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  • Be a key player selling to dormant clients, warm leads and new business
  • Join a great local team culture and develop B2B skills with full sales training
  • Perth leads sales results in an innovative company with REAL opportunity to grow

Be an important member of a real company – a national leader in its market – which will allow you to step up as you prove yourself.

If you are looking for a market sector and products with more depth and the potential to advance to higher levels then this is the opportunity which you have been waiting for. We have an opening in our business to business sales team in Perth.

Join a 100% Australian owned company that operates sales and distribution centres in all of Australia’s capital cities. Our company has a reputation for excellence within the industry and our Perth team has a reputation for excellence within the company; consistently achieving best sales performance across all branches. Give yourself career opportunities with a company big enough to be a technological and business strategy leader but small enough to know who you are and value your work.

This is your opportunity to remodel your sales career and be working in the corporate environment you have always wanted to be in!

The Challenge

Maybe you’re drowning in that tele-sales room – a dead sea of bobbing heads as far as you can see above the partitions; so many ship wrecked workers, so few life jackets and no land in sight. What sort of career will it all lead to?

Or you could be stuck in a retail sector, a super store or even technology store front to a faceless mammoth which is as flat and dry as Lake Eyre with no chance of moving upwards – not an interesting place to hang out if you are really a mountain climber at heart.

You’ve probably started in sales because you heard that sales professionals have the highest income, so no wonder these roles attract the very best people. However, without training and support selling is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting in most sales roles is less than 10% within two years. Whilst for those who are suited to selling and are nurtured from the outset the rewards are spectacular.

Why is this?

Think about it, if you’re new to selling and you’re in pool of dozens of other sales people all selling the same level of product then what incentive does a company have to develop your skills and promote you when you prove yourself?

Too often tele sales lead generators are thrown in the deep end; given little more than product specifications and lists sourced from the phone book and left to get on with it ALONE. A lot of companies treat these sales people like light bulbs; when the light goes out in one they just screw another one in.

Yet what you sell and the type of company you sell with are the most important considerations in building a sales career.


A Quality Australian Owned National Company

Complete Office Supplies has offices and distribution centres in all capital cities; we are a business to business specialist established for more than 35 years. ‘COS is 100% Australian owned and has become a top tier supplier to business and government by building a reputation for excellence in service, quality in products and innovation in systems. ‘COS is not a company to sit on its laurels; we have substantial plans to further develop and expand the company.

High Quality Personalised and Market Specific Training

Complete Office Supplies employs 340 people Australia wide: that’s large enough to do things properly but small enough to know who you are and care about you. Our Canning Vale office is special; we lead the sales results in what is already a great company nationally by being a particularly effective and cohesive group. Maybe that’s the WA spirit – no challenge is too big.

We want people with natural talent to gain skills and take on higher roles and be part of the sales excellence we have established. Therefore we conduct monthly training sessions in-house and bring in outside trainers for specialists topics. We don’t just make it up as we go – we have a plan for success.

This company has been a leader in adopting and developing new technologies – have a look at the 10 point advantage on our website – and most importantly the company has a clear focus on B2B sales of premium products and services.

This is obviously a far stronger platform for a sales person to launch a career from when compared with retail sales or sales of one off services to the general public.

Facilities at Canning Vale

This role is based at our West Australian head office at Canning Vale. The branch is spacious with great amenities and facilities. It has been designed to not only optimise operations but also provide a work environment that will attract talented, ambitious people. It is only five minutes from all amenities such as shops, banking, cafes etc.

More importantly we have a fantastic camaraderie here at Canning Vale; is that because of our outstanding sales results or are the results the cause of the esprit de corps? It’s a chicken and egg argument but what is known is that we have terrific local management with extensive industry experience leading a team of dedicated professionals.

Complete Service

‘COS has the infrastructure with a local command centre and warehousing to provide the responsive service that modern business expects. Here we have two substantial wholesale distribution centres straddling Perth’s booming central business district. We have designed the best systems for ordering, delivering and tracking systems in the Australian market and won innovation awards for doing so.

We have a comprehensive range of premium products to satisfy client demand. Our management systems are certified to international standard (BSI) to ensure quality service, responsible care for the environment and a safe and healthy workplace for us all.


‘COS is the only Australian owned company in the top five in this market sector. There are good reasons for that: focus, integrity and innovation.

The company leadership were able to recognise the right time in history to move from retail to B2B sales (perhaps you should too!) Having made that commitment the company invested heavily in facilities and technology which best supported serving the business sector; ‘COS established a fully interactive on-line ordering system (‘COSnet) in 1998! To put that achievement in context only one Australian bank had managed that in 1998. ‘COS has always invested in innovation in order to stay a market leader.

We value our people and invest in them too. We want all of our people to be productive, to achieve and to further their careers.


‘COS support responsible business practices; that is why we have a certified environmental management system and promote planet friendly product options. ‘COS insist on supply chain responsibility and support recycling programs.


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