From Sales Cadet to Riverina Star! Learn from the area’s leading agents

PRD 20cm wideJoin our Wagga Wagga office and work within one of Australasia’s most respected real estate names, PRDnationwide!

Whether you are looking for a career change or a career start or you are a local who wants to help clients with their biggest financial decision, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Join our dynamic offices in the Wagga Wagga and start your sales career working in the real estate environment you have always wanted to be in.

The Challenge

You’ve probably heard that real estate has the highest paid sales staff, so no wonder the role attracts the very best people. However, listing real estate is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting in sales roles is less than 10% within two years.

Why is this?

Think about it, you’re new to real estate selling and you’re trying to convince home owners that selling their most valuable asset, the biggest financial transaction of their life, should be handed over to a rookie. These home owners already know who the selling “super stars” are in the local community, their faces are all over the For Sale signs and the home owner wants them to sell it – not you.

So what happens to rookies? 

Rookies are often shown a desk, given a phone and a list of properties which might be no more than a local phone book (perhaps in electronic form) and left to get on with it ALONE. Without any training they struggle through the work and spend
hours prospecting continuously hearing “you’re who?” and “why would I want your help?” When rookies finally get their first appraisal they are then overwhelmed by the complexity of closing a listing and selling the home.

That is how it is for rookies in many agencies but not with us!

Our approach to rookies is entirely different. Read on and find out how we can ensure your success from the very first day you join our team!


High Quality Personalised and Market Specific Training

PRD stands for Property, Research, Development and PRDnationwide have a philosophy of a scientific and systematic approach to RE sales; that is why we are so successful. We don’t just make it up as we go – we have a plan for success.

PRDnationwide is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), allowing the company to present compulsory real estate training qualification courses to members of the public as well as the PRDnationwide team.

Here at the PRDnationwide Wagga Wagga we support the global learning on offer with our own a professional weekly sales meetings  run by our principal Simon Freemantle, himself a successful local agent. Simon’s focus is to help each individual maximise their sales opportunities.

Watch and Learn

From the start you will be mentored by one of our highly experienced local agents. One of our team who understands and is succeeding in Wagga Wagga and understands our market at a detailed and personal level. This alone will give you a wealth
of information and examples that you can absorb so that this becomes a natural part of your dealings with clients before you have to do it alone.

Do and Learn

You will gradually be given tasks and guided in developing your skill across all parts of a real estate sale. Great agents become successful through knowing how to develop new leads – there is no short-cut to this process; no lead no sale. That is why we work so hard to develop your skills in prospecting as our first stage in training.

The good news is that there is a healthy incentive package to support this and PRDnationwide take the same systematic approach to this as with the other parts of the selling process.

Is there a better way to build a real estate career than this? We don’t think so!


PRDnationwide Network

We are a proud member of the PRDnationwide network, owned and supported by Colliers International. No other Australian real estate franchise is owned and supported by one of the world’s largest commercial real estate companies.

It supports PRDnationwide through capital investment, business networks, career opportunities, intellectual resources and knowledge systems. We can therefore transact any real estate deal anywhere in the world with full support.

Why is this important to you? In simple terms, information technology, global reach, innovation in systems and processes are things businesses need to succeed. You can be assured that our network and its resources keep us in front of the independents of other franchises that can’t match PRDnationwide’s global strength and know how.

Also, no Australian franchise business can match PRDnationwide in the field of property research. With an annual corporate investment in excess of $1million, our analysts produce comprehensive local and national market reports for you to use in your
sales presentations that aid greatly in the listing and selling process.

Diversity across every aspect of local real estate

PRDnationwide Wagga Wagga handles a massive range of properties types across all price levels across the entire Riverina area making us the local property experts in every sense.  We are the only agency in town to handle residential, commercial and rural sales. We are also expert brokers in land sub-divisions and house and land packages which offer great opportunities for selling agents.

We have dedicated and distinct business divisions for residential property management, commercial property management and project management: all vital areas of real estate business which provide strong leads to sales for our agents in each division.

All this expertise and diversity means you can use every lead you generate and every personal contact you have within our business.  So you wherever you find yourself you can confidently talk about real estate, knowing there will be a real expert in our business to support you as you find new opportunities.  It is just one of several factors that allow the business to achieve consistent and high results.

Our rent roll

We have always had one of the largest property rent rolls in the region and our recent growth and acquisitions have put us as the clear market leader for the Riverina.

Why is this important to our sales people?

Because it means that we are serving a huge number of property owners and investors every week. What a great network of contacts, and opportunities as they buy and sell property today and in the future. That also gives you access to in-house opportunities many other offices just can’t match.


RDnationwide Wagga Wagga was honoured with three prestigious awards at the groups National Annual Awards in 2012.

Director Simon Freemantle was awarded the John Harvey Award for outstanding service to the group. Simon, as selling principal, and agent Michael Kennedy were also recognised with awards for their individual success in achieving high sales levels.


PRDnationwide Wagga Wagga are here for the long haul. In 2011 we purchased the iconic building at 53 Fitzmaurice Street; this classic Charles Hardy building of 1881, just a short walk from the mighty Murray, is still one of the city’s finest buildings. Sitting on a thousand square metres of land it offers enough space for PRDnationwide Wagga Wagga’s eight business divisions.

We have refurbished the interior into a very sophisticated state of the art office which reflects our commitment to providing the state of the art services in an industry that is at the forefront of technology. It’s also a great to work and a professional space you will be proud to bring your clients to?


PRDnationwide Wagga Wagga believes in giving back to the local community – after all our team are all a part of it and share the benefits of the lifestyle and market on offer here. We are proud supporters of “Talking Wagga” – a community information newsletter – and also Wagga Flood Victims St Vincent De Paul. We love being involved in other worthwhile community activities and Riverina people know who we are.


We have a sophisticated and rigorous selection procedure starting with our own on-line selling capacity assessment called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’.

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

Please APPLY below!

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire.

Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Resume button to upload both your résumé and your Cover-letter. Can we suggest in your Cover-letter you tell us your plans and aspirations for your future and a little bit about what draws you to real estate and our role.

We will be in touch.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!


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