Land Rover Mechanic with Dubbo Land Rover

  • Join Australia’s top Regional Land Rover dealer & be an important team member
  • World standard facilities, on-going training, great team spirit, amazing lifestyle
  • Be part of a company large enough to reward ability & personal enough to care

LANDROVER smallDream job: have a serious career in top gear plus lifestyle & freedom of regional living. We will help you relocate be it from Brisbane or Birmingham

Who says you cannot have a stellar career and a great lifestyle?

Join Dubbo Land Rover, on track for being Australia’s top Regional Land Rover dealer in 2014, and have a lifestyle of family affordability or rugged adventure and eternal sunshine.

If you are at the point in your life where you are faced with a phenomenal decision:

Do I continue focusing on my career and doing what I’ve been doing… knowing the next 10 years could be more of the same?

OR, do I pay attention to the feeling inside of me, that voice that says “Do I focus on balanced lifestyle and live an extraordinary, fulfilling life?”

This is your opportunity to live in a beautiful regional city with great lifestyle resources, without big city congestion or extreme temperatures, while working at the pinnacle of the Australian automotive sector you have always wanted to be in!


THE RIGHT PLACE TO EXPAND YOUR CAREER: Why join Dubbo Land Rover service team? Strong long term demand. Dubbo is prime Land Rover territory; perfectly suited to the middle class prestige family market which has consistently put us in the top 3 most years and this year we are on track to be the top regional dealer in Australia. Land Rover Australia are planning to double their sales figures within 5 years. Very few brands have this level of market growth potential and it will be centred in regional areas such as Dubbo, so this job will grow in value to this dealership and across the world. World class facilities.

We rebuilt our main showroom and service building to be the latest in hi-tech design and functionality with interactive service bays and a very streamlined service delivery processes. We have now started the planning phase construction on a second building due for completion in 2015 with a showroom and service centre exclusively for our prestige offering which at the moment is exclusively Land Rover. We have started the expansion process to other European brands so there will be opportunities to cross skill in the years ahead.

A commitment to excellence. The Dealer Principal, Chris Gibson, attends all the product launches and technology updates in Birmingham, UK, and was last there in September 2014. We maintain the highest level of software, technology and tools for each of the brands we support all of which ensures we service our clients well beyond the warranty period. We have strong repeat and referral business because we always put customer service first. We believe that by giving our best to customers today means that we will see them again tomorrow.

Continuous training. Given a Dealer Principal with a professional history in training you can imagine that we take training very seriously. We have a multi-levelled and structured approach to training, as we are genuinely focused on the professional development of all staff. This includes send our technicians and trainees to Land Rover school in Lidcombe, Sydney, to keep our team fully up to date with new releases. We cover all travel and accommodation.



The city of Dubbo is the hub of the Orana region, which covers a third of the land mass of NSW. It is semi-rural drawing its economic strength from a variety of industries from mining and agriculture to small industry and tourism. Unlike the boom or bust of other regional areas Dubbo does not fluctuate with a single industry. Our population is growing at the same rate as the country and will continue to do so.

Clancy’s is next door to NSW’s largest regional shopping centre serving 10,000 people each day. This gives the complex a bustling vibe along with a huge variety of shops, including international labels. It’s also helpful for running chores like banking, getting lunch and having a real break.

Dubbo is young kid’s heaven, loads of activities and a local competition in every junior sport you can imagine. Our dealership has about 35 staff, most of us are in our late 20’s-late 30’s with 6 families expecting babies before Christmas. This is the childhood of everyone’s dreams. As they grow there is a great range of education options from a spread of government schools including one walking distance from the dealership to private denomination schools, technical colleges and a University.

Internationally recognised Dubbo Zoo, brings the city a sustained tourist trade which flows on to other hospitality services and is a great leisure resource for young families. With a 5 eating options, picnic areas and a children’s playground it is an easy place to spend an hour or two for pre-schoolers: lunch with the lions one day, afternoon tea (ice-cream) with the giraffes the next or play on the swings and listen to the sounds of the jungle. For the bigger kids Dubbo Zoo is also the ultimate country bike circuit.

Dubbo is not all about the little ones. We have a great selection of entertainment for all ages including: sporting facilities, Olympic pool, sports stadiums, restaurants, fishing, shooting, camping and a short drive to NSW’s biggest wine growing area

Housing is incredibly affordable whether you are renting for a while or planning to stay and buying. Blocks of land are 600-6,000 sqm, with most are the typical ¼ acre (800 sqm) spacious single storey homes with ample gardens, many with backyard pools (the water table is very close to the surface so bore water is plentiful)

Then there is the sunshine. Dubbo is temperate one day, idyllic the next. Located northwest of Sydney our average annual daytime temperature is 24 degrees Celsius from 18 degrees in winter. Even better there are no chilling off shore or mountain winds in winter no sweltering humidity and tropical rain in summer. We enjoy a stable rainfall and dry heat so it’s very easy living.


WHO ARE DUBBO LAND ROVER; Corporate Strength, Local Leadership

Dubbo Land Rover has evolved from a dealerships established in Dubbo during the 1930’s. Passing through several local owners we are now owned by: Chris Gibson, our Dealer Principal. Chris is also part of the regional group of nine dealerships throughout NSW. This has allowed us to diversify across multiple brands giving us incredible buying power and financial stability.

Chris is a seasoned management professional, originally moving to Dubbo as head of apprentice and training services. He had been a successful sales manager within vehicle sales for ten years before buying in to the business in 2010. Since taking over as Dealer Principal, Chris’s focus has been on creating systems and up skilling all staff. His efforts have paid off with his team becoming Ford Australia’s top dealership in 2013 and on track for top spot with Land Rover for 2014.

A Real Team

We know everyone says this… and here it’s true. We think you will see the difference in our energy and attitude when you talk to us. Dubbo Land Rover has a happy and diverse team who are highly successful, individually and as a group. The service divisions of each product are led by managers with many years of experience, who can help you out of any predicament. There is real cooperation in our team to ensure that all members are as successful as possible. We share the common goal of building a better business and each person’s success is important to us.

Relocation support

We have done this a few times already with several team members from overseas and interstate so we know how to get people through the process. Whether you need visa support from overseas or a simply a hand with logistics we are experienced and ready to help with all aspects of the organisational processes, including bridging accommodation while you house hunt and wait for your furniture to catch up.

Is there a better way to progress a serious career as a technician while still having balance in life? We don’t think so! 

If you agree we invite you to follow the instructions below to provide us your contact details and Résumé


Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology extends to the way we process job applications. As a sales and service business we use an on-line sales and service portal called Sales Inventory Profile, or SIP.

If you wish to be considered for our team, the application process STARTS with registering on the SIP site and uploading the Résumé and Cover Letter, no need to do the SIP assessment.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch. 

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