• No experience necessary we know how to build stellar careers in any market
  • Loads of variety – administration support – digital marketing – client contact
  • Full training for both admin & sales – loads of corporate resources – great team

More than a dream job! Long-term career opportunity with Oatley’s longest running and most reputable office; PRDnationwide.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Join our dynamic office in Oatley enjoying real business growth. This is a transitional role, starting as administrative PA  progressing when you are ready to sales partner agent with Jack Huggett.


  • Same place you’ve been for years – trying to get a break?
  • Tired of retail or hospitality but still enjoying the customer contact?
  • Looking for a long-term career that uses your creativity and is at the forefront of business technology?
  • Wanting to feel like you are contributing to your community, like your efforts to help will be remembered for more than a few minutes?

Have you noticed there are hundreds of adverts for real estate agents? Why is that? Firstly, this is a really tough business, very few new recruits survive their first year as most are offered no training or support and expected to ‘just get on with it’. But more importantly, homeowners all want to work with proven superstars. And who can blame them, their homes are often their primary assets! Understandably they don’t want to hand over control of such a huge financial process to someone who knows even less than they do.



Oatley’s leading real estate team

We have many superstars on staff and a reputation that is unparalleled in the Oatley area. Ranked Office of the Year by Rate My Agent and #5 national within PRDnationwide. You cannot achieve that with one hotshot. It also means when you start introducing yourself you’re not going to be asked: ‘you’re from where?’. From your very first homeowner interaction, you will have 25 years plus of local reputation standing alongside you.

While self-branding is the ‘in-thing’ in real estate, we know that sustainable long-term success comes from co-operation and collaboration. Working alone, competing with everyone including within your own office, is soul destroying and outright exhausting. Instead, our Principal James Walters has created a genuine team structure by supporting every new member as if they are family. Providing training, resources and his patient oversight to allow each one to develop at their own speed and to their fullest potential. Like other families, we can jostle internally but we always pull together when it counts.

Partnership with an experienced agent.

Jack has been a member of the Oatley community for most of his life. Starting in 2011 as a Property Manager for three years he has had a very steady progression in a similar PA/partner role with our Principal for three years. Becoming a solo agent late in 2016 he was awarded PRDnationwide Rooky of the Year for 2017 and ranked 8th nationally for total sales. This journey has both focused his sales skills to the specific needs of the Real Estate industry and shown him the value of teamwork to financial success and a healthy life balance.

The development of his personal sales skills, his deep local knowledge, friendly, upfront, honest and professional client-focused nature and his appreciation of teamwork gives him a solid local following.  Willing to have the hard conversation up front with homeowners to ensure they maximise results.

He is looking for the next team member to share his success by offering a journey of learning and support to someone equally dedicated to a career in client services and willing to learn.

Full training in administration, marketing and sales

Here at the PRDnationwide Oatley office, we support global learning with regular access to a specialist Real Estate coach Tim Eaton and weekly sales management processes to help each individual maximise their sales opportunities.

Your learning journey will start with taking over the general support and marketing components involved in being a Personal Assistant. During this first stage, you will be dividing your time between the office and accompanying Jack on some sales activities, including home opens on Saturday. When your ready you will progress through the selling specific skills so you can gradually be functioning as a partner agent.



  • We need to know you have the inherent capacity to learn to SELL. How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? Our use of technology leadership includes an online sales assessment. Not only will it answer this fundamental question for us, but it means if we offer you a position you can confidently plan a long-term career with us.
  • Sales success also requires extensive product knowledge so growing up in Oatley would be perfect, living in, or nearby, is preferrable.
  • Clean current drivers license P or Full.

So if you would like to talk to us about your future please follow the instructions below.


Thank you for applying to our role. We will be in touch.

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