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Develop your career with full training, support, stability and a team culture
Be part of a company large enough to reward ability & personal enough to care

Great career opportunity! Not just another sales job. Become a product specialist for the iconic Holden brand. Live your passion!

Join our Quayside Motors dealership in Lismore and create a great career within one of the area’s most respected auto companies, the Crompton Automotive Group.

Whether you are looking for a career change or product change, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! We all know that passion drives performance in life and it is especially true in sales. We are looking a create a specialist brand ambassador for the iconic Holden brand

This is your opportunity to remodel your sales career, while working in the automotive environment you have always wanted to be in!


Afraid of getting stuck in the retail rut? If you are over selling whitegoods or hum-drum consumer products and seeing your good efforts smashed by desperation sales, but you still love the consumer interaction, then coming to vehicle sales is perfect.


Sell a product you have a real passion for. This is the answer for several reasons: it is a high value market, it embraces the latest technology, it’s global, almost everyone needs the product, and success in automotive sales can give you the sort of financial future you’ve dreamed of.

But no matter your passion for the product without training and support, selling is far from easy. The survival rate of people starting in high-value sales is less than 10% within two years. Whilst for those that are suited to selling and are nurtured from the outset, the rewards are spectacular.

At Quayside in Lismore we are offering you  an extensive training process in the product details of the full Holden range as well as how to sell these beautiful vehicles to ensure your passion is full realised in sales results.


What an amazing product range with over 15 models. This includes everything from sub-small to family cars, performance saloons, people movers and four-wheel drives through to utilities and work vehicles. A huge range of product offerings, all unquestionably reliable, competitively priced and technologically advanced, that gives you the ability to connect with all generations of consumers.

With so many product options, you will never need to watch customers walk away because the car is ‘not quite what we were looking for’.

Add to this the fact that Holden is going through a fabulously exciting stage, repositioning itself in the world car market.

While it is sad they are withdrawing local manufacturing, this will give us a fuller international product range with the best models from around the world. Establishing yourself as a successful sales person during 2014, will put you in a great position to benefit from the new Holden product profile in the future.


Corporate strength, local commitment

The Quayside Motors dealerships in Lismore has a proud and incredibly successful local history dating back to the 1980’s, before becoming a member of Crampton Auto Group over ten years ago.

Crampton Automotive Group operates seven dealerships throughout the southern QLD and northern NSW region. This has allowed us to diversify across 13 brands giving us incredible buying power and financial stability.

2014 saw a new dealer principal join the group, an automotive sales professional with over 25 years’ experience. This gives us local decision-making flexibility within the strength of the bigger group. It will also give you the personal attention of a Dealer Principal, who is a seasoned professional, to ensure your sales career is revving right from the start.

High quality, personalised and market specific training

We have been successful as a group because of our multi-levelled and structured approach to training, as we are genuinely focused on the professional development of all staff. There are no tired, old sales tricks here. We have a strong ‘customer first’ culture that focuses on delivering to the customers’ needs first and foremost. We have always dealt with our clients with respect and integrity and they have rewarded us with their return business.

Dealing with technologically innovative brands, we have access to Holden’s extensive product knowledge and resources. This ensures your understanding of all these fantastic cars and that you become a real product ambassador.

Then, to strengthen your people skills, we conduct regular in-house training sessions, supplemented by bringing in specialist trainers for advanced sales development. All the while, you will report to and be mentored by, both the Sales Manager and Dealer Principal to help develop your skills.

We don’t just make it up as we go – we have a plan for your success.

A Real Team

Quayside Motors has a happy and diverse sales force who are highly successful, individually and as a group. The group is led by a sales manager with over 10 years selling experience, who can help you out of any predicament. There is real cooperation in this team to ensure that all members are as successful as possible. We share the common goal of building a better business and each person’s success is important to us.

Community profile

Growing up within Lismore as a local for over 30 years, Quayside Motors believe in giving back to the local community – after all, our team are locals too, and share the benefits of the lifestyle on offer here. We are proud sponsors of several local sporting groups in both Lismore as well as providing a vehicle for the Westpac Rescue Lifesaver Helicopter service. We love being involved in these community groups.Is there a better way to build a sales career than this? We don’t think so!


We have a sophisticated and vigorous selection procedure which starts with an online selling capacity assessment, called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’. This process ensures that if we offer you a position in our business, you can plan on building a long term career with us. We choose our staff carefully, support them properly and many years later they are still selling with us.

If you wish to be considered for our team, the application process STARTS with registering on the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment by pressing the ‘Apply for this Job’ button below.

AFTER completing the assessment, upload your Résumé and Cover Letter, again at the SIP site. In your Cover Letter, please explain your specific interest in becoming an automotive sales consultant and your affinity to our product range.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch. 

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