Rocket your BDM Sales Career

…with the Winning team @ First National North Sydney

  • Build on our great Property Management business in a friendly supportive team.
  • Salary (no starving) + Commission (uncapped earning potential) + full training
  • One of the oldest agencies on the Lower North Shore + active sales management

Great learning opportunity: clear plan & supportive management help to build your sales career. Join First National in the stable and diverse North Shore.

This is a unique opportunity to get the career you really want to have in real estate. Before you sign up for any one of the dozens of residential sales jobs always on offer, think about this unique pathway for your career with NSW best real estate brand!


We are growing and it’s time to add a specialist New Business Manager to sell what we believe is the best property management and leasing services within the premier end of the Australian real estate market –  North Sydney CBD and Lower North Shore.

If you are already in Real Estate in any role you know that Property Management is a vital component of a successful real estate agency. Signing up new landlords for property rentals is a full blown new business sales role with uncapped income potential, just like residential sales, but with significantly more appeal for someone already in Property Management or for someone totally new to Real Estate.

Read on to find out why this is the perfect way to start a sales career in Real Estate.


If you are already in a property management, leasing or a sales support role you may be ready for a new challenge and wanting the ability to earn a significantly higher income – like the residential agents can – but you may not want the high risk or night and weekend work which they are locked into. There is another way; read on.

Easier to make money in selling PM

  1. There are more sales opportunities in a single week with fewer agents competing against you
  2. A short selling cycle from first contact with a landlord to their decision to choose an agent
  3. A shorter selling cycle after you are chosen as their new agent; you will be paid promptly because there isn’t the need to wait months for the house to sell and settle before a commission is paid.

Less risk to start in selling PM

Selling Property Management services is not dominated by high profile established sales superstars. Real estate sales careers in listing and selling property have a 70% PLUS failure rate for ‘rookies’ in their 1st 12 months, even for experienced agents changing areas, because like most areas of Sydney the CBD market is tightly held by very well known, established Real Estate ‘stars’.

Succeeding in selling Property Management is not about the establishment, the school you attended, clubs you belong to or the spelling of your surname. You can compete successfully in this product if you have good sales processes and personal dedication.

High income sales role with a personal life

Your landlord clients are investors and as such they treat rental property as a business activity; most expect to conduct business with you within working hours or early evenings. So unlike the 24/7 nature of residential sales this work is a 5 day a week role mostly conducted Monday to Friday including occasional meetings in the evenings.

Combined with this is the size of the rental market in North Sydney and the Lower North Shore with the extensive development of high rise accommodation over the last 20 years and that which is currently underway. Many of these properties are owned by investors spread across Sydney and beyond who want a true local professional managing their investment portfolio.

So you can earn the sort of income the real estate industry is famous for while still having a life outside of work.


60 years of experience and strength of reputation:

Our office is the unbroken evolution from Peter Hill Real Estate, starting in 1953, into Peter Hill First National in 1992 and finally in 2010 becoming First National North Sydney.  The business is now owned and managed by partners Mark Smith and Tim O’Halloran who between them have almost as much specialist experience in Real Estate as the business has longevity.

Along with being one of the longest serving agencies in the Lower North Shore we are truly a full service business offering our community all aspects of real estate services from Residential Sales and Property Management, Commercial Sales/Leasing as well as Property Management and Tourism Sales.

Think about what nearly 60 years of local experience really means. It means:

  • Generations of dedicated real estate professionals who have between them built and served a massive client base; not just home owners or buyers, landlords or tenants, but project developers, architects, council planners, business and community leaders and local organisations.
  • You are representing a well recognised local brand. When you contact landlords on behalf of First National you will benefit from a unique combination of local market recognition and a strong national identity.  When you contact any member of our community you will not hear them ask ‘you’re from where?’
  • It also means many years of dedication to a strong business ethic and continuous improvement of systems that have allowed our businesses to continue to serve the local community so well that we have prospered through numerous economic challenges over those years.

Our training support for you

You will hear this from everyone but what does it mean? Does it mean that they will send you to a few days of training once in a while? Usually after you have struggled for many months to prove your endurance but exhausted your energy and bank account.

Our approach is entirely different; we take your training needs seriously.

We have a rigorous selection process (more about that later), so if we choose to offer you a role in our organisation we expect you to succeed and we back our expectation with a formal training process with a clear business plan that starts on Day One.

We utilise the specialist resources of dedicated real estate training companies as well as an extensive range of specialist First National workshops. But hearing it in a classroom is just the first step to using this knowledge effectively. You will be working with our Principals Tim O’Halloran and Mark Smith who are committed to working with you to get your real estate career moving by offering  you the knowledge, leadership and support you need to be successful.

Tim and Mark both have weekly sales meetings and specialist training sessions designed to help all staff. This builds an environment for success, underpinned by teamwork and great values. The Principals will work with you to define realistic goals that support and assist you in growing your career.

You will be working directly with the Principals while you learn to put into practice the basics of real estate sales. During this early mentoring phase the Principals will also assess your natural style. They will then extend your practical sales experience by partnering you with other staff whose style will best complement your own so that you are able to build on your unique strengths.

Location Location Location

Having always been in the heart of the busy commercial footprint of North Sydney we have recently moved to a spacious purpose fitted office on street level at 66 Berry Street. Yep, right in the middle of the busiest pedestrian section of North Sydney and in the street with the GREATEST TRAFFIC flow every day! How is that a good idea? Well, that’s millions of cars passing every year just metres from our signage. That’s the sort of exposure building rights can never give you.

Combine that with the many ‘For Sale’ boards erected by our busy sales team through the residential areas and you have true local exposure.

Innovation and technology

Real estate selling is a sophisticated process utilising the latest technology and online marketing techniques. Here at First National North Sydney we pride ourselves in a website of the highest quality providing the latest technology has to offer in tools to both our vendors and buyers.

This also extends to a range of contact management tools including an extensive presence in social media which helps you provide the best level of service to our expanding market.

Your national and international strength – the First National Real Estate Group

We are a proud member of The First National Real Estate Group which has grown to be one of Australasia’s largest and most successful independent real estate groups, with over 550 offices across Australia and New Zealand.

First National is a union of peers started in Victoria by agents wanting to share their expertise and benefit from pooling their resources. Unlike the profit focused franchise systems all our membership funds are channeled back to the members to help each of us provide the very best service to our markets.

A network of our size and resources gives us access to all the benefits you need; technology, marketing systems and processes are constantly being upgraded to stay in front of the competition.

The right financial package for you

We understand it takes time and resources to build a real estate selling career. That’s why we offer a base retainer plus commission package. We don’t want you starving to death before you have a chance to reach your selling potential.

We have realistic targets for your first year with us that are balanced between achievement and challenge, and reward you proportionately for exceeding these. We don’t expect you to be a superstar, but if time proves you are, then the sky is the limit for your earnings with us.

That’s what we offer to the right candidates at First National North Sydney and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us.

We are committed to growing our business with motivated sales people who want to succeed in life.

If you’re wondering about starting your career in real estate and you want to become a sales professional, we have the knowledge and systems to ensure your success. Join our committed team environment where we will train and mentor you to reach your true potential.


We need to know you have the inherent capacity to SELL and the right attitude to join our team.

How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? The answer is to take our online selling assessment.

So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, please follow the instructions below.


Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire please Click on the Upload  résumé and cover letter buttons

We will be in touch.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!

If you have a strong business vision for yourself in Real Estate…
…we have the professional environment to realise your success!

If you have a strong business vision for yourself in Real Estate…

 …we have the professional environment to realise your success!


We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process and will be in touch soon.


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