Your heart goes Zooooommmm!!! – It’s a Mazda!

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  • Join a great, high earning team and continue developing with full sales training
  • Aim for the top in both product and outlet with an expanding QLD market leader
  • Great sales career opportunity! Not just another sales job, clear plan to build a successful sales management career in the south Brisbane market.

Zoom-Zoom! It’s all about the brand!

Whether you are looking for a career change or product change this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. We are currently looking to expand our sales team for the South City Mazda dealership.

Join a company that operates with a dynamic approach to the Automotive industry and give yourself career opportunities with product variety and promotion potential unmatched in the entire South Coast region.

This is your opportunity to remodel your sales career and be working in the automotive environment you have always wanted to be in!

The Challenge

Feeling under-utilised? Are you currently selling also-ran products? Maybe you’re bored – fatally bored – of selling drab products which no one really cares about or remembers. Or perhaps you’ve got other skills, people skills and business development ideas but your knowledge isn’t valued. You’ve probably heard that sales professionals have the highest income, so no wonder these roles attract the very best people.

However, without training and support selling is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting in high value sales roles is less than 10% within two years. Whilst for those that are suited to selling and are nurtured from the outset the rewards are spectacular.

Why is this?

Think about it; you’re new to high value selling or you have a product which is a market chaser rather than a market leader and you’re trying to convince a customer that what may be the largest transaction this year and will impact their daily existence for years to come should be handed over to an unknown sales rep and small business. These customers are understandably wary and attuned to any wrong signal.

Too often sales representatives – especially rookies – are thrown in the deep end; given little more than product specifications and an old contact list and left to get on with it ALONE. Without any training they struggle through the work watching buyers walk out without a glimmer of engagement or spend hours prospecting continuously hearing: “you’re who?”


High Quality Personalised and Market Specific Training

We have been successful as a group because of our multi-levelled and structured approach to training and professional development. Dealing as we are with technologically innovative brands we have access to manufacturer’s brilliant product knowledge and resources so that you will really understand these beautiful cars and be a real product ambassador.

Then to hone your people skills, we conduct regular in-house training sessions supplemented by bringing in specialist trainers for advanced sales development. All the while you will report to, and be mentored by, the new car franchise sales manager. We don’t just make it up as we go – we have a plan for success.

Exciting Products

The Mazda brand holds a great market position: they represent leading technology, consistency and performance while still being within reach of most people. They offer a complete range of vehicles ranging from sub-small fuel misers to performance saloons, people movers and four wheel drive adventure vehicles; all of this with edgy and contemporary styling.

While Mazda is running at number two (for now) in total vehicle sales Australia wide consider that Mazda 3 is the highest selling car in Australia for the third year in a row! The Mazda SX5 is also the largest selling SUV in Australia.

It’s no accident: a complete range of product offerings; all unquestionably reliable, competitively priced, technologically advanced and still fresh and exciting to consumers. All of this is supported by Mazda’s fun marketing and professional after sales service and social media engagement.

Complete Service

South City Mazda is able to offer a one stop service: in-house we have new cars, used cars, service, parts and finance. This means that you never have to risk a customer walking away because of finance or their trade in. Our expanding used car outlet – across the road – is a major support to new Mazda sales as trade-ins can be taken to the maximum benefit of customers. Our excellent service centre means that we offer a genuine comprehensive after sales service which builds customer relationships into the future.


South City Mazda is a flagship facility. Our Mazda showroom has been transformed last year with the latest modern design to meet the demanding standards of a Mazda dealership.

This is a growing business. The dealership is one of the Top 5 dealers in Queensland and we are arguably the fastest growing.

Our sales presence is supported by a modern, well organised and easy to navigate website which showcases our leading deals to best effect and connects with an extensive presence in social media.

A Real Team

South City Mazda has a happy, mixed and culturally diverse sales force who are highly successful individually and as a group. The group is led by a sales manager with over 15 years experience who can help you out of any predicament during the early days. There is real cooperation in this team to ensure that all members are as successful as possible.

SouthCoast Automotive Group is that rare thing in the 21st Century automotive trade: a private company. Being a Top 5 Queensland dealer means having the comfort, security and confidence of a Mazda CX9 while being a private company means that we can turn on a dime like a Mazda 2 spotting the fast track through the traffic. It means that we are able to seize opportunities, keep growing and it’s also why the good work of all team members is recognised.

Is there a better way to build a sales career than this? We don’t think so!


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