Personal Assistant and trainee marketing specialist

SIPIf you spotted all the typo’ s it’s obvious why we need you. If you didn’t see any you’ll love the creativity of working with a business innovation taking off throughout Australia and South East Asia at high speed.


Working closely with the Managing Director, Maya Saric, you will be formalising Maya’s sales processes into systems for the sales team ahead of a drive to hire a full sales team across Australia in 2012/2013.

Your role will be to turn a single person sales and marketing systems into a systematic business systems.



Let me introduce ourselves. Corporate Coach Australia has been providing sales support and excellence systems since 1994. We were the first in Australia to provide formal business coaching systems long ahead of  ‘coaching’ becoming a by word for helper.

We developed systems that are integrated into the way mainstream business works to help individuals realise their own personal capacity and create sustainable human work processes.

Our focus has always been on the sales and marketing functions and we have created the worlds first sales IQ system, Sales Inventory Profile, or SIP. SIP is based on years of detailed research with high performance sales staff across many industries and levels of specialisation. We further refined SIP into an on-line cloud technology recruitment system.

In 2008 SIP launched in Australia as a recruitment system and has since recruited over 400 candidates for 150 clients across the entire country and even a few in NZ and accepted approx 25,000 candidates.

So we are well past ‘proof of concept’! SIP is now a proven technology with a fully functional delivery vehicle, a supporting blog site and ESTABLISHED CLIENTS.  In fact we have a  very loyal following amongst our clients who have openly said in public things like : ‘ I don’t need recruitment consultants I’ve got SIP’ and ‘ I’ll never recruit without those people again’.

Up till now SIP recruitment has been delivered through a small network of independent consultants on the eastern seaboard of Australia. SIP is now ready to grow with it’s own staff starting with this role to support the Managing Director, Maya Saric, create the systems required for the sales team due to start in July-August of this year.

Innovative new technology

Be apart of the expansion of a new technology that is revolutionising the way the business world recruits sales staff. Traditional sales staff have been the hardest role to recruit for successful with subsequently the highest failure rate.

Using our SIP technology business can now accurately see which candidates have the capacity to become successful which is changing not only the success rate of new hires but is giving business the confidence to invest in their new people from day one and so revolutionising the way they do business.

Imagine working to support a product that makes a real difference in the way business is conducted. Whether you build your career with us or stay and help for just a few months you will be able to look back on your work with pride knowing you were part of a new era in sales systems.

The training

Learn all about psychometrics, how they have traditionally been used in business and their potential to change the face of recruitment. What is the difference between an IQ assessment and a personality profiling tool?. Further we will teach you how to interpret a SIP and how to consult with clients on their staffing needs.

We will teach you how to write copy for adverts and blog’s and social media. Our recruitment success has been accelerated by our ability to write superior adverts that attract superior candidates.

You will benefit from many years of creative experience already in the business as well as be encouraged to develop your own ideas. The on-line world is a fast moving and ever changing place and we support your innovation and creativity.

We have developed a sales course that focuses on the psychology of decision making called Emotions in Selling. While the PA is role is not intended to be primarily a sales role you will be dealing frequently with our client base as well as working to set up sales systems.

You will also be exposed to and play some part in many business systems and technologies including CRM and bookkeeping.

Flexible working hours

This position is 20 hours a week during business hours. Our preference is to fit it into school hours ie 9:30 to 2:30 Monday to Thursday.

Then again… with the University of Sydney a short stroll away and UTS  just 10 min on a bus, we can also fit the role around a study timetable  if that works better for you.

Career path

The position of PA will continue to exist indefinitely and you will be able to stay in this role for as long as you prefer the shorter flexible working hours.

You will also be welcomed to grow into any of the new roles that will be starting from the sales roles in July/August which will in turn lead to sales management and a GM role . Other roles that will follow early in 2013 area  full time Copywriter which will include managing our social media presence,   Recruitment advisors, Sales trainers and a general administration.


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

Completing SIP and the Cover letter are really important. We will not be short-listing so much by what you have done already (ie your résumé or CV) as the past is gone. Rather we would like to suggest you tell us a bit about your plans for your career in the Cover Letter as well as what attracts you to our role.

Your Résumé will tell us what you have done, SIP will show us what you can do in terms of selling and the cover letter is your chance to tell us what you really want for your future.

So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, please press the apply now button below.

Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Résumé button to upload both your résumé and Cover-letter.

We will be in touch.We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!

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