From BDM to real estate sales star @ First National Robina

  • firstnationalSalary (no starving) + Commission (uncapped earning potential)
  • More resources + more training + happy team = more job satisfaction!
  • Work for the area’s largest most successful agent, latest technology, no dramas

Huge opportunity to build a real career with a great business First National Robina Town Centre. Real estate income working business hours.

If you have ever dreamed of joining the lucrative real estate sales world this may be the most important advert you will ever read.

Before you sign up for any one of the dozens of residential sales jobs always on offer, think about this unique pathway for your career which provides a long term career as well as lifestyle balance with dedicated service provider!


If you are already in Real Estate in any role you know that Property Management is a vital component of a successful real estate agency. Signing up new landlords for property rentals is a full blown new business development role with uncapped income potential just like residential sales but has significantly more appeal for someone already in Property Management or totally new to Real Estate.


If you are already in a Property Management, Leasing or a sales support role you may be ready for a new challenge and wanting the ability to earn a significantly higher income, like the residential agents can, but you may not want the high risk or night and weekend work that residential agents are locked into. There is another way, read on.

Easier to make money in selling Property Management

  1.  More sales opportunities in a single week with fewer agents competing against you.
  2. Short selling cycle from first contact with a landlord to their decision to choose an agent.
  3. Shorter selling cycle after you are chosen as their new agent, so you will be paid promptly without waiting months for the house to sell and settle before commission is paid.

Less risky to get a start in selling Property Management

Selling Property Management services is not dominated by high profile established sales superstars. Real estate sales careers in listing and selling property have a 70% PLUS failure rate for ‘rookies’ in their first 12 months, even for experienced agents changing areas, because like most areas of Sydney the Inner Suburbs market is tightly held by very well known, established Real Estate ‘stars’.

Succeeding in selling Property Management is not about the establishment, the school you attended, clubs you belong to or the spelling of your surname. You can successfully compete in this product with good sales processes and personal dedication.

High income sales role with a personal life

Unlike the 24/7 nature of residential sales, this work is a 5 days a week role mostly conducted Monday to Friday. We are also willing to split the role with school hours or around a University degree from our office and the balance of hours from your home. Investment landlords treat rental property as a business activity and most expect to conduct business with you within working hours.

This means you can earn a similar level of income the real estate industry is famous for whilst still having a life outside of work.

Is there a better way to build a real estate career than this? We don’t think so! 



Peter Whitcroft, Business Leader

Guiding your learning is our business owner and licensee Peter Whitcroft, who has a wealth of selling experience and knowledge about our market.

Peter’s whole career has been in real estate starting as a youngster almost straight from school. Following an award-winning career in Real estate sales in Melbourne, Peter saw the light and moved to the Gold Coast in 1987 to establish his own award-winning business. Peter is now a business owner focused on developing solid business systems and supporting his staff to be their very best.

Peter is no longer a ‘young gun’ focused on his own success leaving the staff to manage for themselves. Peter is a true business leader, focused on running the whole business and has done this very successfully through all the different market cycles ensuring the success of the entire team.

Our Office

One of Peter’s strategic business decisions was to move an established business into the Robina Town Centre in 2000. This gives us, and you, walk by traffic of over 50,000 people a year. Being part of South East Queensland’s biggest retail centre means everyone in the community knows us. Many of them walk past us every week. It’s also a fabulous, vibrant work environment full of energy and of course the convenience of having so many services for your own use just a few steps away.

We are a proud member of The First National Real Estate Network, which in just 33 years has grown to be one of Australasia’s largest and most successful independent real estate brands, with over 500 offices across Australia and New Zealand. Our growth success is based on our co-operative structure where there is a genuine desire by members to help each other. A network of our size and resources gives us access to all the benefits you will need. Technology, marketing systems and processes are constantly being upgraded to stay in front of the competition.

Our Community

Operating from the Robina Town Centre we cover the heart of the Gold Coast including Robina, Varsity Lakes, Mudgeeraba and Merrimac. This Greater Robina area, as we like to call it, is a thriving part of the Gold Coast from the prestige of Bond University to the growing IT community at Varsity Lakes and a variety of businesses choosing to open near the train station to Brisbane.

Varsity Lakes is emerging as Australia’s Silicon Valley with a concentration of technology businesses setting up offices. As more and more creative professionals are able to work wherever their fingertips and a phone take them, they are deserting miserable Melbourne and soulless Sydney for the family friendly lifestyle of the Queensland Coast.

All this contributes to a solid real estate market that is not as prone to the fluctuations of the Australian economy or as reliant on local tourist volumes. We are in the stable ‘middle of the market’ and the nature of our landlords and tenants reflect that. No wonder Peter has been here so long.

The Right Financial Package

A salary package is negotiable relative to experience and future remuneration will be based on achievement and challenge, and we reward you proportionately for exceeding these.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at First National Robina

… and that’s how we will help you build your sales career with us!


So what are we looking for in you?

  • A local resident, ideally living within 20 minutes’ drive of Robina.
  • You’re ready for a serious career as a sales professional and are committed to the learning journey to a level of excellence.
  • Car licence with no criminal convictions.


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and cover letter again at the SIP site.

We would like to suggest you tell us a bit about your plans for your career in the cover letter as well as specifically what attracts you to our industry and us. Your Résumé will tell us what you have done, SIP will show us what you can do in terms of account management and the cover letter is your chance to tell us about your passions and what you want for your future.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch.

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