SIP – Recruiting Sales Staff

Maya: Yes. So, we provide a sales audit of your company’s sales capacity. So, we test your existing team, not because we want to know whether or not they can sell because you already know that. But to look at their style and the combination of attributes that they possess so that across the team, we’ve got the right sort of people. Sometimes that means we’re going to move people around to support each other because one’s really good at closing and the other’s really good at strategy. Between them they’re perfect, right? So, in your job set it might be best to have little teams of people who have the component parts of the sales process.

Steve: To me, it sounds like one of the best numerical programs that are out there on the market and what you do is different to anybody else. But it just makes sense to know if your right people are in the right jobs doing the right things. People should just get the audit to make sure that their business is performing optimally.

Maya: Yes. And sometimes we’ve got resources that lie dormant and you don’t realize. There are people who are currently in sale support or in customer service who might be extraordinarily good sales staff for you. They already know your product, already know your culture and you like them already. They fit your business, but they’ve been too shy or they never thought of it or life hasn’t led them that way.

Steve: Just uncovering gems.

Maya: Yes. So I trained as an accountant for example, straight out of school but ended up, luckily, in sales and there are lots of people in your business at the moment who are in a different job function who have what it takes to sell.

Steve: Okay, look, anybody who’s got a sales force whatsoever really needs to get this audit done to save them time, save them money and really be able to build their business. So, we’re actually going to put your e-mail details across here so they can contact you. Give her an e-mail because you need to get this audit done. What sort of time frame would that normally take to get done?

email to

Maya: We usually do the sales audit over a two-week period. And we recruit over usually two months.

Steve: Okay, so if you’re in sales, you’ve got sales in your business and you really do want to know whether you’re performing optimally and you want to recruit the right people, just give Maya an e-mail and she’ll be able to contact you and show you what the next steps are, particularly with your salespeople.

Maya: Yes.

Steve: Thank you so much for coming in. It’s a little bit more in depth than I expected but I think that’s a fascinating topic to be able to identify the 75+ traits of a really good salesperson.

Maya: Yes. Thank you.

Steve: See you again soon. Cheers.