Once in a lifetime role: start as BDM, grow to Business Owner

SIP-logo-no-textStart your own business within our BDM sales team selling an innovative IT product expanding thru Aust/Asia.  

Join the revolution in professional selling.

  • Use your industry knowledge to sell a proven, Australian technology innovation that is revolutionising how companies identify sales potential in staff and candidates
  • Sales training provided if you have not been in new business before, daily sales excellence coaching, social marketing support
  • Work flexible hours from our funky Newtown office till you start your own business

We are currently in search of a sales person to help us grow our team with Corporate Coach Australia. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join an innovative Australian company that is set on a mission to change the nature of the sales profession. We have established our sales IP product proving its effectiveness in one direct sales industry and have testimonials across the entire country.

We need your industry knowledge and interest in selling

Now we are ready to launch across multiple industries and need your help to totally change the face of professional selling. If you love your industry and don’t want to waste all that knowledge and contacts but are busting to do something new and innovative and one day have your own business with a world class product, this is your chance.

But what if you are not already in selling?

Regardless of your current knowledge of selling you are welcome to apply, see section on our approach to training. We won’t take you on unless you are up for this. We don’t want to waste our training resources, time or reputation ‘having a go’. We are on a mission to dominate the world!

This will be a fantastic career opportunity to work closely with the product developer, Maya Saric, Sales Psychologist and Australian technology developer.


Let me introduce ourselves. Corporate Coach Australia has been providing sales support and excellence systems since 1994. We were the first in Australia to provide formal business coaching systems long ahead of ‘coaching’ becoming a by word for helper.

We developed systems that are integrated into the way mainstream business works to help individuals realise their own personal capacity and create sustainable human work processes.

Sell Australian developed technology

Our focus has always been on the sales and marketing functions and we have created the world’s first sales IQ system, Sales Inventory Profile or SIP. SIP is based on years of detailed research with high performance sales staff across many industries and levels of specialisation. We further refined SIP into an on-line cloud technology recruitment system.

In 2008 SIP launched in Australia as a recruitment system and has since recruited over 400 candidates for 150 clients across the entire country, with a few more in NZ and has reviewed approx 25,000 candidates.

So we are well past ‘proof of concept’! SIP is now a proven technology with a fully functional delivery vehicle, a supporting blog site and ESTABLISHED CLIENTS. In fact we have a very loyal following amongst our clients who have openly said in public things like: ‘ I don’t need recruitment consultants I’ve got SIP’ and ‘I’ll never recruit without those people again’.

You will be selling a world class technology that transforms how businesses approach growing sales teams which already has a track record of success. So that’s the best of both worlds; working with something new and exciting which lets you be innovative but with an existing client base to give you solid business evidence.

Conquer the English speaking world from here or anywhere that suits you.

All of this technology is delivered via cloud technology so we can and do sell it across the English speaking world from our base in Sydney. We often hear of Australian technology making it big overseas. This is your chance to be part of one of these stories while being based in beautiful Sydney and specifically the ultra central and interesting Newtown.

This role is an Authorised Agent which is like having your own business but with all the support and guidance of being part of a team. We meet daily at our very funky offices in Newtown and conduct many of our meetings in the local cafes. Just BYO PC and phone and the world is our office.

When you have grown your own client base sufficiently we will support you in starting your own sales team staying within our office or anywhere on the planet you have phone and internet services while forever retaining all the support of being part of our organisation.

One day this could your own business based in far off distant places: Parramatta, Perth, Peru, anywhere really that suits your lifestyle. If you yearn for the lifestyle of your childhood or the fast pace of another city, SIP can take you there without the risks of working alone.

Sophisticated sales training and marketing support

Alongside SIP is our sales training program, which focuses on the psychology of decision-making, called “Emotions in selling”. This is a very effective approach to selling based on Psychological knowledge of human decision making. Once you have mastered this, selling will become as instinctive and easy as conversing with an old friend. It can be easy, if you really know how.

Maya will tailor her material during the early training phase to match your own inherent ability to sell so that you can use it quickly and easily. We will continue forever to support you with our unique sales coaching on a daily basis. This energy and focus is the value of being part of a team and helps everyone stay at the top of their game and obtain optimum results!


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. Obviously we don’t do recruitment the old fashioned way by just sending us your CV. AFTER completing the assessment then upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

Completing SIP and the Cover letter are really important. We will not be short-listing so much by what you have done already and have written in your CV as the past is gone. Rather we’re interested in your plans for your career. Share your plans with us in the Cover Letter as well as what attracts you to our role.

We invite you to join a company with a great product, great training social media systems…and great working conditions.

Take a SIP, you’ll like it!


Go to the ‘Apply for this jobbutton below.

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Resume button to upload both your resume and your Cover Letter.

We will be in touch.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!

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