Here’s what business is saying about SIP!

I recommend the SIP system to help select the right candidate for your real estate agency. I recently employed the services of Maya Saric and her SIP system and believe the process saved me many hours and helped with the selection/elimination of prospective employees.

The system is fast and user friendly and only candidates that pass the test with a suitable score and recommendation are contacted for interviews; those who don’t quite meet the criteria can be put on hold or sent a sorry email directly from the system.

I own a small business in a small regional town. While knowing the majority of the people and prospective sales candidates in my community can be helpful with selecting the next salesperson, I have found it can also be damaging to your business if you select the wrong person from a small community and they happen to unfortunately fail in this industry. Letting that person go in a small town takes a little while to get over. Although someone may know everyone in their community and be likeable, they may not necessarily have the traits necessary for relentless prospecting/success. I have recently selected a new sales cadet using SIP with the intention of employing what Maya refers to as a “hunter”. So far, all is going extremely well. The new cadet has no fear of cold calling and is a relentless prospector which has already resulted in increased listings. He is also an honest and genuine person who I am confident is an ethical ambassador for my business.

In addition to the SIP system, the on-boarding literature provided by Maya as part of program helped me plan and structure those important first few weeks for the new employee to settle in with the team and business.PRD SEEK format

Robert Horder

Principal/Licensee, PRDnationwide Kyogle NSW


3 listings in first 3 weeks








September 2015Elliott Shiner First National SIP sales advert






We have successfully recruited agents for both our residential and commercial sales teams with SIP since late 2009. The SIP recruitment process attracted a good range of candidates and the scoring system made deciding who to interview and recruit very easy.

SIP worked brilliantly in identifying that Ben has the right attributes as predicted by his good SIP score.

The team assessment was also spot on. I was impressed by how SIP got everybody right in the office. It proved that my existing staff had the right DNA and that they only need to be supported by the environment, monitoring, leadership and mentoring.

I would definitely use SIP the next time we need to recruit.RaineAndHorne_Logo[1]

Michael Smith
Raine & Horne Marrickville
Licensee / Proprietor J.p., A.R.E.I
(02) 9560-7599


InConsult is in the business of helping organisations manage risk, so it is natural that we also manage the risks in our organisation.

The role of Sales and Marketing Manager at InConsult is vital for our continued growth plan. Not only because this was our first Sales and Marketing role, but risk, compliance and audit services are inherently difficult to ‘sell’. Finding the ‘right’ person was critical. After an initial 80 responses to our Seek ad, we put the SIP process and team to work with amazing results.

In a nutshell, SIP exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use. It took the unnecessary guesswork out of selecting the candidates. SIP shortlisted the candidates that responded so that we only talked to candidates that we felt were suitable. This left us free time to concentrate on the interviews particularly on the more emotional and experience based aspect of the position i.e. cultural fit and team dynamics fit. I would highly recommend using SIP as an effective recruitment and short listing tool for sales roles.

Regards,InConsult Logo
Tony Harb
L3, 66 King St, Sydney NSW 2000
Mobile: +61 0416 207 186
Office: +61 2 9241 1344
Direct: +61 2 8007 6091
Fax: +61 2 8007 6099


October 2012

Hi Maya

As you are aware I was having difficulty trying to comprehend how an organisation in Sydney could help my selection of salespeople in Toowoomba. After 2 years of regular phone calls I finally decided to give you a go. To my surprise your system was comprehensive & easy to follow. It took the hassle & lengthy interviews that I previously held & in many cases still not getting the right people.

It was a surprise to find the quality of applicants that you provided excellent which made it difficult to chose the best to be an acceptable member of my team.

Your process is excellent & I will certainly be using SIP in future.

Regards,Logo for First National - Toowoomba
Doug Trenham
First National Toowoomba Copas Newnham Pty Ltd
Mobile Contact 0438 438 619
We put you first…


July 2012

If you are sick of going through “awesome resume” only to find out the people you are interviewing are no where near the quality you first expected. Implement a recruitment system that will do the screening for you and only meet people that qualifies and more likely to fit your business. The SIP program will work for you while you are still focus on running the day to day of your business. I recommend it 🙂

Chris Laval
Ray White – Mackay City

Feburary 2012

We have always handled recruitment in the traditional way, working our way through CVs and making judgements about people based on that and word-of-mouth. We were successful with this approach about 50% of the time.

When we decided that there had to be a better way we looked around and were referred to Sales Inventory Profile.

We profiled the entire office to give us a benchmark and started recruiting using SIP. Our only failures since then have been when we went against the results. It is now company policy not to hire anybody in Sales, Property Management or Administration unless they have completed a SIP test.

Maya Saric also taught us how to write a different sort of advertisement for Seek that generates more enquiry and completed tests than we had experienced in the past. The response rate is really quite outstanding.

We have just started our third year using Sales Inventory Profile. Applied correctly taking into account the different attributes you are looking for in Sales, Property Managers and Administration staff this is a management tool you can use right across the real estate industry.

David Hamilton
Director, First National Palm Beach, The Pines & Burleigh
PO Box 500, Palm Beach, Qld 4221| P: 075559 9600 | F: 075598 2110 | M: 0419763 924

January 2012

I met with Maya to discuss her program and have subsequently completed an assessment and had a review of this assessment.
I have seen a lot of these programs over the years and this is the best one I have seen.

Personally this has served as a great way to look at myself and review what I need to work on to deliver in my role. The survey report has highlighted areas that I consciously need to focus on and areas where I have good skills.

I think this would be very valuable tool to assist us to develop strong and successful teams across BP and for that matter QBE. Maya would be a great resource to enable QBE to overcome what I think is its most important area for improvement.

Pat West
National Manager, Key Accounts
Corporate Partners & Direct – Business Partners
QBE Australia
Visit us on the web at

May 2011

Hi Maya,
Thank you for your persistence and dedication to your product, without your unwavering enthusiasm I would not have used SIP to assist me in the growth and development of our business. Persistence beats resistance!!
Our first recruitment initiative utilising SIP yielded several possible new employees for our team, three of which we employed. All three have fitted perfectly into our culture and are well on their way to becoming successful Real Estate Agents.
This week we have started our second recruitment drive and already have a number of quality candidates to choose from.
Maya, when value outweighs cost, the choice is simple.
Barry Price.
Ray White – Newcastle City

Ray White Newcastle

May 2011

Dear Maya
I would like to thank you for assessing our entire Staff (29). Your way of assessing, I believe accurately sums up the category of many of our Team Members. Even when engaging in a phone conference call with you, you were very accurate in pin pointing the strengths/weaknesses of each individual. This was quite amazing, considering that you have never met any of our Staff!

I think your professional system will greatly assist Employers with more accurate and proper Staff selection.
It’s “easy to hire, but hard to fire” individuals. Your process will assist in engaging and retaining a Professional Staff member.

Craig Tweed

May 2011

When I first hired your company I wasn’t quite sure what to expect however after reading the advertisement for the position you wrote up, it was very clear that you guys knew what you were doing. I was really impressed with the scoring system you have and the notes are crucial in understanding what sort of applicants were applying for the job. I interviewed 3 applicant however from your notes and the scores I knew who we were going to hire before we even met the applicants and it was 100% accurate with the assumptions we made. It made my life a lot easier hence that’s why I have referred you on to others already.
I appreciate everything you have done and will look forward to getting you to help me find another applicant when it’s time to put on my 2nd PA.
Warm Regards,
Camille Allam
Licensed Real Estate Agent

December 2010

I don’t need to talk to recruitment consultants any more I’ve got SIP.
Recruitment is generally more of humanity than a science, but SIP has now provided a greater level of rigor to our processes and resulted in more quickly establishing the appropriate personality styles for specific roles. A time saving tool that assists us in focusing on quality applicants
Rob Forsyth
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
SOPHOS – simply secure

December 2010

We have used the SIP system since 2010 to assist in the recruitment process for sales people and have found it to be efficient and the advice from Maya Saric has been extremely helpful.

October 2010

After using SIP to profile our existing team it gave me the insights into how I could assist each team member with the development of their career in real estate. We have also used SIP in recruitment and selected a trainee 9 months ago who in her first month of working with buyers sold 4 properties.

SIP plays an important role in our recruitment process not only allowing us to indentify the right person for the right role but equally quickly indentifies the wrong person.

Mark Millington
Lakeshores First National

October 2010

Just wanted to put down my appreciation for what you have delivered to our business with your SIP profile tool, we have found in it a very good system not just to help identify candidates but also, through the web site ,manage applications and streamline the administrative process.

I also want to compliment you and Jon on staying in touch through the process and being available when we had questions, it’s been a good productive experience and I look forward to working with you in the future
Kind regards

Scott Chadwick
Principal, Chadwick First National

October 2010

We have hired various staff members by the old tried & true 1/2 hour interview with little idea what we were really looking for. Being a salesperson at heart I always relied on instinct. This method works really well 2 out of 3 times. Unfortunately the third time costs me money through lost time & loss of business.
I decided to try the SIP system, when hiring a new Buyers Agent/P.A, as my last 2 efforts were less than successful. We received 8 strong applicants with 2 standouts. I ended up hiring both.

Renee made 6 sales last month. She had never been in sales before but showed strong aptitude & desire. Joel is now an integral part of our Sales Support Team. He is only 18 but has the responsibilities of some of our more senior staff. All of the strengths & weaknesses pointed out in their results were spot on. We were able to adapt our training methods to these results saving time & getting better results.

We will look to build our team later this year & will be using SIP to get it right – again!

Darren Latty
Managing Director PRDnationwide, Penrith

October 2010

I was a little sceptical at first as I wasn’t really in a position for hiring any more staff due to office space & the cost involved per applicant but after doing the test I can see in the long term it will save you not only money but also a lot of time in training people that may or may not be income producing for your business.

I put our whole team through the test and found the results very interesting and in a lot a ways true to the way they operate as individuals. This tool I believe would be very resourceful and beneficial tool in recruiting the right team members for your selling team as it pin points the keys areas & personalities you need in salespeople to be successful otherwise all your office will be is a revolving door for sales people.

Ainsley Driver,
Director | Bundaberg

August 2010

Hi Maya,

I found using SIP saved me a lot of time not having to search through all the resumes to pick out the best ones. I felt it really suited what I was looking for, so much better than having all the applicants come in for an interview. The SIP process is good in the sense that the potential candidates actually have to put an effort into applying for the job and gives us a detailed report on the applicant and how they would suit the particular role we are looking for based on their outcome of the SIP test.

Thanks for introducing me and our company to your methods. I would recommend this system.


Daniel Formosa – Director
79 – 81 Blacktown Road
P 02 8882 4444 F 02 9621 1158 M 0416 374 944 E

August 2010

I want to thank you for your terrific support over the past year, and look forward to another good one next year with you. We are putting on 4 new people early in the year, and we’ll do another recruitment campaign early February.

All the best

Ray and Jill Benn

Director | Principal Licensee

Avoca Business Services Pty Ltd ABN 66 106 616 639 trading as:
PRDnationwide Bribie Island

May 2010

Thank you, doing a great job beyond my expectations. As you know being a selling principal does not always allow enough time to investigate candidates thoroughly.

Thank You,

ROB McGOLDRICK – Principal

December 2009

I’m impressed. Isn’t this a fantastic start and what a great system. My Sales Manager and I will have a good look through and be back with some questions no doubt.
Kind Regards
Ian Jensen
Principal & Auctioneer
Raine & Horne Mackay

September 2009

Just wanted to update you and let you know that after the interview process we have appointed XXXXXXX as the newest member of our team. We were delighted with the service that you and your company provided us through the process; it certainly increased both the number and quality of applicants we received.

Many Thanks

Adam Woods
R&W Mudgee

July 2009

8th April 2009

PRD letter to their offices

Recruiting Sales People

As real estate business owners we all know how difficult it is to recruit the “right” sales people we have recently been presented with a total recruitment system called SIP (sales Inventory profile) The system is now being used by competitors and is designed to qualify if prospective and existing employees are ‘cut out’ to be successful real estate sales people.
There has never been a better time to invest in growing your sales team to ensure you increase your market share, revenue and profit.
To find out more please contact Maya Saric on 0407005290 for a no obligation discussion and a free analysis of your existing sales team!
Yours Faithfully,

Graeme Spink

National Franchise Director

PRD Nationwide

April 2009

Dear Members,
As you would recall, an email was sent to you in January advising of the new Professionals Recruitment Programme. You may also recall that part of the program involved the testing of potential new staff using an online psychometric profiling test called SIP or Sales Inventory Profile. The test is the Australian Real Estate industry’s first online psychometric profiling test with 361 questions to be completed in 45 minutes and indentifies 75 different character traits that compliment what makes a sales achievers tick.
I am pleased to share with you that our Montgomery office’s (Kogarah, Brighton-Le-Sands, Penshurst & Allawah) have just tested their current staff using the SIP program and below is the feedback from Montgomery’s Manager – Jim Shortall:

Just an update on the SIP testing. As you are aware we agreed to Jon and Maya applying their SIP test to all our Sales and Property Management Staff and as well Managerial and some admin staff.

The results produced, when compared with our own staff assessments, were surprisingly accurate. It certainly brought into focus the strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in all of us.

I guess the fact that must be always kept in mind that this type of testing should be considered as only the first step in the selection process for new staff. It gives us an assessment of the character traits inherent in a candidate which predispose them to be successful as a salesperson or property manager. It does not disclose the skill set which a candidate may have or have not. The second part of this selection process is the training and experience which a candidate has acquired or needs to acquire to be successful.

As with all tests there can be some surprises which are put down to attributes that has been hidden or missed. In our case there was one such result produced which moved one employee into a category which, on face value, is out of place. The test brought to our attention the potential in this employee which, to some extent, had been overlooked.

We are pleased with the process and are now using the test this week on a group of candidates for a sales position. I believe that this testing process is worthwhile and should be included in the recruitment drive that is proposed for March. It will be interesting to see what is rolled out.

Jim Shortall
Montgomery Real Estate
email :

We would encourage you to contact Jim on the above details to further confirm or clarify any thoughts you may be having about the product, and we are hopeful you see even further value in the new Professionals Recruitment Program!
Kind Regards,

Chandelle Lord
Territory Manager
Professionals Service Centre

February 2009