SIP – Recruiting Sales Staff

Steve: Sorry for butting in but that’s probably where a lot of businesses make their mistakes. They don’t actually identify the type of salesperson they want. They just put their hand up and say, “I need a salesperson to go out and sell”.

Maya: That’s right. So, most people don’t understand the component parts of selling, to begin with, or in terms of their own business, what the greatest need is at the moment.

Steve: You know, on the other side, when you work out the different types of people and putting them into the role, that good fit is actually going to save them a lot of time and make them a lot more money.

Maya: Yes. So first of all, we have a recruitment program that helps you to locate the sales staff. So, everyone that applies to your job has to complete the SIP process. Now if you get the wrong one of those people like you can have a good farmer, but if you make them hunt, it’s a disaster. You can have a good hunter, if you make them farm, it’s a disaster. So, first of all, we understand what sort they are and then we fit them to the sort of job that you have.

Steve: Now, with your inventory program and profiling that you do of the people, you can actually quantify how good they’re going to be in different roles and you do that numerically as well? So you can put two people side by side and say, “This is the best person in that role because of their different scores.”