From trainee lead generator to Real Estate professional @ The Property Co Penrith

  • No Experience needed, full training + sales professional to convert your leads
  • Salary + Bonuses while you’re a lead generator then own territory + full comms
  • Great team environment, ongoing training and INNOVATIVE marketing support


Ready to become a local heavyweight? Not just another sales job; clear plan to build a successful Real Estate career with an emerging brand. APPLY NOW!

Love selling but feeling stuck in an office that is going nowhere? Are you frustrated by yesterday’s technologies and methodologies? Are you fenced into a small territory and need to spread your wings? Or are you a successful sales professional of another product? If any of these apply to you then join a market which will remain strong, has the largest consumer unit sales value and best of all is in your backyard.

Whether you are a sales professional in RE or a different industry why not join a strong, well-resourced business which will let you concentrate on selling, so you can drive your own success. Either way, if you are a local who is passionate about the Nepean area and want to help local families and investors with their biggest financial decision, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Join our dynamic young brand in the heart of the Nepean and start your sales career working in the real estate environment you have always wanted to be in.

The Challenge 
You’ve probably heard that real estate has the highest paid sales staff, so no wonder the role attracts the very best people. However, listing real estate is far from easy; the survival rate of people starting in sales roles is less than 10% after two years.

Why is this? 

Guiding people through the most important financial decision many will ever make i.e. selling their own home, demands a certain type of person with highly tuned selling skills. While great agents make, this look simple; if you’ve ever looked at homes for sale you’ll know there are loads of people who just don’t have it in them.


This is an outstanding opportunity to secure a sales career in a growth industry with truly unlimited commission potential when you are fully skilled. To get you to this level we are offering you full support with an, leading edge local office and a structured training process followed by loads of ongoing training.

Our selection process

We plan for success, not failure, which is why we only start people whom we believe have the inbuilt qualities of an effective sales person specifically for the real estate industry.  The importance of our sales requires extensive and finely tuned sales skills quite different to other sales jobs.

The first part of this process is the careful selection of staff to join our team using a sales specific selection system called Sales Inventory Profile (SIP) which identifies if you have the inherent ability to sell, even if you have no prior sales experience and this skill is currently dormant. We won’t let you give up your current role just to ‘have a go’. If we offer you a role it will be because we can see you have the right ingredients needed to list and sell real estate.

Continuous training

When you join us, we commit our resources and a clear process from day one to your learning, to ensure your first year is profitable and from there on, stellar! Our approach is to step training into sections so you learn and then implement the stages of selling one at a time.

This starts with learning to prospect and building a pipeline in your own territory.  In this stage, you will work with our principal Adam Leatherbarrow who will convert your leads to listings until you are able to do all the components alone. As a busy principal, Adam is motivated to having you fully skilled and working independently as soon as possible so this is not a glorified sales support role.

We take training very seriously and we are genuinely focused on the on-going professional development of all staff. We will send you to industry-specific courses as they become available. You will have access to extensive on-line training resources as well as participate with the entire team in in-house sessions with a professional Real Estate Coach.

Best of Bred Resources

We recognise that in a crowded marketplace our sales people need all the tools and competitive advantage available.

Following our decision to buy out the previous owner in mid-2106 we choose to re-brand to a local identity giving us the freedom to pick and choose from an international toolbox of products, resources and techniques. This has taken our marketing, systems and technology leadership to another level. This includes a full development of our website and internet presence mid-2016.

Our support staff can generate and publish comprehensive individualised vendor presentations and point of sale material that gives you a unique point of difference reflects our leadership and leaves you free to focus on dollar productive activity.

Local Leadership

Principal Adam Leatherbarrow entered the real estate in the Nepean market in a role like this in 2009. Joining at the same time as two of his current agents, he has a unique insight into how to learn, work and succeed in the modern real estate environment. Having only worked since the industry has been technology dominated there are no ‘this used to work’ strategies in his kit bag.

The emotional roller coaster of changing industries and juggling your family’s financial position in the first year of real estate sales is still very fresh in his mind and gives him the empathy and practical knowledge to lead you through this stage in your career. Adam understands that building stable and profitable careers is the best path to a happy local team. your career as to steer.

A Real Team

We know everyone says this … but here it’s true. We think you will see the difference in our energy and attitude when you talk to us. We are a happy and diverse team which is highly successful, both individually and as a group. As each team member has their own clearly defined territory we all have plenty of opportunities to pursue without needing to compete internally.

The Right Financial Package for You

We have realistic targets for your first year with us that are balanced between achievement and challenge and we will reward you proportionately for exceeding these. We start you with a full salary for the first 3 months of training or while you remain in the lead generator role before going full agent status with a commission structure.

That’s what we offer to the right candidates at The Property Co and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us.

So, what are we looking for in you?

  • A local resident committed to everything the Nepean lifestyle must offer, ideally living within 20 minutes’ drive of central Penrith.
  • Car licence with no criminal convictions.
  • You’re ready for a serious career as a sales professional and are committed to the journey of excellence.


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, please click on the Upload Résumé button to give us your Résumé and Cover Letter. Save both documents as .pdf or .doc the old Word format so we can open them on all devices.

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THE COVER LETTER Tell us about your passions and what you want for your future and specifically what attracts you to us and working in Real Estate.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch.

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