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Start a career in sales with the First National Power of 3 Group on the GOLD COAST

  • Use your sales experience to build a lasting career – uncap your income
  • Structured mentoring program partnered with the business principal
  • Work for the area’s largest and most successful group with great marketing support

Tired of selling widgets? Need a new challenge? Build a real career in a sales sector that touches everyone – real estate.

We’ve all heard about the glass ceiling; have you heard about the mirror ceiling? You know, you look up and all you can see is what you are doing now, more and more of the same, no way to move forward; same problems, same solutions and worst of all same outcomes.

Where is the challenge, reward and recognition in that? While it is impressive to forge a presence in sales within a specialised area of industry or services ultimately you are only important to a very small number of people in that sector. All those jobs need to be done and all of those products and services need to be sold; absolutely good work, but there are definite limits to growth. If you are reading this then you are already at that limit.

Now is the time to jump on to a different ladder and climb around that mirror ceiling and go above it in an industry with no financial limits. An industry where, when you put in the time to evolve your selling skills, there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Consider a professional career in real estate. Forget the amateur players and join an established but modern, sound but innovative real estate business – it is really possible to have it all.


With the significant market reach of three strategically located offices we are a business group serving a Gold Coast market constantly on the move. Unlike many franchise offices, our three businesses are not encumbered by working in tiny restrictive selling territories and this is reflected by the range of suburbs we can sell in. In other words, your selling territory is less restrictive so your opportunities are more expansive.

We cover a huge real estate opportunity, from Coolangatta in the south all the way to Miami in the north, reaching west to Tallebudgera, Varsity Lakes and beyond. This role is based at our Pines office in the heart of Elanora.

’Our group of 3 offices are proud members of the First National network. We have access to all the benefits of a national network without being encumbered with massive franchise fees because we are a cooperative. This means every dollar in fees paid to the network is returned in a dollar of value to our business creating value for marketing, technology, systems and processes to support your selling success.


We know the value of professional sales skills and how to help you evolve yours within the specialised context of real estate. You may have considered joining other RE agencies or even spent time with another agent but if you really want to reach your maximum sales potential you’ll want to join us.

We have built a business over 28 years based on our dedication to the Gold Coast area. Our three offices covering Burleigh Waters and Varsity Lakes through Burleigh, Palm Beach, Elanora and this office at The Pines get more referrals, more returning clients, more coverage and more sales. Join a business that manages over a 550 local properties.

Why is this important to our sales people?

Because that’s a huge number of property owners and investors that we are serving every week. What a great network of contacts, and opportunities as they buy and sell property today and in the future. That gives you access to in-house opportunities many other offices just can’t match.

All this means that our teams sell homes on a consistent basis regardless of the market conditions and state of the nation because we have the technology and reputation to reach every potential buyer when we put a property to market.


Real estate sales is not only where the big money is but also the real professional profile and prestige. Think about it: How many people buy real estate compared to the product you sell now? How does the median housing price in this area compare to your current average sale price? Do you have the opportunity to network with a broad range of individuals who shape business within your community?

Speaking of community, selling real estate is ultimately all about belonging in a community. Yes you definitely have to work evenings and weekends but you won’t spend that time on the redeye from another city – you will be doing the business ten minutes from home. Professional sales representatives with reputable firms have enviable profiles and prestige within their communities. No wonder as people trust them with their largest transactions. A true real estate professional has a level of public recognition unmatched in any other sales area.


We will partner you with one of our business owners and licensee David Hamilton who has a wealth of selling experience and knowledge about our market combined with an unparalleled knowledge and commitment to innovation in sales and marketing systems. David will ensure you see how these skills and tools are implemented in practical ways and allow you time to develop your own wording to suit your style without losing sales while you are learning the real estate business.

After working as Company Secretary and legal officer David moved to the Gold Coast in the early 70’s when it was small enough to be a local community, barely bigger than a one pub town. A few years later David a started his real estate career on the Gold Coast joining this agency and taking over the business 1986. David is now a lot more than just a leading agent in the area; he is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, wrote many of the First National marketing systems during his time as Technology Director for the First National network and serving for two years as its Chairman.

David will guide you in a systematic way through all parts of the business, residential listing and selling process at a speed that suits your current experience and learning style. To further broaden your experience David will partner you at different times with senior agents to give you a wider range of styles to emulate allowing you to perfect your own.


Using the network’s resources and our local strength we have taken our marketing, systems and technology leadership to another level. All those things you’d love to have or are struggling in your ‘spare’ time to do for yourself is managed by our specialist marketing staff.

We have crafted a unique and highly recognisable local brand in the Gold Coast area without losing the strength of the First National identity and strengths of a valued national image. Within our group we also help each of our agents create their own brand to reflect their personal strengths within that group image.

Our inhouse marketing specialists also run all of our collective and individual social media systems. For example we can build and run a professional individualised Facebook page for you with regular posting and interaction with your vendors and buyer prospects offering market appraisals and linked to all your listings. We run monthly competitions through Facebook to ensure your profile continues to grow.


We do all of this at no extra cost for each of our agents:

* Design, prepare and print your prospecting material

* Fortnightly, create, print and distribute marketing material to your area

* Just listed/Just sold created, printed and distributed

* Weekly direct mail of 1-2 streets in your area offering appraisals

* Web and email based marketing system to all the contacts you enter. All you do is enter their details and we will ensure they hear from you on a regular basis with relevant and professionally written content including all the new listings as they come to the market plus regular newsletters.


To acquire or improve the skills to sell real estate (especial if you haven’t sold it before) you will need professionally relevant training. This is critical to your start up success with us. That’s why we engage the industries best training and ongoing coaching program to ensure your success and get your career moving!

We have our own First National Network Training Academy, South East Queensland Academy. No matter what level of experience you are at there are targeted courses to equip and hone your skills. Ongoing mentoring programs support you post training to translate your learning into effective selling skills. We don’t just give you ideas, we work with you to prepare you for selling success. Check it out for yourself at


We understand it takes time and resources to build a real estate selling career. That’s why we offer a base retainer plus commission package. We don’t want you starving to death before you have a chance to reach your selling potential.

You will be earning commission on a sliding scale, reflecting your growing autonomy, after the initial basic three month training program. David wants you to learn your craft and develop your local knowledge so that by the end of your transition to real estate phase you too will be a recognised local authority.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at First National Power of 3 Group …. and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us.


This is a outstanding opportunity to secure a sales career in a growth industry with truly unlimited commission potential when you are full skilled. To get you to this level we are offering you full support with a completely professional, established office and network behind you. We plan for success, not failure, which is why we only start people whom we believe have the in-built qualities of an effective sales person specifically for the real estate industry. The importance of our sales requires extensive and finely tuned sales skills quite different to other sales jobs. We won’t leave you to work any of this out for yourself as many other businesses will.

The first part of this is the careful selection of staff to join our team using a sales specific selection process called Sales Inventory Profile (SIP). We offer only the appropriate people a role with us, defined firstly by their ability to sell (even if you have no prior sales experience and this skill is currently dormant). Selling real estate requires specific sales skills and we will only offer a role to candidates where we are confident they can succeed.

If we feel you have what it takes to start with us then we show faith by offering a realistic salary structure. We back this up with a professional training schedule and the administrative resources to provide you with the best possible chance to learn, grow and be successful and profitable in the role.


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