell it – not you.

So what happens to rookies?

Rookies are often shown a desk, given a phone and a list of properties which might be no more than a local phone book (perhaps in electronic form) and left to get on with it ALONE. Without any training they struggle through the work and spend hours prospecting continuously hearing “you’re who?” and “why would I want your help?” When such rookies secure an appraisal they are then overwhelmed by the complexity of closing a listing and selling the home.

That is how it is for rookies in many agencies but not with us!

Our approach to rookies is entirely different. Read on and find out how we can ensure your success from the very first day you join our team!


High Quality Personalised and Market Specific Training

Selling real estate is a highly personal process and so is our approach to new members of the team. We will plan with you a program for your first 12-18 months with us that is geared to your current knowledge of real estate and sales skills.

Whether you are moving from selling in a different industry or within real estate to your first sales roles, or moving your real estate career from another office your start-up with us will reflect your specific needs to ensure you reach your maximal potential.

Watch and Learn

From the start you will be mentored by Simon Boroudjani our Principal and a highly experienced agent. This alone will give you a wealth of information and examples that you can absorb so that they become a natural part of your dealings with clients in the future.

Do and Learn

You will gradually be given tasks and guided in gaining proficiency in each. Successful agents become successful through developing leads – there is no short-cut to this process; no lead no sale. That is why we work so hard to develop your skills in developing leads as our first stage in developing your proficiency. The good news is that there is a healthy incentive package to support this and take the same systematic approach to this as with the other parts of the selling process.

Is there a better way to build a real estate career than this? We don’t think so!


Simon Boroudjani, Your mentor

We will partner you with the business owner and licensee Simon Boroudjani who has had a wealth of selling experience and knowledge of all aspects and types of Real Estate, Simon will personally guide your activity to ensure you see how the required skills and tools are implemented in practical circumstances and allowing you time to develop your own style without losing sales while you are learning the real estate business.

Following a successful auditing career in the US insurance sector Simon was drawn to real estate and the ability to serve individuals and their families rather than interfacing with the anonymous face of big business. Simon joined the real estate with a Coldwell and Banker office and worked for many years selling both residential and commercial real estate. He loved it becoming a successful agent happy to never return to the corporate world.

Then Simon really saw the light and moved his family to Australia in 1999. Rather than join a local business Simon used his extensive business and real estate knowledge to start his own Regency Realty Real Estate business in Chatswood. From the very beginning the business has offered a full range of services including residential and commercial sales and property management to reflect his own skill set.

Our Office in the heart of Chatswood

Having the entire city of Sydney to establish his business on arriving in Sydney Simon chose Chatswood after careful consideration and located his office in the very heart of one of Sydney’s major commercial, retail and cultural hot spots. Like only a few centres in Sydney Chatswood has it all.

Chatswood is only 10 km from the CBD of Sydney. It is first a mini city with an extensive commercial zone, a transport node and one of the biggest retail concentrations in the country. All that brings tens of thousands of people into Chatswood on a daily basis. But Chatswood is also home to over 11,000 people with a diversity of homes from glamorous city views high rise to large established family homes in tree lined streets. That puts us into a busy market with the full diversity of residential offerings to work with.

Our office is in Archer street just metres from the main shopping area so easy reach of all the amenities of a mini city. You’re not trapped in a tiny suburban shopping strip our one of those soulless industrial parks miles from anything. It’s also easy for clients to drop in while they are shopping or drive in and park nearby in the retail car parks. Along with Chatswood we also some surrounding suburbs like Artarmon and Willoughby. The world is your oyster when you join us.

Your national and international strength – the First National Real Estate Group

We are a proud member of The First National Real Estate Group. After being a successful independent business for 10 years we joined First National because we relate to their ‘we put you first’ motto and wanted to be part of network focused on supporting its members to provide start of the art services to our clients.

First National is a union of peers started in Victoria by agents wanting to share their expertise and benefit from pooling their resources. Unlike the profit focused franchise systems all our membership funds are channelled back to the members to help each of us provide the very best service to our markets. The network which has grown to be one of Australasia’s largest and most successful independent real estate groups, with over 550 offices across Australia and New Zealand.

A network of our size and resources gives us access to all the benefits you need; technology, marketing systems and processes are constantly being upgraded to stay in front of the competition.

The right training support

To acquire or improve the skills to sell real estate you will need relevant training. This is critical to your start up success with us. That’s why we engage the industries best training and on-going coaching program to ensure your success and get your career moving.

The First National Network offers an extensive selection of training programs. No matter what level of experience you are at there are targeted courses to equip and hone your skills. Ongoing mentoring programs support you post training to translate your learning into effective selling skills. We don’t just give you ideas we work with you to prepare you for selling success.

The right financial package

We understand it takes time and resources to build a real estate selling career. That’s why we offer a base retainer plus commission package. We don’t want you starving to death before you have a chance to reach your selling potential.

You will be earning commission after the initial basic 3 month training program on a sliding scale reflecting your growing autonomy. Simon wants you to learn your craft and develop your local knowledge so that by the end of your transition to real estate phase you too will be a recognised local authority.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at First National Regency Realty… And that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us.

Our selection process

This is a quality opportunity to secure a sales career and enter a growth industry with truly unlimited commission opportunity when you are full skilled. To get you to this level we are offering the full support of a completely professional and established office and network behind you. We plan for success, not failure, which is why we only start people whom we believe have the in-built qualities of an effective sales person specifically for the real estate industry. The importance of our sales requires extensive and finely tuned sales skills quite different to other sales jobs. We won’t leave you to work out any of this for yourself as many other businesses will.

The first part of this is the careful selection of staff to join our team using a sales specific selection process called Sales Inventory Profile (SIP). We offer only the appropriate people a role with us defined firstly by their ability to sell, (even if you have had no prior sales experience and this skill is currently dormant).

If we feel you have what it takes to start with us, then we show faith by offering a realistic salary structure. We back this up with a professional training schedule and the administrative resources to provide you with the best possible chance to learn, grow and be successful and profitable in the role.


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