Sales cadet with an established PRDnationwide office in Sydney’s Inner West

From PA/Cadet to the Principal @ PRDnationwide Bexley North to becoming a local star

  • Experience not essential. Structured cadet program with full sales training
  • Partner with the biz owner until you establish your identity & uncap your income
  • Long running agency, national brand, team based, run by a business professional

Join our Bexley North office and work within one of Australasia’s most respected real estate names, PRDnationwide!

Whether you are looking for a career change or a career start or you are a local who wants to help clients with their biggest financial decision, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Join our dynamic office in the heart of Bexley North and start your sales career working in the real estate environment you have always wanted to be in.

The Challenge

You’ve probably heard that real estate has the highest paid sales staff, so no wonder the role attracts the very best people. However, listing real estate is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting in sales roles is less than 10% within two years.

Why is this?

Think about it, you’re new to real estate selling and you’re trying to convince home owners that selling their most valuable asset, the biggest financial transaction of their life, should be handed over to a rookie. These home owners already know who the selling “super stars” are in the local community, their faces are all over the For Sale signs and the home owner wants them to sell it – not you.

So what happens to rookies?

Rookies are often shown a desk, given a phone and a list of properties which might be no more than a local phone book (perhaps in electronic form) and left to get on with it ALONE. Without any training they struggle through the work and spend hours prospecting continuously hearing ”you’re who?” and ”why would I want your help?” When such rookies secure an appraisal they are then overwhelmed by the complexity of closing a listing and selling the home.


Partner with a local star

First of all this is a dual purpose role.

You will be the Personal Selling Assistant to Frank Mazzotta, Managing Director of PRDnationwide Bexley North and Ramsgate Beach. Frank started his real estate career over 12 years ago after deciding to follow his heart and lifelong passion for real estate. After gaining a business degree and achieving executive level success in the IT industry – at the Asia Pacific level – Frank wanted change. He wanted to make a personal difference in an industry that was close to his own heart and in his own local area.

Starting in real estate in 2000 Frank quickly found his niche. In 2005 purchased the already successful PRDnationwide office. In 2009 he purchased the Prdnationwide Ramsgate Beach. He has always remained focussed on providing the very best and most personal service to every member of his community he has dealt with.

Frank’s world is fast moving and you will be in the thick of it. No amount of training programs will afford you the kind of learning you will get here. What Frank will look toward you for is to turn his fast transaction flow into an orderly process. So, if you enjoy working with systems and turning spontaneous into planned and are keen to learn how the real estate industry works this will be an ideal partnership.

You will take responsibility for interacting with Frank’s very extensive personal database by running targeted e-marketing programs and active contact processes with established contacts to fulfil Frank’s personal standard that no client is ever forgotten. You will also learn to manage the administrative tasks that underlie the legal processes of listing and selling a home – understanding of which is essential to success in this industry.

Working so closely with a busy, selling Principal will guarantee you gain a solid working knowledge of how a successful real estate office functions.

Formal sales cadet program

The second part of the role is a formal sales cadet program over 12-24 months to develop all the skills you need to work as an independent residential real estate agent within the Bexley North office.

Watch and Learn

From day one and for the duration of the cadet program you will be participating in every residential real estate transaction that Frank is involved in. This alone will give you a wealth of information and examples that will become second nature to your own responses.

Do and Learn

Once you have knowledge of the components of listing and selling homes Frank will systematically delegate full responsibility for each component in turn until you are proficient in the skills required to confidently execute these processes alone. From the first day in this role you will be involved in the contact and prospect management tasks; you will then learn to prepare a home for sale, running the open for inspection following up buyers and then learning to negotiate the final sale.

Be and Learn

In the final stage of the cadet program you will be a partner agent with Frank, representing the PRDnationwide Bexley North office, with you now as the agent to prospective vendors and guiding them through the decision to sell their homes. In the early days you will be sitting in on these meetings with Frank. As your confidence and skills grow Frank will be sitting in on your meetings and offering feedback before and after to ensure you maximise every opportunity.

Is there a better way to build a real estate career than this? We don’t think so!



Think about what that means. It means that two generations of family have built and served a massive client base; not just home owners and buyers but also project developers, architects, council planners, business and community leaders and local organisations. That’s the key reason Frank isn’t out cold calling all day; he receives a constant stream of referral business.


We have one of the largest property rent rolls in the region. This is important as it demonstrates our reputation in the market place. You don’t build big rent rolls without a well run business maintaining a first class reputation. We currently have over 800 properties under our management.

Why else is this important to our sales people?

Because it means that we are serving a huge number of property owners and investors every week. What a great network of contacts and opportunities as they buy and sell property today and in the future. That also gives you access to in-house opportunities that many other offices just can’t match.


While you will attend lots of training programs and we regularly have guest trainers attend our sales meetings nothing beats learning on the job when ‘the job’ is being performed by a seasoned and incredibly successful professional.

As a sales team the PRDnationwide Bexley North and Ramsgate Beach offices have both consistently won State and national awards for sales excellence in numerous categories. As the leader and as a sale professional Frank’s personal awards include:

#2 Selling Principal Australia wide – 2011
#3 Selling Principal Australia wide – 2009
#4 Selling Principal Australia wide – 2010
Platinum Award for overall sales performance – Q March 2012

PRDnationwide NETWORK

We are a proud member of the PRDnationwide network, owned and supported by Colliers International. No other Australian real estate franchise is owned and supported by one of the world’s largest commercial real estate companies.

It supports PRDnationwide through capital investment, business networks, career opportunities, intellectual resources and knowledge systems. We can therefore transact any real estate deal anywhere in the world with full support.

Why is this important to you? In simple terms, information technology, global reach, innovation in systems and processes are things businesses need to succeed. You can be assured that our network and its resources keep us in front of the independents of other franchises who can’t match PRDnationwide’s global strength and know how.

Also, no Australian franchise business can match PRDnationwide in the field of property research. With an annual corporate investment in excess of $1million, our analysts produce comprehensive local and national market reports that aid greatly in the listing and selling process.


PRDnationwide is a Registered Training Organisation, allowing the company to present compulsory real estate training qualification courses to members of the public as well as the PRDnationwide team.

Apart from learning from one of the best agents in the country our training commitment doesn’t stop there. We have ongoing training from experts in the real estate training field. Our approach is not one size fits all rather commit our staff to quarterly training to best suit their development requirements. We use expert guest trainers at many of our weekly sales meetings.


Come and talk to us. We will ensure you have the right financial offering to match your success. We offer a base salary plus commission which is structured to take into consideration your need to be able to predict your income especially in the first year, as you are in learning mode.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at PRDnationwide Bexley North and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us!


  • You will need excellent computer literacy with knowledge of MyDeskTop being a real bonus. If you know this package make sure you highlight that to us in your Cover Letter.
  • Flexibility with working hours. In real estate people work Saturdays and often close deals at night.
  • A passion for winning by providing outstanding service. That includes attention to detail and accuracy, all with a “how can I help?” attitude.
  • We need to know you have the inherent capacity to SELL and the right attitude to join our team!

How can we get an idea of your sales capacity before you can demonstrate it on the job? We mentioned above our use of technology for competitive advantage and that applies to our recruitment processes too. So the answer to the above question is to take our online selling assessment. We have fully tested this assessment process with our own team and we know it works.

So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, please follow the instructions below.


We have a sophisticated and vigorous selection procedure which starts with an online selling capacity assessment, called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’. This process ensures that if we offer you a position in our business you can plan on building a long term career with us. We choose our staff carefully, support them properly and many years later they are still selling with us.

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering on the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé and cover letter, again at the SIP site.

In your cover letter please explain your interest specifically in become a Real Estate agent and your affinity to the North Bexley area.


Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire.

Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Résumé Button.

We will be in touch!

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