A Property Management career to be proud of @ McCarthy Estate Agents Rozelle

  • McCarthyMake a serious career move by joining an organised and friendly team
  • Your chance to enter the real estate industry with full training and support.
  • Sydney Inner City, Aust’s most robust, sophisticated & fun real estate market

Great opportunity to build your dream career with more resources, more personal development giving you more job satisfaction! No new business chasing!

Welcome to Real Estate. Join McCarthy Estate Agents as a trainee and start a real estate career to be proud of.

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world……” so the old Barbara Streisand song goes!

At McCarthy Estate Agents we value people, who understand that business, and especially real estate, is not about processes and products; it is about the people. At McCarthy, we are focused on helping you grow into an extraordinary industry specialist.

Whether you are looking for a career change or a career start and you are a local interested in working as a Property Manager join our happy caring office in the heart of Sydney’s Inner City, and start your real estate career working in the environment you have always wanted to be in.


The role

You’ve probably heard stacks about the sales part of working within Real Estate but may not realise that the core profitability of every office is dependent on the effectiveness of their Property Management team. Ours is the very best in the area, reflecting the high quality of professionalism we provide our clients.

We are growing our Property Management team with a junior member of staff to assist our experienced Property Manager with all parts of the process until you have gained the skills and confidence to manage a portfolio of clients yourself.

You will be working in all aspects of support from directing phone enquiries through to managing the legal requirements of our client documentation, processing lease agreements, managing advertising requirements and conducting reference checking etc.



McCarthy Estate Agents is an Australian Achiever Award winning agency established in 2003 by Gerard McCarthy.


Trainee Program focused on professional development

We never underestimate the complexity and sophistication of helping our landlords manage their biggest investment assets. The enormity of their trust means we need finely tuned management and administrative skills that are quite different to other jobs. We don’t leave you to work any of this for yourself.

The first part of this process is the careful selection of staff to join our team using a sales specific selection tool called Sales Inventory Profile (SIP). While you will not be selling in this role you are managing relationships with our clients and that requires a specific style of person. We offer only the appropriate people a role with us to ensure you can succeed and become a long-term member of the team.

When you start with us we offer you extensive initial training under the guidance of our Principal, Gerard McCarthy, who will show you how to perform each component of the process effectively before expecting you to learn the next. You will also participate in other on-site training with the Senior Property Manager as well specialist external training, such as the Crucial Conversations from Vital Smarts, all paid for by the office.

All our training is focused on developing your skills and your knowledge to allow you to confidently conduct difficult conversations that result in our landlords making the right decisions, appreciating your input and your professionalism.  Our focus is being our landlords’ advocate, always supporting and working for them. We maintain integrity in all our dealings and show our tenants the respect they deserve regardless of their circumstances or position.

This is not a one size fits all training process. Given your existing business experience and confidence, you may be in the role of trainee between 12 to 24 months.


Our Industry is Technology Driven

Unlike many other businesses, real estate is at the forefront of online technologies and innovation. Clients are savvy users; advertising is all online, people expect to be able to tour properties without physically visiting them all, competitors are all constantly searching for new delivery systems to reach today’s and tomorrow’s clients. This is the environment you want to be in!


You will be engaged in all aspects of the administrative process from general enquiries to managing our advertising, providing you with a varied and challenging working day. The last thing you’ll die from here is – boredom. You will learn more in this diverse role than any other administration job we can imagine.


Maybe you are still studying, maybe you have superior ‘online’ skills or maybe your current position is boring and you’d like to join a more dynamic market sector. Whatever the case it’s all possible with us! Here’s your chance to be somebody important from the early stages of this growing office.


Be in a role where the work you do is not all pre-determined, every day is different, and where you get the chance to make a difference to the bottom line success of a business by using your strong administration, computer and client contact skills and knowledge inside the very dynamic property industry.

Finally, why spend hours commuting to work, work here where you live. We do and we love it!


Our inner city market place

Our office gives us unparalleled coverage over some of the best real estate in Sydney, including apartments and houses all around Sydney’s Inner Suburbs. This city circle is Australia’s most robust and steadily growing market.

This is a very diverse, sophisticated and culturally dynamic market covering a wide spectrum of property from sophisticated apartments, family homes, to terraces and industrial conversions. As investors in Sydney property, many of our clients are well educated and successfully individuals who appreciate the professional resources we provide.

Despite this heavy commercial pulling power, our suburbs all still function as welcoming and intimate villages and have the human elements that make living in an international city pleasurable.


That’s what we offer the right candidates at McCarthy Estate Agents …. And that’s how we will help you build your real estate career with us!


So What Are We Looking For In You?

We welcome your applications whether or not you have worked Real Estate if you:

  • have some administrative experience
  • feel ready to become a property specialist
  • are wanting to take your career to the next level, with new challenges and opportunities
  • have a current driver’s licence and access to a car

To work in all aspects of Real Estate, you will also need to be registered. If you already have your Certificate of Registration, please make sure you have listed that in your résumé.

So if you are keen to talk to us about your future, please follow the instructions below. 


Our application STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. Press the ‘Apply for this Job’ button to start

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Next click on the ‘Upload Résumé’ button to upload your résumé (CV) and cover letter. Save both documents as .pdf or .doc (the old Word) format so we can open them on all devices.

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THE COVER LETTER Tell us about your passions and what you want for your future and specifically what attracts you to us and working in Real Estate.

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch.

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