SIP – Recruiting Sales Staff

Maya: Yes. The SIP profile is not just extra information, yet another document to read. There is a document to read if you wish. But it’s an IQ system which means it gives you a percentage of the 75 attributes that the test is searching for. So you can line people up numerically like on a spreadsheet and say, “Well, this one’s got 73% or this one’s got 78%.” We know from your job type which range within the whole that you need to focus on. So you can lighten them up and make really tiny distinctions between people.

Steve: So that’s got to save a lot of time when hiring the right person because getting somebody into a job, in particular, a sales job, there’s the learning time, there’s the training time, there’s the getting out and meeting the client time. And if you get the wrong person then you’re wasting…. On average, how many months would you be wasting if you put the wrong person into a job?

Maya: I would say, most people would give somebody a chance to perform that would extend to somewhere between six and nine months. So, if you’ve got it wrong, and that person is working really hard and trying hard, then you will give them nine months before you admit to the fact that they were the wrong one.

Steve: That’s actually quite devastating because, you know, you get it wrong twice, there’s a year and a half gone and you’re not making the money or the profits that you should be making and you’ve just wasted a lot of time. And businesses do that, don’t they?

Maya: They do that all the time because most of us can’t bear to shoot people within days of them turning up. [Laughter] And so, if you’ve got a million dollar territory, you’ve wasted, not just the recruitment fee, whatever that was. Or the training cost, whatever that was but you’ve wasted a million dollars of sales you didn’t make.

Steve: So, not only do you… you’ve looked at the new… You’re actually going to different businesses and identify if the right people are in the right roles and help them possibly restructure their salespeople, forces and territories.