Create a professional sales career starting at the top in Sydney’s North Shore




If you’re READY TO JOIN THE MOST LUCRATIVE SELLING INDUSTRY IN Australia and want to start at the top consider this vastly superior pathway into a career with Cammeray’s leading agency to uncap your income.

• Learn Real Estate selling with a market leader, leads+ training + support
• Room to establish your own profile in adjoining market with our resources
• Experienced professionals to convert your leads while you develop your RE skills

If you’re ready to uncap your income in high end residential sales consider this vastly superior pathway into a career with Cammeray’s leading agency.

How about this competitive advantage to start your career! By joining the team at Justin Ferguson Property Specialists, you will be partnered with one of the North Shore’s most successful real estate agents and the clear market leader in Cammeray.

You will have the benefit representing a popular local brand giving you instant recognition plus we have existing leads to work on while you set up your own identify in the neighbouring market.

Justin is committed to providing you a learning pathway working with the best so that you can build a successful real estate sales career within his team.

Before you decide where you need to be consider this vital fact!

Most new real estate sales people are expected to list properties alone from the day they start often with no training except their registration.

Now think about that! Why would a home owner, especially in our very prestigious market, give you a total unknown their multi-million dollar home to sell? Surely they want one of the fellow millionaire Real Estate stars with a proven track record of success to represent their primary asset. The answer is they usually do. This is why so many new careers in real estate are over within a year!

We would like to talk about a different approach

Justin Ferguson has helped numerous fledgling agents start their careers, and establish their place as local identities in this star studded market. Justin has a very clear plan that has been proven to work by combining your strengths with his expertise and resources.

While you learn your craft and establish a pipeline in your own defined market you will be helping Justin in his own territory. As the market leader in Cammeray Justin has leads and listings he will share with you to get you selling from day 1. This way you have a chance to earn money and watch a seasoned professional at work.

We have defined territories and we support our agents establish themselves as the specialists for that specific market. You can influence exactly where this might be to make best use of your own local contacts. We have already established strong profiles in many areas throughout the Lower North Shore.

Instead of being alone as an unknown ‘rookie’ you will be benefiting from our extensive marketing presence and branding. We work with you to decide where your greatest potential lies given your personality, style, background and personal networks.

When we define your area Justin will partner you for your first year to give you the chance to learn from his knowledge rather than by making your own mistakes. You will be starting as a full agent from day one in a territory of your own but with the support of our existing staff to ensure you are not alone. Our experienced reps to ensure your leads are converted to listings and your listings sold while you learn the ropes.

You are assured of working in a success dominated environment. This ‘real world’ training just can’t be learnt in the classroom or from a set of DVD’s.

If you are an experienced agent already working in the North Shore we can tailor our process to help take your career to the next level.

There is no better way to build a career in real estate than here!



We recognise that in a crowded marketplace our sales people need all the tools and competitive advantage available.

Reporting to Principal Justin Ferguson ensures you have the support of one of the lower North shores best and most respected real estate agent. With property sales exceeding 60 million per year, Justin understands what it takes to succeed and is committed to sharing his knowledge with you.


Justin has been training successful real estate sales professionals for decades. His proven system will ensure that you master the industry and write your own pay cheques. Tailor your own training based on your individual needs, through real world experience and mentor from our team of experts.


We have a marketing system which identifies interested buyers and automatically notifies them of newly listed properties. These are the sort of tools that will drive your competitive advantage in the market place.


We don’t want you starving to death while you learn, that’s why we are offering a guaranteed salary for your first three months while you find your feet in your new territory.


We have a clear focussed business plan that guides your business activities step by step to ensure you become effective as quickly as possible. No guess work for you.

At the end of your partnership period of 12-18 months you will have your own portfolio of sold homes in the area to use as references to compete against established agents from other agencies as an equal.


Our heritage:

Justin Ferguson established our high profile office in 1998. Today it is the dominating agency in Cammeray village. Our longevity in the market means we have strong support throughout our neighbouring suburbs: Northbridge, Crows Nest and North Sydney.

As one of the area’s leading independent offices we are NOT restricted to tiny geographic areas like many of the franchise brands are. This means your geographic opportunities with us have NO restrictions.

A sophisticated market

Our area is a much sought-after, vibrant and sophisticated property market. Here, you will be dealing with discerning with investors and property developers.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at Justin Ferguson Property Specialists, and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us!


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

We would like to suggest you tell us a bit about your plans for your career in the Cover Letter as well as what attracts you to our industry. Your Résumé will tell us what you have done, SIP will show us what you can do in terms of selling and the cover letter is your chance to tell us what you want for your future.

So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, press the’ Apply for this job’ button below

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire please click on the Upload Résumé button to upload both your résumé and if you have one you’re Cover-letter.

We will be in touch.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!

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