Start your Sales Career in Property Management with Exchange Property


  • Salary (no starving) + Commission (uncapped earning potential) + full training
  • Start your sales career by building the rent roll, grow to selling properties
  • Friendly supportive team, life balance and flexible hours an option

If you have ever dreamed of joining the lucrative real estate sales world this may be the most important advert you will ever read. Before you sign up for any one of the dozens of residential sales jobs always on offer, think about this unique pathway for your career which provides a long term career as well as lifestyle balance with dedicated service provider!


We are growing and it’s time to add a specialist New Business Development for Property Management to sell what we believe is the best property management and leasing services within the Sydney Inner Suburbs.

If you are already in Real Estate in any role you know that Property Management is a vital component of a successful real estate agency. Signing up new landlords for property rentals is a full blown new business development role with uncapped income potential just like residential sales but has significantly more appeal for someone already in Property Management or totally new to Real Estate.


If you are already in a Property Management, Leasing or a sales support role you may be ready for a new challenge and wanting the ability to earn a significantly higher income, like the residential agents can, but you may not want the high risk or night and weekend work that residential agents are locked into. There is another way, read on.

Easier to make money in selling Property Management

  1. More sales opportunities in a single week with fewer agents competing against you.
  2. Short selling cycle from first contact with a landlord to their decision to choose an agent.
  3. Shorter selling cycle after you are chosen as their new agent, so you will be paid promptly because there is no waiting months for the house to sell and settle before commission is paid.

Less risky to get a start in selling Property Management

Selling Property Management services is not dominated by high profile established sales superstars. Real estate sales careers in listing and selling property have a 70% PLUS failure rate for ‘rookies’ in their first 12 months, even for experienced agents changing areas, because like most areas of Sydney the Inner Suburbs market is tightly held by very well known, established Real Estate ‘stars’.

Succeeding in selling Property Management is not about the establishment, the school you attended, clubs you belong to or the spelling of your surname. You can successfully compete in this product with good sales processes and personal dedication.

High income sales role with a personal life

Unlike the 24/7 nature of residential sales, this work is a 5 days a week role mostly conducted Monday to Friday. We are also willing to split the role with school hours or around a University degree from our office and the balance of hours from your home. Investment landlords treat rental property as a business activity and most expect to conduct business with you within working hours.

This means you can earn a similar level of income the real estate industry is famous for whist still having a life outside of work.


Exchange Property are a boutique agency with a reputation and clients spanning several decades that was established in Surry Hills and has now moved to beautiful new premises in Camperdown. This gives us unparalleled coverage over some of the best real estate in Sydney, including apartments and houses all around Sydney’s Inner Suburbs.

This is a very diverse, sophisticated and culturally dynamic market covering a wide spectrum of property from sophisticated apartments, family homes, to terraces and industrial conversions. As investors in Sydney property many of our clients are well educated and successfully individuals who can appreciate the professional resources we provide for them. This is your opportunity to consistently exceed their expectations with market leading management solutions.

Could there be A BETTER PLACE THAN THIS? We don’t think so! 


At Exchange Property we enjoy what we do. We are a small team including a partnership of two owners and one administration person. We are dedicated professionals who each bring their individual talents and unique skills with a commitment to integrity, high standards and results. We pride ourselves on teamwork and value the part each team member plays in creating a winning environment for everyone.


To acquire or improve the skills to sell Property Management (especially if you haven’t sold real estate before) you will need relevant professional training. This is critical to your start up success with us.

That’s why we engage the industry’s best training and an on-going coaching program to ensure your success and get your career moving.

Consider this:

Other businesses talk about training and resources but how many of them are offering that plus your own personal coach and mentor? We provide one of the country’s leading real estate coaches, to support you in the critical start up period.


Having been focused on service excellence for many years we have developed extensive internal and client systems that are state of the art. Take for example our professionally designed and optimised website, beautifully laid out with loads of tools to help our clients in every stage of their real estate transactions.

Our website has also been search engine optimised (SEO) professionally so when the prospective landlords come to researching your claims about our dedication to service they will be delighted. This dedication service excellence extends to the systems we have developed for managing the properties in our care so that the testimonials from our landlords are impeccable and many stretch too many years to count.

Ours is a service you can sell with real confidence!


We are not part of a franchise chain.

Because we are independent our sales teams are not restricted into tiny geographic selling areas. Being independent means we could expand our service offering to best respond to market needs. More importantly, you can utilise your own networks or follow any leads without boundaries as a pathway to your selling success. You will never work hard to impress a client then be forced to hand them on to another agent at our office or anywhere else.


If you’re an Inner West local you know us if you ever drive from Salisbury Road to Liberty Street! If you have, you have seen our modern but comfortable and beautifully designed office at the pedestrian crossing.

Having moved our business from Surry Hills in 2010 we purposefully designed our space to reflecting our professionalism and the vibrant communities we work in. The office work place is a modern, inviting and contemporary working space with lots of PARKING for us and clients alike.

We believe this matches the image our clients relate to and it is also is a big positive for our staff, after all, who wants to work in an unpleasant place!

That’s what we offer the right candidates at Exchange Property and that’s how we will help you build your real estate listing and selling career with us!


We need to know you have the inherent capacity to SELL and the right attitude to join our team! How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? Our use of technology leadership includes how we view our candidates. Therefore the answer is to take our online selling assessment.

You will also need a current drivers license.

So if you are keen to talk to us about your future please follow the instructions below.


We have a sophisticated and rigorous selection procedure starting with our own on-line selling capacity assessment called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’.

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

Please APPLY below!

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire.

Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Resume button to upload both your résumé and your Cover-letter. Can we suggest in your Cover-letter you tell us your plans and aspirations for your future and a little bit about what draws you to real estate and our role.

We will be in touch.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!

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